The terminal was pretty much deserted.  Should’ve been, it was way before sunrise and much much later than sunset.  Echoing, footsteps.  Mine, as I enjoyed the reflecting images of self looking back at me while passing the glass encased displays.  Narcissist?  You don’t even understand the depth of the word.  Love yourself first before you even attempt to get another to shared the love with.

Steppin’ through the sliding doors the marine layer felt good.  Slipping into the…  “Tesla”, an electric car I’d wanted to experience for sometime, ‘cept.  Mat, also known by the government name “Maltida” was straight out ‘ol school, preferring a gas guzzling Jag.  No matter, she had arrived, on time and in perfect presentation.  The greetings was steps above where I had descend to.  Broke, down but not ever out.  Game…  Always recognized by same, she made all the arrangements.  Inclusive of the air transport, and now.  Here she set.  Engine, purred, almost silent.  Car gleaming like a highly polished stone.  She smiled, I inhaled.  First words always the words establishing the tone.  Her’s, “Why do men cheat“.

Merging onto the freeway she shifted gears with a refined smoothness.  Let me know she’d been doin’ this for quite sometime, just like my answer that came without hesitation.  “Because of the attraction“.  It spoke volumes.  But…  She was so tuned, anticipating more, she wasn’t on my frequency.  The blank stare etched on her face, in-line with her thoughts said it all.  She wanted the fifty dollar response not the five dollar one.  Glancing, I followed the look with a soft touch of my fingertips on her thigh.  She bit.  Sighed seductively, rotated her neck then, beamed.  All I could say was, “got ‘cha“.  Confusion replaced the signs of emotional pleasure, I was now being dialed in.

Cheating, Cheaters, an activity participated in because of an attraction.  Signifying something is missing between He and She.  Some of those caught up in this rotation are hard-wired.  Seek to find and seduce with the ultimate resolve being sexual.  Others.  Placate themselves, create a multitude of reasons for wanting another.  Justify it by publicly, professing the engagement is…  Just to talk.  I can do that also and come back with, “even if the connection doesn’t conclude with getting between the sheet, you’ve still engaged another splitting  your time and focus“.

Cheating comes in various levels and degrees.  Finding yourself in the dynamic either as the Advancer or…  The one left alone to glance, imagine from a distance as you consider the psychological impacts experienced by either is the same.  You’ve been deduced to contemplate, “What have I done, what is missing“.

Mat had all the things relationships are typically based on.  A home, a beautiful car, mad money, a professional position.  Attributes that say, “I’ve arrived, I’ve got it like that“.  Truth Be Told, material things, don’t mean a thing.  Remove one factor and the X Factor rises.  Real Talk, the X Factor wasn’t ever removed.  When He and She meet, the excitement is all in the air, it’s everywhere.  Magic is happening.  Time passes, things experienced, you’re in the post-designed zone.  Both settle in.  Big mistake.

All relationships reach a Peak.  The Valley, (to keep within the analogy), had to have been traversed to even see that their would be a Peak.  During this stroll within the Valley, a check and balance period should have occurred.  But…  “You though you had it altogether”, just forgot, Murphys’ Law.

Like nature, seasons change, so do the attitudes, impressions and reasons for being when engaged in a relationship.  Change, being constant doesn’t mean it’s all good.  Attitudes, they come good and they go bad.  Impressions.  One morning the coffee is made, presented prior to the day beginning.  Over time, lackadaisical manners become the order of the day.  One or the other doesn’t wanna do what they once did.  The stage…  Has been set for discord and it’s not all due to the coffee no longer being offered.  Life is bigger than what most think.  Serving the coffee, just a metaphor.  Baseline fact, it’s not always about “you”.

Scientists says FOLK cheat because…  With the male, they are spreading their seeds guaranteeing the extension of their line.  Female…  Same.  The female just takes it a little bit further in qualifying he who she wants to be with, and; I can work with this also.  Biology has a lot to do with whatever is goin’ on between the sexes.  Still, doesn’t negate the simple reasons either.

When I stroked Mat’s thigh, she drifted.  I didn’t.  ‘Ol school G, as in (Girl).  Classic, like me.  ‘Cept, she ushered in another dimension to the classic platform.  Call it, predictable.  Just because someone hold to the classic principle doesn’t necessarily mean they have Class.  Class is defined by personal integrity.  Being true to self.  Don’t attempt to help or be with the kind ’til you know the self.  I know me.  Thigh action in play but…  Had no interest in sexing down Mat.  Move, executed to push a point.  She responded based on the lack of interest which she’d been living with for far too long.  Biologically driven respond?  And a ‘lil environmental thing goin’ on too.   The time of night she appeared to picked me up.  The atmospheric conditions.  Close quarters creating a scintillating experience.  Images she’d absorbed via the Silver Screen during all those years prior to become a woman.  Eventual alignment to another.   (Man in this case).  All factors supporting the unforeseen X Factors.

Why do we cheat?  Because.  Something is missing.  The attraction has been lessen.  Solution.  Pay attention, do what ‘cha do and take cared of self and maybe…  Just maybe, those urges won’t rise to the surface where you and yours are concerned, and..  Wanna go play next door.

Psssss;  Down play my words, assume much and…  You’ll take it to the grave.  Not ever realizing it wasn’t just about you.  This world we live in, social in order.  Anyone can do it alone, but.  You aren’t ever…  Alone.  I like coffee every once in a while before I rise to engage my day.  She…  Enjoys the flowers and when they can’t be purchased from the flower shop.  Don’t stop.  Pull up, pick from the garden of the many houses dotting the highways and byways of this world.  Just remember one thing.  Ask before you take so if any negativity emerges from your point of acquisition, you won’t take it back to your significant other.  Adding to an already fragile platform.

Pssssssssss; Trending reasons why “she” steps outside the primary relationship.

1)  In a transitional state

2)  Lack of attention by primary other

3)  It’s all over

4)  No more fun

5)  Boring, boring, bored


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