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Pole Dancer

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Man I was readin’ your words and I need some answers.  My wife, she done changed, I mean.  I ain’t even knowin’ who she is anymore.

When anyone talks, you hear ’em, which is one thing.  It’s when you listen that you start lockin’ into the gist.  Listening gives you the real required for understanding leading to true evaluating of what has been said.

My Boye, suffered, and he alone was adrift in this state of conflict.  As for Wifey, the woman he married.  She was still…  the woman he married, the difference resided in his inability to accept what she was.  Ceremony, long past gone, marriage solidified, on paper that is, Wifey slipped into the outfit she always carried.  Straight took over.  The flagship Benz, assumption of ownership was merely a formality.  The house, never became a home.  It wasn’t ever in her DNA.  She resided there but.  Staying put, being “Suzy Homemaker” wasn’t about to happen.  Professionally, she publicly defined who she was and this was what she did which.  Had he’d been payin’ attention, would have told him who she’d be, once.  He completed his journey pretending.

Oh yes, males, they love to morph, becoming the proverbial “Capt’n Save A Ho“.  And yes, she recognized him way before he presented her with that ring, seeking her hand in marriage.  So many think they know but…  They ain’t knowin’.

Get mad, incorporate that word again, call me a sexist, so what.  This isn’t just about a woman who took to the pole.  When you take one off “The Pole”, give them a spot while surrounding them with all the accoutrements of success; (think comes as a result of).  What do you expect.  When one dances for a living, and takes the dance to another level incorporating the “Famous Pole“, you get what ‘cha see.

Mentalities, they can change but if it’s in you and this is what you’ve accepted as you, those other aspects of you will not rise.  Wifey in this situation wasn’t wrong.  She continued to do what she did.  Stayin’ home wasn’t a part of the script she signed up for and it didn’t matter how much work ‘Ol Boye put in attempting to change her.  She was and probably still is, what I know as a “Hope ‘ta die, Stripper“.

In life we hear somebody or another sprouting out with this all the time.  “I’m only doin’ this to make ends meet.  I’m a professional and this is my profession.”  I’m cool with this because.  I know the elements of communications.  I don’t only hear, I listen too.  If a female, one I’ve met while spending huge sums of money enjoying some visual pleasures provided by her as she performed while being the star.  One on stage for anyone’s amusement, I’d expect nothin’ more than what I’d get at the conclusion of her shift.  And…  if I was so caught up, rushed with the quickness to lock “her” down by way of matrimony, after being served the punanna, well.  When she opted to take my Benz, forego maintaining the Hacienda, so ‘uckin’ what.  This is what she does.  My Boye, sobbin’, tellin’ his tale, I couldn’t help but feel my empathy rise.  But show compassion…  I’m not built like that.

Everyone is talking about being a success but very few understand how to live with success.  This is to say, know who you are before you attempt to step out and engage with those you think; are.  Life as it is defined is all about illusions.  Many are out there, on display and few know to what extent they are in rotation on a daily basis.  Nor are most willing to accept how that display will impact those who…  Watch.  Sounds fairly easy you say? Like my Boye, you’ve probably had your head bumped a couple times too.

Everything we do in life requires work.  Society uses many clever rhymes and riddles to push their points and positions.  These catch phrases are typically disguised as metaphors.  The confusion comes because when these metaphors are recited, way too many haven’t a clue.  They hear, but again, ain’t even tryin’ to listen.  They have no time.  They see and want, not ever knowing what is required to have.  Again, don’t say, “I put in work“, (another of those metaphors) when you haven’t any idea what work will be required.

If and when you see the Pole Dancer, watch ’em, no matter if it’s He or She.  They shake ‘dat ass, spin on that pole, you think they are looking at you alone, when.  The reality is, they’re lookin’ straight through you.  Eyes forever positioned, maintaining contact with you, the transfixed one.   The one who shouldn’t be so caught up in their own hype.  You who doesn’t know, The Pole Dancer understands the full reaching effects of their rhythmatic motions because.  The one who employed them definitely knew what it would take for them to separate you from your money and.  Briefed ’em goin’ into the profession way before you ever made your physical appearance known.  And you say, “Game recognize Game“.

The Game, I said long back when, “The Game, it’s meant to be sold, not told“, but.  You wasn’t listening.  Many felt if it’s free it has no value.  Ain’t nothin’ free, I’m giving you The Game because the level of The Game I spread, your way.  Well, merely a prelude to…  Recognizing Game.  Real Talk, I wouldn’t engage a Pole Dancer to the extent my Boye has and not because I cannot be moved to the level he found himself lodged on.  “One ‘mo time for those who are listening. Real Talk for Real FOLK“, I’m human also.  It is in being human that I feel the full attraction inherit with “Carnal Knowledge“.  Pole Dancer, “Freakoziod“.  Psychologically reduced to this position based on a particular set of avoidable circumstances.  But.  They are in it as a result of one seeking success while not knowin’ how to live successfully.  And no, I don’t discriminatory.  I know successful ones.  Those from the corporate world who are also caught up in The Game.  Wasting their hard earned monies chasing like dreams too.  It doesn’t matter the position in life, anyone can get caught up.

Recently I ran across a book written during a war.  My Pops was in North Africa and spent a lot of time traveling to Italy where he was treated like a King.  Received this way because, he happened to be one of the Ones who other ones said to, “keep far away from, far far away from”.  Based on his personally acquired knowledge bank, the score, was pre-revealed to him.  He used it to his benefit.  The book he compiled was about how to deal when exposed to anyone remotely aware of their power to seduce.  A book he brought home and locked away in his trunk.  I guess my Moms didn’t want me, their child to know they knew about such things.  I found all this funny because.  I, like many have brothers and sisters.  You can’t go anywhere in this world and not see others who look like you.  Seeing these others it’s apparent they weren’t created by snapping’ one’s fingers, praying for kids.  But…  A las, Moms and Pops kept this knowledge of self and kind hidden from…  Their kind.  Just think, if they’d of made me privy to what I should have known, maybe.  Just maybe I wouldn’t have ended up havin’ to own all these things acquired, being where I didn’t belong.

Life, it’s not about being a success its knowing how to live with success.  As for my Boye.  Wifey onto him, she’s driving the Benz, livin’ large in the home he already owned before she came into the picture.  Difference today, she’s slept with most of his crew and still remains the owner of all he bestowed upon her minus his presence.  And…  He’s mad.

My thing is, use one of those clever cliché being slung about.  “Don’t hate The Playa, hate The Game“, but.  I really understand this phrase also.  The Playa’ as in (Pole Dancer”) morphed.  What you have today is a prime example of where The Game has been elevated to so…  The words, like the Pole Dancer are a hybrid of what is.  To stay ahead of anything you’ve gotta know yourself.  Don’t matter if you marry a corporate type, a religious type or…  Just someone who is seeking one.  When you are caught-up in anybody’s else’s life, you’ll never get it right.  Learn to live before you seek success.  You might realize something while understand another thing.  You are, who you are.  Everybody else, they’re a replica of what your designs are thought to be.

Psssss;  “Fancy Dresser“, go into my archives.  Find it.  Marinate on those words from way back when.  You’ll probably see a collation.  Like expressed previously, “Ain’t a damn thang changed, just been re-arranged“.  Get with it and don’t even try to mess with it.  Feel me…