“The Hunt”

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    What do U do when the Cats’ away?  Personally, I’ve never ascribed to being the prey so…  I continue along my way!

Super Bowl time.  NBA All Star Weekend.  NASCAR, Formula One Racing.  OSCAR Sunday, AMA, nothin’ organized receives a pass.  Men, their clubs, all appear inclusive but The Real is; Where women are concerned, ignore ’em and…  Let’s get this party started!

Big Willie Time“, what the hell is this?  Many got it twisted as it has nothin’ to do with Will Smith and his annual Summertime Block Buster Big Screen Premier.

A Cat said to me, “Man all I gotta do is keep servin’ her with Big Willie and“.  And what; according to Mother Nature she’s imprinted coding within everybody’s DNA, creating a chronological time-table which won’t be altered.  Even with genetic manipulation, you can’t touch her designs.  In effect, doesn’t matter how one is built, eventually, the sex drive is gonna decrease.  Drop like a bomb with the collateral damage being of such devastation everybody assuming inclusion is gonna feel the burn.

Big Willie, Tee Tee time, as it goes for He.  Punanna, The Kitty if speaking of She.  And the beat goes on.  We, as a species, despite the culture or sub-culture arising from, all think they’ve got it like that.  The collective consensus; “Time ain’t got nothin’ on me“.     Real Talk, that’s exactly why when the Cats’ away, I’ve learned this is the time to enjoy all of the opposite sex that “use’ta” come my way.

The Hunt, what is this?  It’s a dynamic that comes into play because of the failure to see “who’s” right before your eyes.

The Hunt, trending definition; according to CNN, CBS NEWS, Howard Stern, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, and all the others included.  A good clean fun Adult Activity, Outdoorsmen droppin’ 10k plus to hunt naked women, every man’s fantasy comin’ true, biggest story in the world alarming women’s groups, but…  It’s not stoppin’ and these men have no idea who’s flipped the script with their “private reserve” staring in the role of…  The Hunted.

Just broke off a convo with a Learned Elder.  Published to be exact.  The gist; they’ve got a client who can’t get past the fact that their significant other dumped them.  Said this client busted the other peeking through a window of the home they no longer occupy and…  “This is proof, she wants a return to forever”.  As I said to this Learned Elder I’ll say here.  Forever has come and gone, what “he’s” waiting on, and since it’s based on his ability to “serve Big Willie”, her return to their memories was merely a Recon mission.  Recon…  A step to re-load on the facts needed to continue her push into his pocket via judicial proceedings.

Hard stuff to handle?  Don’t trip, most can’t fathom or accept when they are left by the curb, abandoned.  Deserted, and usually for another.  This is one of those “dirty mat facts” of relationships that many aren’t ready to recognize.  I believe it’s a lot like that sex addiction thing.  Because it’s not a definition arrived at by the “Powers That Be”, it’s not a recognized reality.  (See, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders through AMA)

Reality, a good choice of words.  Reality in this sense “is”, where as perceived reality is assumed to be subjective.  Again, to me, “B.S.”.  Reality no matter how it was arrived at or derived to, “is”.

Mis-education is usually the source of much of the confusion encountered in…  This walk within life.  Your life, my life, any life.  Ignorance, refusal to recognize the needs of your better half, just leads to more…  Mis-understanding of what needs to be.  Like, payin’ attention and not seeking attention in those divisional activities such as…  Bowl Games and other self-serving adventures people seems to gravitate to.

Maintain focus on this; Hypersexual Disorder.  Coming soon to a Trend near you.  These are the operative words when speaking about sexually compulsive addiction like those I’ve tied in to push my points.  The Hunt, it has a direct connection when seeking a “Hook-Up” no matter the sex of the one involved.  And, if you miss it, say it isn’t so, well…  Keep on with what ‘cha do.

Everyone wants accolades.  The psychological need to be recognized publicly for those achievements becomes paramount.  Social environments set up every conceivable way to pacify this demand, but.  Not at the expense of…  Right, the one you’ve decided to be with.  And…  Not even Big Willie, Punanna served after the fact will clean up or make up for your mis-step.  Remember, I do this and don’t just speak on it.

Society, those who make it up hide behind everything conceivable.  Society is so ‘Ucked-up it’s amazing we’ve lived this long.  Snatch that and in its place, lets go with this.  We aren’t livin’, just existing.  Like animals, following a herd led by those who don’t have our best interest at heart.  (see any history of man, mankind in rotation in their defined environment along with those environs).

Secret Stuff, AKA;

 Suggestions when you are at one of those events and you get the feeling your other half is partaking in The Hunt.

1.  First accept your part in creating this, maneuver.  Correction, invite your other half into your real world.  Even if they haven’t shown a particular like in sports, offer them the option.   And not just as a tag along.  “Don’t know a ‘thang about the activity”, play nice, bring ’em up to speed.  Then again by taking your significant other to your event only to realize it is populated with a majority opposite sex.  Kick your Game up by thinking outside the box.

2.  Surprised since you’ve “opened up”.  Found out your significant other has a dark side.  Let’s call it, “eclectic social views” and opts for your invite with one of those mischievous looks.  Hubby, Wifey, you never know what will re-ignite the home fires, but…  Keep assuming, leaving ’em out the loop and you will definitely drown out your image in their “field of fantasy”.

3.  Two is enough.  Now is the time for you to incorporate your own skills.  Take what is and build on it.  Don’t ‘cha hate these “How To Guides”.  Maybe that’s why when those of you who focus on the activities mentioned, The Hunt becomes…  Exciting.

Psssss;  Stop cryin’ cause you’ve finally recognized yourself.  Maybe now the change will come minus a mere…  Re-arrange.

Pssssssssss; For those still lost in allusion on The Hunt, especially after I injected other dynamics you didn’t anticipate.  When you think you are enjoying those events I mention, even if your significant other tags along, don’t believe the hype.  Roman Eyes, Russian Fingers, not just a play on words.  Use that higher intellect of yours.  Figure it out cause it’s right before your eyes.  And…  I’m still The Hunter, feel me.


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