Bang. Bang Bang; Wife Swap, Polyamorous, Alternative Endings…

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Bang.  Bang Bang!  The former being the singular when heard piercing the stratosphere.  Reverberations.  Makes FOLK assume a gun has been shot.  With the three following one another in such rapid succession, signifying a volley, it’s safe to say the third shot was discharged for…  Good measures.  This being the case and…  If so, while keeping everything in context, the initial shot was released to.  Ease the pain because of what was started in the first place.  Oh yeah, that second shot.  Kill shot.  All day and in every way.  Expired as a guarantee.  One gun, three shots fired.  He to She, her at him.  Perfect conclusion of human compatibility when things no longer have that personal luster.

Today they use the term “Bling“.  Expressed to signify a piece of…  Hummm.  Back-In-The-Day I used the term “Je’Els“.  Six of this half ‘ah dozen of that, terminology changes but it all remains the same.  Everybody is seeking ownership.  My thing is, “who’s really ready to accept the ownership of what they’ve created”.  And now this…  The allegedly latest trend in social engagement.  “Wife Swapping, Polyamorous LifeStyles“.

When “Youngsta‘” approached, seeking a brighter horizon which would provide him clarity on this so called new extraordinary method of “keepin’ the home fires burnin’“, he came to me not only irate but visibly confused.  Opening his greeting to me with,  “Say O.G“, and upon hearing this, I knew.  Knew it was time, to “Reach One, Teach One, Be One“.  And since I was already “The One“, raise another one.  Yes, once again, my door was closed but I still heard the knock.  Called upon to teach another one.

Everything I do starts with thought.  ICHAS8440 spawned from the same mindset.  My destination along the road I’d take you on had already been identified.  Personal goal, simple.  To enhance the lives of He ‘an She based on what I know in relation to who I am.  Way down the road, glancin’ back, I’ve pretty much accomplished this while witnessing something else peeking out at me.  He, She.  Family, aka “FAM“, friendship, significant other, cohabitants.  All the words spread by others describing what people do when trying to find the best way to…  Co-exist.  Society and all its people seem to be meaningless while trying to define what is!  What motivates one to engage the other has casually been reduced to nothin’ more than a physical thang.  As it is said, sex sells, and…  By all indicators it’s the driving force of man and its kind.

These blogs I’ve produced, come minus an audio feed a la podcast.  Text is supreme.  My choice medium for clear articulation of my thoughts and the ancient philosophy known as CHALO©.  Some pay attention to the words.  Absorbing them and rising with the knowledge expressively contained.  But…  It’s the inclusion of those base graphics that draw the attention of the masses.  Yes, those stimulating pics.  Injected as a compliment, designed to advance the process of thought.  With a few, my target has been met.  Whereas the many, no development.  Much like the title or subject matter used to bring attention to this piece.

What’s trending today with regard to relationships, wife swapping, etc, etc.  Nothing is new from my perspective.  Just like my understanding of the demographics identified to please the psycho/emotional palate of my intended audience.  As for Polyamorous activities, stay with me, I’ll get to that.  As for Alternative Endings, continue and you’ll recognize the built-in tragedies which flow with Alternative Lifestyles.

As a lead-in let me put this out there.  During a previous moment in my walk of exploration, and only after an attempt was mounted to suck the life outta me, “she”…  In catching her breath with her head laying across my chest, looked over her eyebrows, posed for that moment.  Hoping to move me off my center base with her look of inspiration, and said.  “You are a swinger.”  As smoothly as she made this move, I wasn’t feelin’ her.  Maybe she didn’t fully accept my dismissal of her long ago, of which…  Was something anyone would have acknowledged knowing I wouldn’t exchange words while she, “performed”, but.  Such is the result of one functioning from a position relaying on selective consciousness.  Because of this, I can only conclude.  She was feeding and everything else…  Wasn’t important.  Which is why she kept runnin’ her mouth in her moment of digestion, sayin’.  “You like this sorta’ thing, this lifestyle you’re in.  You think you’re all that.  You ain’t no king, I hope you know this.”

Again, barbarism isn’t me, but.  If she’d of been able to read minds like me she’d of known my thoughts to be.  “You do better focusing on the protein diet you’ve been swallowing like a hungry Momma bear lappin’ up honey rather than attempting to psychoanalyze me cause I really don’t give a fuck.”

People, their ways and persuasions.  When one thing fails, they have a strong tendency to morph into things they haven’t fully considered.  Like this trending Wife Swapping.

A ‘lil mo Intel.  She was married and tried to convince me she had been emotionally abandoned.  Psychologically dismissed by Hubby.  Time spent with “yours truly”, was all based on Hubby driving her into another’s realm.   “Luckily I found you, you’re safe“.  yes, I’m safe and just fell off a banana boat.  Yes, drawn to the “Heater Head” abilities of another, I elected myself so I’m as much to blame as she.  But…  This move, her audacity to try to take me into this dark place she maintained; Please.  Her Alternative Ending would not be anything I’d share in.  Just like the alternatives of whatever another assumes intimacy will be once they step to another.  Seeking some sort of alternative satisfaction.  It won’t turn out as imagined either.  And since I’ve peeled back this layer let me add some more reference Intel.

Another, extremely close to me.  So extreme, reached out and let me know a change was being made to her lifestyles.  She, during one of those moments of reflection decided to move in the direction of polyamorous activities.  A conclusion arrived at because…  As she so eloquently said, “We evolved from this remember“.  I heard her but…  I didn’t recall any of this, and.  Rather than become caught-up in “who knew what we were really doin’ Back-In-The-Day”, I knew it’d be best to recluse myself.  Besides, why engage in a conversation where the other functions from a position regulated by narrow focus.

Poly is Greek in origin and means several.  The latter part of the word “amor” is Latin and means love.  There was no several where I was concerned with any of my previous engagements.  Nor was there love for any others even thinking about gettin’ with any of the women I happened to be with.  Especially from my point of perception.  And…  Before I forget, poly comin’ from the Greeks, a nation arriving at a point of consciousness whose main focus was to keep up all sorts of mystical chasing shit, tell me one thing.  They were all up in perverted stuff. That’s what cultures do once they’ve reach the height of their experimentation into total division and conquering of others.  But…  Back to the topics at point.

My Ex. like others, after the passage of time in this Polyamorous move, ran into a serious situation.  All the so called parties in agreement began to opt out in a violent way.  Beginning with exposing and working with their true beliefs.  Those parts of a contract between He and She that never reveal itself until satisfaction can be reaped by the one it benefits.  Still, she survived the “Bang Bang Bang” episode.  Un Hummm, mad gunfire discharged by those who were ‘pose to be obliging cohorts.  Funny thing was, it didn’t matter the station (s) in life of those involved, none were about to let the other have what was assumingly theirs.  Call me old fashion, tell me I’m antiquated, right about now, I’d say, ‘uck you.

When I was comin’ up I didn’t refer to women as “bitches” unless I was dealin’ with a bitch.  Today, women call themselves, each other; bitches.  What I trip off of when hearing this is.  The defining traits of a bitch are the same today as yesterday, which tells anyone who’s aware, ain’t nothing changed.  Much like the wife swapping and all the alternative lifestyle activities that are considered something new.  In trippin’ down this destructive road my Ex was blessed.  Blessed to miss the demise of her life and based on this pass alone, she’d better recognize what the agenda of the other partner (s) is before she commits to any change in lifestyle, if.  She decides to make it a double entry again.

Words are fine but.  Reach back, way back into your mind and pull up the category where intuition has been shelved.  An innate ability long forgotten as a result of what the “social orientation” from the beginning was really all about.  Do this and you’ll have the source needed to evaluate what your people of choice really are about.  When I was doin’ it like I did, my insight was tight.  Providing me with an ability to spot those who would and could participate in my carnal choices way before they entered my space.  And think, recently our esteemed scientist published a report confirming women can look at a man and determine if he will cheat, all based on gesticulations.  To channel Yoda, “Way ahead of the curb was I”.

 My point, simple.  I knew.  I knew the characteristics and traits of a true-live bitch just as I knew what it would take to partake in wife swapping be you me married or not.

Any alternative anything is usually based on one thing.  A moved decided upon because something isn’t working out in the primary category.  A totally personal choice even when others are consulted prior to the official move.  And no, it’s not an exercise in options.  One is just placating the self when doing anything alternative.  What I trip off of when hearing or witnessing this state is.  You’ll never arrive at a point of being “calmed down” based on a settlement of anything.  Remember…  “Choice”.  An ability to choose is individual not collective, no matter who’s involved.  As for all things intimate, don’t get it twisted.  What the other does or doesn’t commit to, will affect you in the long run more so if you are involved.  Knockin’ Boots with another, a Booty call.  Just words.  Verbal expression employed to define an activity that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.  Much like the alternative lifestyles many are engaged in during these times.  These adjectives just give the user a false sense of projecting being in the know.  (see cool relative to swagger)

Something else while I’m in the mood.  Who in their right mind is gonna spend time.  Intimate time, recognizing the potential of the one they’ve chosen.  Having listened to the needs of this significant other.  Demanding of you to tell them if and when your levels of anticipated satisfaction have been met, and…  “If not, show me, tell me, just let me know what you feel or are missing so I can do it right“.  Only to turn ’em over to another!  Is this some sick shit or what?  Swapping “He or She” is…  To me, akin to spending time identifying an invaluable object, securing it, putting the polish onto it and then, handing it over to another.  I found the Diamond in a Mountain of Ash.  I put in work and I’m just gonna let some foreign somebody have it.  ‘Uck you again, I’m not that into sharing what I’ve discovered or attached myself to.  The magnetism required to attract and sustain the commitment of another is not to be taken lightly, which is to know this…

All aspects of life have consequences.  These lifestyles I’m speaking on, comes with a huge price according to personal extraction.  Ones not limited to ethical compensation either.  All so, don’t come at me with the Drama about cultural aspects.  Or move to submit the legal ramifications.  All relevant, but…  It’s way beyond this also.

FOLK play at this monogamy and I’m not sayin’ it’s not a reality but what I’m saying is despite of the basic philosophical differences and geo-crossovers, in time.  As a result of participation in any of this, blood will flow.  Why?  Because.  You, me, He, She, society.  They are all selfish.  Even if emotional content has been a consideration from the beginning, once the move is made, in a short time; intellect will trump.  Telling those involved, despite of a desire being met.  It wasn’t the choice as mentioned by an option exercised because of some sort of complications on a personal level dictating something such as.  “I will have my satisfaction and…”  As I said, there will be blood.

Youngsta sat there, marveling at what I delivered and.  Was confused.  Diverting his eyes, maybe so I wouldn’t recognize the intensity of his inability to grab the significance of what I said, and…  Suddenly becoming captivated by a photo hanging behind me.  To keep him in the fold, I…  I immediately told him the reasons for the “pics of prosperity”.  Those of which were defined by the voluptuous body of a internationally sexy female, and; me.  Youngsta didn’t have to force the focus.  By the position of his eyes, the level of his stare, it was obvious what section of the female’s anatomy had caused the intense eye lock.  Oh yes, beast are always in the equation.  Because of his, un-spoken thoughts driving his imagination wild, I calmly request to know something of him, which was.  “If she was in your camp, would you let your soldiers partake in the sweetness of her fruits”.   Youngsta, smiled and spit the truth.  “Just lookin’ at ’em I wanna invade your camp just to see if I can come up“.  Oh how I love truth.  And with his words I bestowed onto him the meaning of “Youngsta”.  A word to mean he will one day, arrive at the star he sees himself as, but.  Right now, he’s still young!

Today, society is no longer a band defined by either Hunters or Gathers.  It was during those times, eons ago when He or She shared their significant other and.  Not just to drop off some edibles.  Sharing your significant other was practiced openly.  Done to maintain the stability of the “tribe”.  But…  Even so and under such rules of survival, do you think a King or Queen within those same camps share?

Before assumptions are made, allow me to put forth the  answer that doesn’t flow from moral constraints, No!  When you lead you take.  Cloak it, disguise it, re-name it, but…  What is, won’t change.  When you command you understand the ways to subtly demand.  Morals change depending on the development and foresight of the society that upholds ’em.  Still, certain beliefs seem to come from deep within and are defined beyond one’s conscious projections.  My thoughts, my beliefs on this taboo subject.  Youngsta for once, has decided to bridge the gap which defines our different gens.  Maybe, maybe as his mind was open to a different perspective, so will all of you be.

Psssss; My year end piece focused on the new trend and some are so twisted they’ll engage in anything that remotely appears to eliminate the boredom from their lives.  Alternative Endings are the result of seeking other’s “inclusive” ways to an otherwise miserable life involving another.  Alternative Endings that any one of you can define by simply…  Glancing in the mirror, exploring your mind and accepting what you’d do if and when you find yourself advancing into sick ass waters that.  You may be able to swim in but.  Shouldn’t be dippin’ in.  Try puttin’ in work by redefining who and why you engaged in the first place.  Then you may stop “pushing pawns” hoping you’ll be successful in invading another’s Court.  Capturing a Queen making yourself another fake ass King in an otherwise, tossed up life!

2 Responses to “Bang. Bang Bang; Wife Swap, Polyamorous, Alternative Endings…”

  1. Wow!! Learning alot and this is my first time visiting your blog. Maybe you could be of some assistance for the visions I have. I’m 25 deeply in love with a 36 year old man, and my thoughts are him being the “hunter” still. I’ll elaborate a bit more discreetly. Just seeking positive but raw perspectives on your behalf.

    • Thank U 4 the true expressions. Have no prob. in elaboration, especially with discretion. U can email me, I’ll get back. You talk, I’ll listen, respond, hopefully you’ll hear and then. Watch you work. Presently and beyond, enjoy.

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