Letme Tell U Something

The call came in but I missed it.  She was whoopin’ that ass.  Weapon of choice, the reliable kitchen spatula.  He, morphed into a fetal position but.  Managed to activate the cell, reaching out to me.  One demand, “Immediate Recon, Evalu. Assess Situation and if need be, Full Psychological Intervention ASAP”.  Whoa, this had to be drastic and as I attempted to defuse the attack call, he asked why she used the spatula as a first response.  My explanation was simple, closest thing to acquire!

Later, situation under wraps, him attending to his bruised ego inquired as to how did I know what to do.  Again, short direct answer; It’s the little things.

She, now in a reserved mode, made mention of him not being aware of her calls for attention.  Knowin’ she could, at any moment resort back to a combative stance, understood those calls She referred to and nodded in agreement.

Comm lines within a relationship follow a simple ritualistic pattern

It was once asked of me how could I profess to be up on relationships when I wouldn’t even cop to havin’ a mistress.  My reply caused further anxiety to the self Anointed Inquisitor because I had no interest in qualifying even this inquiry.  Why?  Because, an affair, secondary FAM on the side, Bootylicious call, whatever you prefer to say it is,  also follows a certain ritualistic pattern.  One of deceit, cloak & dagger sorta lifestyle of which I partook in none.  So why seek understanding and visual support in something I wasn’t a part of?  Affairs are usually found listed under the stealthy category, and…  Like I said, I wasn’t hiding a ‘thang.  As for knowing what it takes to win at this, well…  Perfection is of The Gods dominion, I’m far from perfect so what I know is what ‘cha get.  Relationships, how to maintain one, remain in one, with the intention of one day ascending to at least the level of a Mini Demi type of God is…  All I can hope for and point anyone towards.  This, I definitely know.

Mistress, Maintenance Man, significant other, all provide a special something and this is so because of one factor.  “Familiarity“.  Spatula Girl immediately recognized what I was talkin’ about and gave me that visual recognition supporting her agreement.  He, caught-up in illusion appeared perplexed.  So I told him this.  “Everybody assumes I’ve changed those who’ve been with me when the real is.  I knew enough about me to know “they” had no interest in changing but…  Would publicly go along with whatever I designed.  This is called never siding with the enemy.”  Another key in unlocking the secrets of success as they pertain to He and She.

He” in his drive to find a better way to survive was down, but.  He wasn’t alone.  “She”, still holding her spatula decided to lodge a complaint.  Spoke up and against my main ‘thang.  The ‘Lil Woman.  She said.  “Why is she always so quick to tell me that tired story about how ya al met“.  Baby girl was treadin’ on some really thin ice but…  I refused to “tippy-toe” onto the sheet and watch her freeze her ass off.  Instead, “Ghetto Pass Time“, I deployed a pair of those marvelous deflector targets the military uses when under attack.  Oh, with me this wasn’t an evasive tactic, I just wanted to give her something to shoot at while she re-considered what happens when you step to the strongest with some weak shit, expecting to survive.

My words.  “Taking a trip down Memory Lane guarantees that hope will remain alive.  Where He & She is concerned “hope” is one of the best most humbling of virtues.  My girl is simply givin’ you a glimpse of how to keep the home fires burnin’ by not extinguishing hers.”

While both of ’em contemplated this last “deflecting blast” I decided to take it a step further.  Explained to them that violence was not the trigger releasing anything.  What was required was maybe a simple suggestion while focusing on what was deemed good within the other by “the other“.  Sorta like sayin’ something while accenting the positive and forgoing the negative.

They smiled, She relaxed the grip on the spatula and He sorta unfolded some from his fetal position and…  Not so soon.  Both of ’em where still in this fragile state and the comfort zone would only amp-up the resentment.  Possibly inflicting more pain than before.  To eliminate this state of mind I suggested that each of ’em use this false comfort zone and move to re-examine what really made ’em comfortable with one another.  It was through the introduction of this technique that each of ’em may see something in the other, becoming inspired to wanna do the date thing again.  Basic but real.  A point maker for all involved.

Quietly I stood up while easing my way outta this ex-war zone.  In starting my car, lookin’ back I noticed a warm glow emitting from within their home.  Maybe I was imagining all this and…  Doesn’t matter.  Even if I was, it was my situation so I could perceive it any way I wanted.  That’s the beauty in specializing and not seeking expert status.  You know what ‘cha know and don’t have to rise to anyone else’s expectations.  Besides, expecting anything usually leads to setting yourself up for failure.  When you are called, like I’m called during the middle of the night.  Intruded upon while spending quality time with my significant other, to those in distress, nothin’ else matters.  So even if I wanted to miss the call when it rings I know that whomever is calling knows.  Eventually I will show and once there.  Will do like Felix and reach into my bag of tricks.  Show ’em how much some one else cares hopin’ they will stop the nonsense and care.

Psssss;  The story is true.  Names were omitted in case the one pushing the violence decides I was wrong and comes lookin’ for me.  The dynamics of the story were gleamed from aspects of life itself.  Even if realized through another’s prism.


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