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It’s Just A Fantasy

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You ask why I make communications between He and She sound so smooth.  Excuse me, my piece so yes, I am guilty of injecting my interpretation of your word.  Creative insight, ya know.  This should state, “easy” in place of smooth.  Still, allow me to give you my views to this obvious yet obscure reality to most.  Simply put, it’s perception.

A masquerader approached under the guise of…  Let’s say, spiritually motivate which couldn’t have been further from the truth, but hey.  Who am I to pass judgment.  Credentials, all over The Net.  Professional associations, member of all those alphabet groups.     Regardless of  the paper trails, I knew.

Accepting the transparent veil of deception I got “knee deep” in it with this…  Excuse me X 2, I almost verbally framed something which would have dropped me further into the depths of where this interaction morphed.  Just know, over the small course of time we engaged, the demons, in their quest for establish supremacy tore through this person’s disguise and…  Surprised, please.  Remember, micro expression.  Read ’em like a prospector decipher the lay of the land.

My motivations for “stickin’ & stayin’” with this Albatross.  Insight into the mental capabilities of such a deviant.  I’ve always been amazed by one who creates emotional drama, slides to the side when the carnage rains.  And, finds comfort while pointing the finger at others for what is.  As a moth to a flame you can say.

This episode, I knew was gonna be a bumpy one, I mean. Starting with loaded demands for my attention.  Constant suggestions sighting we engage in positions of physicality.  All was there.  Offers to be together with obvious full blown sexual overtones.  None of which matter, because.  As the marauder always said.  “We are just friends slash professional partners who will change the world“.  Right, and I just slipped off the banana boat seen drifting just off the horizon.

Relationships.  Professional, friend based because of some hidden need for social involvement.  Fam. founded as a result of shared parentage, whatever the cause for the connection if and when you engage there are some realities that persist.

I hear it all the time a person’s reality is based on their perception.  Change the perception, alter the reality.  My response, “Save The Drama For Your Momma“.  Oh yes, a colloquisms from past days of rushing towards adulthood yet, as powerful today as…  When I first heard the phrase and it still pays.  Perception is based on one’s orientation.  Something acquired during those early childhood learning curves.  Handed down by those around.  Hence, parental guidance and influence.  Real Talk, some parental advice was “ass backwards” from the gate.  This accounts for all the…  Just continue.

It was during this slip into stupidity between “she and me” that I took a moment to breath, realizing what was before me or…  In our case, laying with her head on my stomach, you get what ‘cha sign up for in a relationship.

Many times I’ve mentioned that everyone has a role of which.  Many so caught up in denial as to who they are, act as if this simple understanding of how life goes, doesn’t apply.  Guess what, it does and no matter who you are, you have a role, one of which will always be defined!

Hold up, a 911 just came in.  Close friend, extremely close just…  Re-appeared.  Cause of connection.  His female cohabitant in her quest to dominate, finally discovered the point of which.  He’d physically erupt.  The situation, taunting, continuous and with venom.  As he refused her, denying her worthless bait, she did what “she do”.  Reared back like one does if gonna skip a rock across a beautiful lake, and…  Socked him in the face.  What was she thinking?

For every action there will be a re-action but in this situation she was dealing with a recluse but still qualified Assassin.  Luckily for her at this time he wasn’t in full assassin mode and merely acted rather than re-acted.  The smack delivered, he did what he does short of taking her out.  Results.  One black eye with a slight concussion.  My friend…  In temporary stealth mode, backed off, remained silent as he watched.  She, still in her reactive mode, cried and all the while.  Smiled with this eerie look indicative of pleasure, saying.  “You finally did it  I knew I’d get ‘cha.  Manned upped and stop letting me talk any ol way to you.   You hit me and I luv it“.

After the fact, she decided to best preserve her position by calling in an air strike, only to have the Po Po arrive by land, guns drawn.  Even at this juncture she refused to come outta character, telling the officers she was to blame.  She finally made him be a man.  The police, looked at her with bewilderment quickly surmised, “this woman had been smokin’ some serious narcotics and in view of the size of the man she just socked, they  didn’t sign up for this“.  Hence,  departed but…  Not before advising my friend to get outta the house.  Vacate the neighborhood and run.  Run as quickly as he could!

Oh yeah, everybody has a role and my friend didn’t sign up to have a woman be so twisted ’til she wanted to assume the role of beast!  It’s a good thing he is very wise cause when he made mention of the fact if his “connivin’ ass, deranged woman” had been a man she’d qualify as an abuser.  Of which, he knew a woman can be as abusive as any man.  “WTF is this“.  Where are couples reducing themselves too?

Dippin’ deeper into this he made mention of intending to seek counseling for the two of ’em.  Wifey, not one to miss such an opp. hit him harder than his significant other ever could.  Psychologically that is.  Accomplished when she defined the motivations leading to change which.  His woman had no intensions of participating in because.  Based on the tools already made available to her, she’d proven time and time again.  She may alter her demeanor but.  She was “that type of woman“.  What extended my smile and admiration of her was when Wifey continued to “shed light his way“.  Advising him about FOLK and their motivations.  And think, everyone whose had the pleasure of meeting Wifey assumed she was just spoiled and happy to just be with me.  My friend even said he was surprised of the depth of her consciousness but…  “She’s up under you so I can’t expect anything other than a supreme, confident womanI know you ain’t about to have some ignorant asinine, dummy layin’ around you, ever.  Comrade.”

Triggers.  I spoke on ’em many times before but most haven’t maintained their importance in this Inner Actions process between He and She.  The masquerader beginning this piece tried to make me believe she had no interest in engaging in anything other than…  Business where we were concerned.  Okay, I’m fine with this, just…  If a woman gets butt naked in the presence of a man the moment she lays eyes on him, what is this saying revolves within the mind of such a person.  Also, naw, ‘uck that.  tramp in disguise, straight up!

Oh, you say it could have been just her way of lounging around.  Good B.S. just…  I’m not naive to believe such hype.  Next.  Maybe, maybe this was an alcohol induced response.  Alright, you were the one who’d wired the suite prior to my arrival cause she was consuming way too much wine before I walked in if the empty bottles were any indication, but…  You’d still be wrong.  Triggers like those lessons from way back when, go off when one is confused about their place and position within the natural order of things making up their lives.  Knowing who you are, accepting what you’re made of allows for the enhancement of self.  All that other stuff is.  “Fluff“.  Filler that fills just to take up empty space.

Another Cat I know found himself in a social caldron way too close for any other to comment on, but he asked me for an opinion.  I felt honored and gave him what he wanted of which he said.  “Man miss me with the fluff, you and all these adjectives.  I’m a man give it to me straight up.”  I obliged.  Silence replaced our normally charged conversations and he.  Didn’t argue, say I didn’t know what I was talking about cause I wasn’t privy to what was goin’ on in his life.  He accepted every word I offered.  This to me was the sign of one with a higher consciousness.  Drowning in something he created but still focused enough to accept that any resolve had to begin from outside, and.  Through someone’s eyes who wasn’t just looking in but had been in.

Solutions to life’s personal pollutions comes from sources sometimes, not even on the radar.  Wifey and I seldom attend the movies because.  Our life reads like a full featured film.  In reflection I know that is why the situation with the masquerader unfolded.  She believed the narratives making up my professional life, and.  Hers had somehow come from the files marked, “misery personified”.  Oh, let her tell it, she was fine.  Life from her perspective was fantastic.  Full of friends, FAM, every aspect of her life was fulfilling.

Been there, done that are the only mental pictures graphed when words such as this are expressed my way.  You see, life, relationships are usually, just a fantasy.  Based on assumptions derived from the viewing of projections snatched from others lives.

InnerActions between He ‘an She are better when following your own script.  Drama filled or not.  Color should be brought to you by, self.  As for the consulting of kind, this should only take place after the one writing the drama has taken the opp to visit the editing booth where a private viewing of their Auto-bio-epic can take place.

A Legal Eagle of mine, dedicated to me took a moment, reviewed all the high tech communications, intervened.  Served the mask marauder with a helping of her own manufactured drama.  After this encounter, the script was flipped, It was I who wrote and stared in this production.  It’s not ever good to deny who you are, where you’ve been or what you were doing while at that place in time.  I for one, will not do damage control.  Which is to say, I am me and don’t give a ‘uck who approaches, telling me about me.  Who you are, where you’ve been allows for you to create who you are.  This is called, “moving to brighter horizons“.  So, the natural progression of what transpired replayed.  The prequel emerged. Yes, all the dialogue, pre-shot footage, scouting reports, raw footage that was hoped to have been left inside the editing bay, all came to light.  “She” was introduced to herself.  Oh yeah FOLK.  This is what I do.  I do it well and the best part of it is.  This is not just a fantasy.  I’m not in a relationship.  I’m livin’ color!

Psssss; Many still assuming, living the illusion, wondering privately if they really know or understand what a GameLord is.  Cool your jets and let me tell ya.  A GameLord is the one who produces the production.  Fantasy or otherwise.  Play in their field, enter without a pass or personal invite while arriving without knowledge of self and kind and…  Well it’s like playing with fire.  Disrespect it and you will be burnt!