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My Mistress ©

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Everyone and no one was willing to deny me.  Those in rotation, a la friends, associates all knew the score but.  Not one would speak against me if and when we entered the public zone.  Cowards, every last one of them.  And the best part, I luv every one of them because much like she, they provided something required for my basic survival.

She could be viewed as a Sage.  Oh yes, when it came to my needs wants & desires, nothing trump them, and with non-stop vigor, she met every one of ’em.  Under similar circumstances a massage, for many was a treat seldom experienced.  With me the massage was a daily dish of delight and My Mistress, did it right.   During the sessions, be it morning moans, afternoon deep tissue groans, or late night affairs, she always had the understanding and…  Was willing to do it anywhere.  Stretched out, laying beneath her, eyes closed, never once did I imagine or consider mentally if she’d be the one to fill a need to smack me upside my head.  The Wifey, My Mistress, both knew of the existence of the other.  Awareness wasn’t something…  Hidden.  Especially where the life of another was held in the balance.

Those previously mentioned, the fake friends, wanna be associates.  Ones who hung with me and…  This is about where I’m purposely directing my presentation at those two-face males.  You know who your are.  Yep, coming under the guise of drinking pals, or to shoot a game of pool.  You know it was more of an occasion to sniff My Mistresses’ panties.  And…  Steal a glimpse of one of the Twins which seem to slip out and sorta’ wink at ‘cha with every turn of her body.  guess what, I gave you all a show and she obliged.  Your motivations for being in my circle, as hers, couldn’t, wouldn’t upset as I was merely serving my needs.  And yes, I knew you were having yours served too since your Wifey’s, Girlfriends, significant others wouldn’t give you the pleasures, unless.  It was “beddie by time” and within your scheduled rotation.  Relationships aren’t as complicated as those in relations attempt to portray them as.  Most of what is heard, said about relationships is the result of those who’ve missed the comforts they’ve sought from their actual involvement in…  The relationship.

As for the females who participated in my life during these, times, I haven’t neglected any of you.  Conniving to the Max.  Forever creating major drama in their own lives with verbal accusations slung around in the presence of Wifey.  Their words, erupting as they spun tales laced around feeble attempts.  Hoping to disrupt while persuading Wifey to stop.  Look at who I was, realizing during this examination it would be in her best interest to abort mission and eject.  Get smooth away from me and my “sexist shenanigans”.  Again, rhetoric.  Wasted dialogue on your part cause…  “She’s still here.”

What concerned me was knowing each of these women had deep seeded hidden agendas.  Many so scandalous, fueled by personal disillusions, I knew the danger was way too close.  These women, would plead with me to give ’em a moment with Wifey and always under the pretense of  being able to have that “woman to woman” minute.  From my point of perception, proposition, graciously accepted and all because.  The conclusion would be no different than all the times before.

Case in point, female in contention, in full Vixen mode.  Secretly conspiring on a solo level to make that move to conquer, or, so she plotted.  As stated, I bowed out, the attention of Wifey sustained.  Vixen in disguise made her move to penetrate Wifey’s mind but not ever realizing she wasn’t on for confrontation or really listening to Vixens’ drama.  One, two glasses of wine later, Wifey bowed out too.  Retiring to the comforts of her boudoir.  Vivacious Vixen, assuming she’d achieved something, appears.  Carrying two refreshed glasses of bubbly.  One for her the other for me.  Presents her wares on demand, and always under the pretext of wanted to know why all these other women outside of Wifey found “Yours Truly ” so tantalizing.

Tantalization.  It’s a subjective thing that some use to…  Let’s say, explore those areas of life they really wanna be about but due to society’s ever revolving fake ass morale compass, Vixens and those like ’em can’t succeed without.  An excuse.  Crafty they are and their best excuse is.  “Let’s talk about your life and how I can save you.  You know, the explorations and experimentation of why you and those who follow you find you so…  tantalizing.”

How does he come to these conclusions?”  Because.  When enjoying those massages compliments of My Mistress, eyes open, secure in who I am.  My thoughts were super-imposed right along the wall directly in front of me.  She, tapped, kneaded, stroked while smoothing to elongate my tight muscular body, creating a relaxed atmosphere, allowing me to…  Calmly examine and re-visit all those who had.  Personally visited my life.  And it was within the quick glimpses of life lived, I was able to clearly see the motivations of others along with myself.

Truthful?”  By all means.  When you lie to yourself it doesn’t matter cause there, residing deep within your consciousness is…  “You!”  No matter how you wanna see the picture, you know the scene.  The colors, textured ambiences which won’t be  denyed it.

As for the projections and portrayals of your co-staring cast, your truthfulness ushers in defined disciplines, allowing you a remarkable window in which affording you an ability to identify and determine if they are…  Acting or giving you what is…  Truly them.

My massages weren’t just about the eroticism of the whole experience.  My Mistress for whatever reason, was attuned to me.  Her touch, was what I needed.  The raising of my calf wasn’t done in the typical methodical method.  She, in coming into my life, knew who she’d be onto me.  Precognitive?  Alright, I’m cool with that, a true interest in knowing what she did and why ’til.  The comfort level was only exceeded by the touch.  Oh yeah, the touch.  A missing element required for the sustainability of any relationship.  Maybe, within the mind of My Mistress it was for the physical connection.  Maybe, just knowing another was there was the reason it work. For whatever reason, she knew, we’d thrived in every endeavor once that physical connection was…  Applied.  And she and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Mistress.  Sometimes the word is used to define one who is intrusive.  A word of negative connotation.  Again, my choice of wording in this is Sage.  Like Woman residing on one level of the femininity scale, being just a tad above female.  Mistress can be viewed in this same sense.  Those I’ve shared my life with, female, woman, Lady, Mistress, Sage, all one in the same, yet…  Depending on who one is, is the only defining factor as to what one will be onto me.  All others, perceptions of some drama filled ideas having no relevance to what actually is.  Wifey, significant other, seldom understand the importance of the touch.  They don’t even recognize the causes and affects of a stimulating convo which is why.  Mistress many times trumps all.

To some, this has a color reflective of Sexist.  Again, I am “He” which is “Thee“.  Call it the male in me whose ascended to man and in being “Man” I don’t care about the labels.  Labels don’t define the quality of anything, they only established value based on…  Yes, societies norms.  So, to attempt social qualifications of my words based on societies labels, miss me.

A friend I’ve not seen in many years, reappeared.  Lost and confused.  Wants her “things” back.  Things as in monetary value of her life’s possessions.  In deep discussion with her Hubby, he added to his Wifey’s dilemma.  Appraising me of some way out intimate stuff.  This Intel gave me a feel for where they actually descended to leading me to suggest something new.  Giving ’em a way to re-connect while.  Trying something new.  I advised ’em to go.  Seek the involvement of a total stranger and once that stranger was identified, go into a role playing mode.  Convince this other to participate and perform a full body massage.  The catch, woman for Hubby and male for Wifey.  Once his Wifey heard this she resorted to saying she knew I was a freak from way way back.  But.  The proposition had merit and she was definitely Game, fully capable of doin’ it.  It was after the engagement of the demonstration where she personally observed the explosive emotional and psychological expressions displayed by Hubby.  That revealed to her a better understanding of me.  Off the chart but this is what she got out of her experience.

Previously she, in her own thoughts, like the many others, assumed I was full of myself.  Arrogant, conceited and basically just about me.  Maybe, just maybe all her new conclusions were based on her lost of material wealth, but.  Even if it was, the situation I presented, created a circumstance making her face and…  Re-examine the life she thought she led.  Possibly, all these new beliefs were a motivation spawned by her final dip into a pool she knowingly knew was already inscribed deep within her psyche’.  Whatever the cause it didn’t matter.  What mattered is her realization of her disconnect with humanity.

Will I attempt to call it, pass judgment and classify her?  I can’t and won’t.   People grow when taking leaps over unexpected junctures that appear in their lives.  Those points that make it fearful to move or think.  Whatever it was causing her not to see another as just a money inclined someone, she…  I will say, had finally ascended.  When one ascends it merely defines a return to that of which you came.

Today, even after years absent from one another’s life, there is no longer that noticeable  simmering between she and I.  The heat based on undefined differences has all gone up in evaporation.  Our communications, so much better.  She reaches out, my cell recognizes her digits and I have no problem in answering.  Because of what she allowed herself to experience she knows what I’d been experiencing all those many years prior.  Probably mad at the loss but…  All things in time.

To be touched, spoken with and not talked at.  To know that another may not agree with you but.  Their thoughts are just as valued is all this life we lead is really about.  Something else, the best part of all this is.  This newly re-discovered female friend is not so into herself ’til she can’t accept she’d been betrayed by others within her own circle.  Ah yes, her massage, administered by a total stranger, under the watchful eyes of Hubby,  produced much.  She and Hubby had a talk with another who spoke back.  Hummm, maybe it was the situation which produced the conduit for the mental connections between a couple and a stranger.  Maybe the stranger assumed he or she would score sexually as a result of giving a full body massage.  Who knows.  Change, no matter how static is actually fluid with every chance ushering in subtle changes not expected.

One of The Boyz is reading over my shoulder and says I’m giving up way too much game on this He and She activity.  Considering his words, I reached over to the fruit bowl, grabbed a banana and tossed him one.  He peeled it and handed it right back.  I laughed because he’d do the same thing for a woman.  Predictable.

My Mistress under similar circumstances and around the time we were engaged in our private Dance Of Deception, tossed me a banana.  I peeled it, looked her way, watched as she lowered her eyes, playing the part of someone needing to be saved, and.  I ate the banana.  The demonstration then just as now is I don’t look or come to solve problems.  Which is what most males do.  In enjoying the comforts My Mistress provided, I sought solace for self.  If she’d assumed anything otherwise, that was her mistake.  but…  Even back then, My Mistress being fully aware of who she was, hopefully knowing what she had to offer, did what she did, and.  With pleasure and a focus towards making sure I was pleased.  And no, I’m not so jaded to think she hadn’t thought, if not for a second that she’d be the one to move me outta my intimate circle with engaging Wifey.  Making me the one she’d live with as one, happily ever after.  Yeah, all people have ideas.

 My Mistress.  Confident and content in making sure I’m sure that I’m at my best.

My Mistress.  Having it her way which ever way it may lay.

My Mistress.  Forgetting the rest so she can miss the mess.

My Mistress.  Carrying with the ultimate agenda being fully engaging.

My Mistress.  Giving so she may get.  Soothing so she may be soothed.

What is this all about?  If you have to ask its like anything above one’s pay grade.  Not meant for you to concern yourself with.  When something is outta your realm of sight, maybe, just maybe it’d be best to blow along with the wind.  Tumble over yourself as you wonder about what was said, contemplating all that you may have possibly missed.  Comfortable in yourself, and remain within the fact you will always be complaining about something or another and not ever realizing.  All things are there for you to enjoy as long as you don’t placate or..  Attempt to quantify another’s…  Mistress.  Especially mine.

Psssss;  In a relationship you should always think “you” first.  It’s when you negate this recognition that you fall to the satisfaction of those on the outside screaming to get in.  FOLK, male or female always want what they can’t have.  Seeing another enjoy all that they’ve discovers can be a maddening reality for most.  A relationship with a Mistress in the wings is because…  One or the other forgetting the first rule of engagement concerning He or She.  Miss the connection with self, failed in doing for anybody else.

Pssssssssss;  Carol, your thoughts, deep desires are safe with me.  Just don’t worry about what is read into what I’ve expressed.  These words, my intentions are merely expressed while guaranteeing life!  Live yours.



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Finally a ray of sunshine with all the outlooks predicting rain.  We got a callback with an invite.  Dinner at the best Surf ‘an Turf spot in the city.  The question wasn’t what I’d wear but, in what mindset would we arrive.  Everyone was under the assumption I was joking about the dilemma I said I was circulating within so.  Wifey and I did what we do, arriving in what we had which was always clean, pressed and fresh.  Oh yeah, Wifey and I, both comfortable in our own skin, strolled up to and through the motion sensing glass doors leading us into the eatery.  Someone must have told ’em we’d be arriving cause the maître’d, in seeing us way before the doors engulfed us, rushed up, escorted us right over to the man who invited us.

The convo, casual and lite which was good, no need to deal with the exasperating issues that were the actual reasons for our attendance in the first place.  Our host didn’t seem to eager to enter that realm anyway.  If needed, we’d find a way to address those issues, but.  This was a time to dine and this host definitely had other designs in mind.  While eating, Bryan, without any shame, decided to stick his fork into the crispy asparagus neatly positioned around the steamed lobster tail my girl loved to eat.  Seated right next to her, I watched.  Face far from contorted but quizzical just the same.  I knew this fool assumed way too much, but.  I let it go and went with the perceived flow.

Bryan, moving with the skills of a certified saboteur, created circles in the air with the elongated veggie and then.  Proceeded to deliver the edible straight into the mouth of Wifey.  Yes, Bryan, still lost in wonderland somewhere, mesmerized by his own antics, was fully engrossed with himself.  Continuing to watch, occasional flashing the smile, and…  It was the projections within my eyes he missed.

Wifey, far from blind to any stupid stuff, turned suddenly and unexpectedly ran her cheek into the dangling asparagus.  By her facial expressions Bryan was two shakes away from getting slapped dead in the mouth.  Luckily, she knew what a “ghetto pass” was all about.  Quickly, she calculated the situation down to it’s obvious denominator and advised wanna be “Bad Boy” his move was ill advised.  Bryan, finally showed some wisdom if not for the moment and lowered his fork.  The veggie slipped silently back onto her plate.  A swift retaliation was adverted.  Wifey one, Bryan…  A huge zero.

Some people assume way too much especially when they encounter anyone who’s down and out.  Don’t they know appearances aren’t always what they appear?   But like I said, I ain’t the one to reach out and touch a snake laying in the middle of a path.  Snakes can appear lifeless with some even having their heads removed from their bodies.  Then you touch or reach towards ’em and…  Wham, they strike.  Some call this a reflex based on the heat sensors within the snakes anatomy.  Bryan, who invited us out had no idea of the heat sensors targeting his anatomy!

Bryan.  Oh yes, the name, real.  Get’s no pass from me, hence, the protection, removed from this fool.  If the litigation comes, bring it.  And during this dinner engagement I was like that snake needing to be left alone.  And if the Wifey felt any sense of a threat, no matter how reserved I was, I’d commence to puttin’ a whoopin’ on his fake ass without hesitation.  Psychologically and every other way.

Our presences her was based on his invitation to dinner, and as he so joyously said, “let’s do din din, neutral place, the two of you need a break, a change of pace, it’s on me“.  Lovely and well stated invite cause under the circumstances, how else did he think it was gonna happen.  This night, I knew was his fantasy, and…  It’s during times such as described where people think because of the dire situations and critical circumstances one find themselves within, those same ones will go for anything.

Surprise.  I’m not built like any of those simple minded Boxers who Back-In-The-Day  had the audacious inclination to…  Climb in the ring with Muhammed Ali and allowed themselves to be “put to sleep” by the fabled “rope a dope“.  In fact, last time I checked I still had my card, stipulating to all who cross the line.  “This man is certified in ways you really  don’t wanna experience.”  Bryan like Melody.  Oh Mel, forgot to tell y’all.  She’s representative of the female side with thoughts and intentions comin from the same reservoir Bryan functioned from.  I introduce her because…  I’m not sexist.  Both sexes can and do, at various times, function from the same pool of slime.

The meal was delightful.  We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Bryan.  Well he was just winding up.  He…  Immediately after din din, sorta’ herded us over to the bar area.  A spot with a thirty foot crystal chandelier perfectly centered.  Creating a mesmerizing psychological effect for the inebriated or just silly types who wouldn’t see a train approaching if you turned ’em to face it head on.  Still, with the night being young, we knew what we were doing.

Being denied of someone with his type of DRAMA and for such a long time, we looked at each other.  Quietly, no visual cues to express understanding or we were on the same link, but knew.  Bryan stepped into our domain, his attempt to play with us was a big mistake because this is what we do.  Wanting something smooth I said to the Wifey, dark or light.  Bryan, ‘ear hustling once again, assumed this statement had a double meaning and because of his own defined mission, took my words completely outta context.  He…  After hearing my statements which had nothing to do with his thoughts, rushed to order drinks of the likes we.  As a couple hadn’t sampled before.  But…  As gracious FOLK we let him play his way into this menagerie.  The Wifey who seldom drinks, did her usual and played with the cubes of ice as they swirled around, clanging against her glass.  Me, I drank mine.  To me this was nothin’ but fuel, and with one down, I awaited for another to arrive.  Two down and I transform into my roll.  Mentally I approached my invisible marks, inhaled and relished in the roll Bryan…  So readily tailor-made for me.

A youngster I know, spoke on the un-expected appearance of a Superstar Celeb he was working for and used the word “weathered” to define her look at the time.  Most would take this qualifying statement straight outta context, but…  Tank, the youngster was mentally superior to most and being aware of the potency of his words, adding that Sharon carried herself with a level of class that put that weathered look to shame.  Basically he was saying regardless of how she appeared, it wasn’t who she was.

Bryan assumed I, the Wifey were willing to stoop to the bows because of where we had dropped to.  Assumed it wasn’t anything we wouldn’t do to receive a helping hand to rise again.  He like Melody offered a similar antidote, the chance to engage in the distribution of something illegal.  She was “lunchmeat” too in her understanding of me.  Melody like another who was positioned well within the community always came with overture bordering on what I saw as regressive.  Mind ya, these statements, always come in a stealthy form.  Mainly to disguise the very nature of the offer so that the one offering can not be associated with the illegal trade directly, and.  If anything was assumed they’d deny it allowing for the mis-interpretation as the alibi.

FOLK and their BS.  Melody like the other had no idea I knew they both held licenses to distribute what was assumed “medicinal marijuana”  Neither of ’em knew I knew the FEDS had passed a law and were  shutting down all avenues in which to “ply this trade”.  0h yeah, all of ’em were sitting on “weight” and had no way to…  Spread it towards their shrinking markets.  And neither knew I knew the terminology of their worlds the way I’m describing it now.

In my travels I’ve learned to equate life with all aspects of life.  I know how to read markets, identify the target and understand what defines the supply and demand factors.  Wall Street is about to arrange a method to finance the marijuana industry under the guise known as “certification“.  This is merely a way to say “kush” a strain the growers produce is developed under strict guidelines following an organic method.  This is said to make to dope supreme.  Certification allows for the legal sales of a product under federal or government control.  Oh yeah, aren’t these the same steps deployed when the FEDS took over the alcohol and tobacco business from the locals Back-In-The-Day?

When some FOLK talk, you can bet bull shit will be made to walk.  Bryan had approached a man not a male.  Wifey was passed tired because of the sudden life we were leading, but…  He, Bryan only saw what he wanted.  I knew he didn’t know I knew he was looking at Wifey and functioning on images he’d constructed in his mind from way back when.  As for Mel, she felt I’d jump all over the opp to become a drug dealer to change my plight.  This other ‘itch spoken about, she holds way too much political influence for me to mention her name so…  You have to just guess as to who she is.  Still, neither of the three really knew what was in me!

Bryan, as a result of his lack of focus, was stripped of his dignity right before the nosy ass bartender when the Wifey told him if it was during her weakest moment, he’d still be exiled from her boudoir even…  Even if he managed to sneaked in during one of his more lucid dreams which wouldn’t be a dream but a nightmare for him even thinking he’d have the capacity to move her to split her thighs.

Poor potty mouth Bryan.  Got his feelings hurt and in the process, decided to take his ball and leave us without a game to play.  Ended our “din din” right there, which we we’re okay with.  Enough is always enough.  Oh did we pay for anything?  As I told Mel when she so eloquently explained how my life would change after moving just one shipment, I will tell you, “wait on it“.  A term which means while you are waiting, eventually you’ll realize it ain’t ever gonna happen.

I do relationships.  Everything is a relationship in one way or the other.  Communications is more than verbal articulations and.  Most of the times what is said has exact meanings many of which are missed.  Called “sub text” when you write.  “Sub plot” when you construct a plot.  All aspects of communications leading to the development of character.

Characters are what gives society it’s flavor, just as in film the more colorful the character, the more delightful the plot.  Resulting in a better, more revealing viewing experience.  Life is no different than a film.  “Din Din” with a conniving one is the best way in which to enjoy Surf and Turf.  Especially when it’s prepared to order.

Bryan came to order.  Mel, the others, all came to order.  You see, what you request, many times you’ll receive.  All you have to do is…  Place the order.  It comes under the rules governing Laws Of Attraction.

Psssss; Don’t get it twisted, I’m not cool with being broke, but…  Unlike most, I know patience and she isn’t just some woman I once knew.  So in knowing this, place your bets, find a seat and set up for the race.  Oh, am I running?  No, remember, I retired.  Now I just have to rediscover the source of my sustainable resource.  And no, I won’t tell you what or where it is.  Remember, I like the un foreseen twist of a story too.

Pssssssssss; The caption shows an Orca swimming in the surf.  Killer Whales aka Orcas luv to play as they frolic in the Sea.  The Sea is full of dangerous creatures, still.  When you know who and what you are, swim in the surf ’til your hearts content.  Being broke is a condition, circumstances which can be changed.  Just like a relationship.

The Prophecy According To, The 22nd G

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ImageI love to travel, explore new places.  Mainly because of the energy received from the experience.  Jordi who is actually “Jordache” which I don’t call her because she’s more than a nice booty in which jeans of way back fit around.  But that’s not the point, what is my point is her new found insight to mankind and religion.  

Jordi just stepped outta a voyage from a time and civilization dating way way back.  A time of people and culture having two levels of existence.  The first being known “Pre-classic” with the latter being “Post Mesoamerican Classic”.  I’m talking about…  The Mayans.

What shocked her was the savage nature of the people no matter which perspective identified, pre or post.  Shocking because her interpretation of the people is that of The Mayans being the foundations of most civilized societies.  The people who knew Gods.  The nation who were given so much by the Gods and even defined the time in which the Gods would possibly return to this planet. 

Listening to her I was lost for the point she hadn’t arrived at, tiring of the time she was wasting and.  Finally asked her what was bothering her.  She gave it to me in a straight and direct form.

If the Mayans spoke with the Gods, received knowledge about things science can’t even figure out, to this day.  Why did they sacrifice their own hoping they’d receive favors from those same Gods who bestowed so much on them?

Me not being a student of all the different Intel out on The Mayan nation, but still…  Know much about the people, culture and methodology.  Extracted from our conversation, the following.              

Your husband ‘puts hands on you because he is only human“.  A statement she felt was sexist and totally out of context.  “Your life is tumbling outta control because.  There is no such thing as control and you for one wanna control every aspect of what goes on.”  Another statement she heard but by the body language still couldn’t quite make the connection to The Mayans and their culture.  Which was good because. Simple things are usually the hardest to understand and it was here that I made a major discovery with regard to humanity.

“The Mayans were nothing more than a people who happened to received gifts from up-above.  Like dogs in relations to humans.  Trained to know what their masters expect of ’em, but.  Still dogs.  The Mayans received insight way beyond any culture known since or before but still managed to resort to human sacrifices, and it is still the thought of Why?  Didn’t they know they had been granted something much greater than ever extended to any one society?”  Jordi searched my face for the answer cause.  She knew she didn’t know.  So I continued.

Dogs, no matter how much they know what it is humans expect of ’em will still bark, growl and fight whenever they are left to their own environment.  The Mayans were no different.  Crops went bad, The Mayans associated the climatic conditions with the Gods possibly being up-set. Why?  Because the weather came from where the Gods first appeared through, a portal man could not pierce.  The only logical home associated with The Gods.  So, even if the Gods didn’t control the weather like a dog knows people don’t control the food they eat, a dog is.  Smart enough to know the timing of every meal is based on…  The human interaction.  Dog act good, they eat.  Dogs with dogs, bark fuss and fight because…  They are dogs.  Traits, characteristics which won’t change and don’t change.  Dogs are to humans like Mayans were to The Gods.  Outta sight, back to basics.   

The Mayans were super intelligent but…  They were still of a society that had some serious superstitions resulting in sacrificing their own as one.

Jordi asked me “Where is the connection to sacrifice come in, I don’t get it.”  She didn’t get a lot because.  Like many she was un-willing to accept that she, people are not Gods. Despite of being made in the image of Gods.  People retain their phobias, they fake when they should be real.  People luv drama and constantly come with the dramatics.  Characteristics that The Gods definitely knew were of people, which is why…  The Gods to this day, don’t trip when people hurt, kill, and destroy other societies in the name of…  The Gods.

People, as said, are just like dogs.  Smart enough to know it is easier to stay with their humans and definitely safer, yet.  Remove the influencing entity from the equation and,  like the dog in their reversion when penned up with their own kind.  People do the same and return to what they know.  Sacrifices!

Sacrificing children, women all because The Gods were said to have favored these forms of our kind.  The Gods picked out the prettiest of women, and…  It is said, moved to procreate.  Or…  In the least, enjoyed the fruits of their…  Womanness!  The children, they were just innocent, displayed an unbelievable devotion to The Gods, who…  Loved ’em for it.  So…  Right, sacrifice and all in the understanding that The Gods would be appeased because these were the ones The Gods had always chosen.  Death for the culture was a way of return to the heavens where The Gods resided.  In return these same Gods would.  Make it rain once again, feeding the starving land and replenishing the crops..

Again, Jordi didn’t associate any of this with any of what she was feeling especially her husband ‘kickin’ that ass” whenever he felt the need to, exhale.

I had an answer for this too and told her.  You are the closest person to him.  People strike against those they know will not take the assault to the next level as in legal.  This analogy hit home and Jordi understood it perfectly.  As for the trip to visit the ruins of The Great Mayans.  Well, she knew I was right but…  It’s hard to understand something so simple.

Check this.  The Mayan civilization collapsed and to date nobody really knows why.  Scientist are finally associating the fall of all empires with the weather cycles as they relate to the sustainability of crops.  The same scientists also have devised flow-charts to define while enhancing the impacts of centralized populations and the total effect on civilization longevity.  I don’t ascribe to any of this, especially when many of those populaces were way ahead of where we as a people are today.  Knowing about irrigation, population effects in regard to area density.  I can go on but.   

What happened?”  Same thing that is happening today.  We don’t believe in our very existence because people…  Refuse to believe in self and damn the kind because the kind are really taxing every chain connecting the existing society they are meant to hold together.

Jordi listened to me and said I was way out there.  Jordi, doesn’t even believe the contents of the previous blog written titled, “The Criminal, Keep Playin With Me“.  Does this impact what I think, do or feel?  Not really.  I am living what I’ve been blogging about since the inception of this blog.  People assume way too much about themselves.  Others and…  Those like me who are of substance that.  At times isn’t tangible yet maintained despite the composition of the visualization.  Much like a relationship from the perspective of those looking from the outside, assuming what is in.

My relationship was an investment from day one.  I established it and kept putting in, even when I didn’t feel I was getting anything in return.  Investors who understand performance in relations to return as in dividends, well.  They know what I’m talkin’ about and as in most things tangible or un, relevance is there.  Jordi was struck by her significant other and…  Based on what they had developed over the years, she wasn’t about to cash it in, vamoose, despite of what the popular consensus may have been.  Why?  Because like the dog, like The two levels establishing The Mayan culture, she wasn’t gonna ditch what she had for something.  Un-for-seen or developed as in practical, pliable and pleasant just because.  This is a way counter to basic nature.

People, places and many things are easy for me to understand.  The Mayans, like the Romans, and the great civilizations throughout this land are simple to decipher, when.  When you put yourself in the equation and recognize.  All living beings are products of their basic nature.

Right now, religions are loosing their followers and are collectively minus 50 percent.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.  Religion is merely mans interpretation of what the laws of The Gods where.  Religion is a text establishing a doctrine that all are told to follow or.  End up in hell.  No religion or religious person can change what people are experiencing today.  Could it be that The Mayans are just advising us based on the errors of their own religious ways?

Jordi should have approached her vacation on anything other than what she did.  I understand to walk where others who came before me is an experience within itself.  Especially when you open yourself up to the tangible connections based on all things spiritual.  Jordi was looking for something based on a preconceived notion of what was.  I guess like relationships.  The blueprint to make ’em right is there for all to pick up.  Understand, decipher while tweaking it to fit the one in application and…  Live your life.

Jordi called back because something else was on her mind.  Inquired if I was telling the truth in the previous blog posted.  My response.  Read the next blog I post.  The subject matter, you will know.  The Stars you will feel an immediate kinship with.  The theme, pace and delivery, well.  You’ll know it all to be…  True.  Now, ask yourself, “Am I true.  Am I really living or is this all a bad dream.

Psssss;  My ‘lil one is feeling the impacts of changing climates resulting in a slight cold.  The Wifey is slowly comin’ back from what we just knew was a precursor of  The Gods callin’ her back.  Only problem was, she wasn’t ready to go.  Imagine that.  Everybody sayin’ when your times is up, ya gotta go.  Well guess what, my time is far from up and as long as I’m here, I’ll be posting these marvelous messages.  Maybe, just maybe one will get it.  Then I’ll know, the difference in guaranteeing others lives, begins with the correction in your life.  I’m out…