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The Criminal, or; Keep Playin’ With Me

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Economy down, neighbors eyeing one another with a contempt so apparent all one has to do is take a quick peek from behind the curtains they are concealed within.  Look as the car carrying their very neighbor eases down the street.  The same neighbor who looks nervously from side to side at the nicely manicured lawns making up the streets-scape.  Wondering silently; “who’s next”.  Who will it be to fall chasin’ the American Dream?

I wasn’t gonna be the one to wait.  reaching out to my bank, presentation extended in support of why I wouldn’t continue paying on a home not worth what it had been mortgaged for, and…  To hell about my contractual obligations in fulfilling those stupid ass payments or in the prescribed timely manner.

What would have been surprising to most wasn’t to me.  That is, when my bank calmly listened to my terms, then casually agreed.  Even set up the scenario in which I could sell my spot and realize a profit too.  Yeah, I got out.  Away from the eyes so full of fear who were eyes owned by those I once enjoyed as…  Neighbors.

“F 150 Truck. F 150 Truck. “Truck… F 150”

Prior to embarking on this mission to re-located while re-establishing me and mine, I did the proper thing.  Sought service on my Chariot (aka the car, in my case a customized truck).  Knew a neighbor who had a service shop for just such a service.  Reached out to him, explained the deal.  He…  In a very persuasive and friendly manner demanded that I bring my vehicle to him, because.  “That’s what neighbors do“.

Fifteen hundred dollars later on a supposedly four-hundred dollar preventive maintenance job, my truck implodes hundreds of miles from the place I knew as home for 16 plus years.  Oh yeah, I reached back to this so called neighbor, slash, automotive shop owner, slash, so called friend to the end.  Suddenly my neighbor wasn’t available but his racist shop manager was.  when this shop character heard about my dilemma he really didn’t give a care.  But…  As he heard about the status of he who checked out his so called preventive maintenance service, and about the work not preformed, his total demeanor changed.  An Under-Sheriff who was previously a certified auto mechanic in another life took one look at the motor oil and straight out said, no work could have been done on this engine at least not any work the work receipt showed.  the shop manager definitely knew what he was up against and said.  “Hey, you’ve been such a great customer and for over 10 yrs, we will do whatever to see that you are back on the road, don’t worry, we’ve got ‘cha.

He got me.  Oh yes, when speaking with another rescuing mechanic they took the liberty in talkin; real bad about a guy, but.  “First impression is always the best”, and I got down first.  The mechanic in the town of no-where who was checkin’ out my truck saw through the DRAMA.  Sided with me, but…  I had no time to argue.  My FAM were the ones needed shelter.  They were the ones in need of my direction and the fight so to speak, “wasn’t in the dog”.  

Keepin’ it movin’.  Reached out to another friend.  Explained the cost of towing and possible repairs.  Like a true friend, I was told the towing fee of sixteen hundred could be beat, and he was the one to do it.  That was on a Wednesday and the friend said he’d be there within 12 hours.  Oh, I sent money to cover all cost.  Eventually when the “partna” of almost 30 yrs showed up, it was days later, and.  Just a few hund. short of the amount I’d of spent if I’d of accepted the “highwaymen” who did this sorta’ thing for a livin.  Today, with even more ends (money) spent, my vehicle is slowly being repaired.

So what!  All this DRAMA dished out by those thought to be friends, what!  What am I to do?  Hey, this is what I’m built for.  FAM was hangin’ in the balance.  Our plan was to get somewhere, do and maintain those values which allowed us to be who and what we  are.

Money being the root that everybody searches for is also a commodity that isn’t infinite but finite.  No matter how much is printed the true source of it will always be insufficient.  When times are…  As they’ve become, despite of this condition being manmade with definite remedies out there.  People will resort to scandalous ways and “do” their fellow peps.  And FAM isn’t excluded.  In dealing with all this BS I had to get to where I had identified as the proper place for me and mine.  Returning to where all this began, I condensed.  Cut down on the essentials packed originally and transferred the remained into the trunk of “Benzi.

Benzi“.  A ten year old Mercedes Benz and just like the house we owned along with all our household belongings, Benzi was clean.  Driving it, under the conditions our life had found itself in, only added to the “hate” displayed by some of those we encountered as the quest was continued.  Still, I moved on.  Arriving on the mountain top (Lake Tahoe), the spot I knew would be good for endeavors both personal and professional I touched bases with the woman who I had arranged.  Via The Internet, the purchase of another home.  She met with me, eyes immediately diverted to Benzi, acted as if she didn’t notice the FAM sitting calmly as I got out and approached her without…  The slightest display of any signs of malice, but…  Ms. Devious had other intentions and bit!  Because of my late arrival she decided I was in breach of an important clause within the terms of our property purchase agreement and…  Since it had been over a month she decided to take the money pointing out that contractual escape clause.  For another twenty-five hundred my attorney would fly into the city, file the necessary papers and after a year or longer we’d probably get the matter in court.

“Do people know who is standin’ before ’em”

 “Spin it back“.  Don’t get it twisted, during all of this some interesting, extremely supportive FOLK had crossed my path.  The under-sheriff who protected the rights and safe living conditions of the citizens of one of America’s most haunted cities.  Went outta his way to assist a FAM in distress along the highway. Shout-out to Scott Johnson of Goldfield Nevada.  The staff and management of the Famous Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah Nevada.  Went straight into gear upon our late night, un-scheduled arrival.  Donna was in-charge and…  Once she found out Wifey was recovering from a condition that almost snatched her from this worldly existence, prepared a meal. brought it up to our room and even proved conversation while the Wifey finally was able to eat something nourishing.  Special diets are an ‘itch even when prepared at home.  On the road, getting one is next to impossible.  Those of The Mizpah Hotel knew hospitality and served it up as it should be.   Because of the time we arrived there was no thought of getting any of this type of service or…  Landing in the suite we did.  Room 201, second floor.  A few flights below the room where the story about “The Lady In Red” originated.  Much luv to ’em and they made me remember, America does have some cool FOLK.

And let’s not forget “Lisa”.  She is the proprietor of a small gift shop across the street from the most haunted hotel in America.  while walking with my ‘lil one in search for a bathroom, she being open.  Sippin’ coffee with other town inhabitants welcomed us in.  They even drove up to the sheriff’s station, retrieved the Wifey, brought her back down and let her warm herself while awaiting the tow truck.

OMG, WTMI.”  Yeah, all this happened and so what.  If this is way too much info now, just keep reading and see what else opens up to your absorbing mind.

This is all taking place is Real Time.  Making what you are re-living, Real Talk.  In times likes these you meet all kinds.  Many who have ulterior motives.  Some who don’t seek anything but because of the social/economic times, are way too skeptical of those in physical transition needing everything.

While preparing to “pack-out” of a hotel my ‘lil one decided to continue playing on her computer and avoid my request to stop, get her stuff together and help.  leaving the room to take things down stairs and coming back, I sought her help again.  She…  Opted to switch off the laptop, but.  Proceed to engage another of her electronic games, at which point I…  Couldn’t take it anymore.  I went off.  She heard me, but was way better in playing cards and called my bluff.  Screaming at the top of her voice about why did we sell our home, how she really never wanted to move and wanted her bedroom back with her bathroom that she could go to without even havin’ to see me.  Needed her dogs back and what about her fish that she knew I purposely left behind.  “Dad I don’t wanna live in these hotels anymore, and I don’t wanna see you leaving every night to talk with people who really don’t mean us any good.  Dad I wanna go back home!

Home is where the heart is and my ‘lil one was way smarter than I.  She said this very phrase after we packed-out and were back on the highway headed to…

This ain’t no road trip.  This is a reality of a life in flux.  A transitional period that I’m probably not the only one experiencing.  It is times like these that you find out what your character is really about.  I’ve been taken by friends, hotel owners, restaurateurs who made our food to go and knew we’d be way down the road before we figured out.  What’s in the bag isn’t what we paid for or ordered.  Oh yeah, people and their games, but…

Now, in a city by The Bay I sit.  Positioned in the lobby of a friends’ hotel.  It’s 3 am, all that traverse the Boulevard is the forever present site of roving cop cars.  Looking for crime or thinking how to activate a criminal to engage.  This spot is on the cuff of the famous Napa Sonoma wine country.  North of San Francisco.  Hills are dotted with vast vineyards, tucked away amongst the lush cali Oak trees.  The friend who owns the hotel, “Indy”, from India by way of London so don’t mix him up with Indians who are actually and wanna be known as Native Americans.  He does the night shift like me.  Motivated by the reality of not only knowing what’s on the edge of life but being able to assist those close to the same edge.  He is the patriarch within a traditional FAM equipped with..  The Wifey who comes in the way of, Joy.  Son who will inherit and lead the FAM is Akash.  A forward thinking and cautious young entrepreneur.  Jayshree who seems to be M.I.A. is the daughter.  Their hotel, The Palms Inn has provided me and mine with a temporary sanctuary.

Indy has a simple philosophy which has created a strengthening energy between the two of us.  Maybe because of where he’s begun, what his journey has allowed him to encounter.  When I heard about him witnessing his Pops being beat-down Back-In-The-Day where he could only accept the frozen position of a spectator, I…  I could only associate it with his miraculous rise within the world of the Specialized Travel Agent.  A job he defined as he served the super rich.  People who had amassed fortunes but had little sense of humanity.

In this quest to re-create my presence in this world while re-locating my FAM I’ve noticed one constant about man and kind.  Bobby Womack said “No body Wants ‘Ya When You’re Down And Out“, well.  I am not down or out.  Poor is a condition that can penetrate the mind.  Making the one caught-up in the syndrome sightless and mindless.  Another aspect of dis-enfranchisement is a condition known as being broke.  Either of the two, nobody wants it to touch ’em.  Much like those nosy neighbors mentioned during the beginning of this piece.  And those friends who weren’t even associates or engaging professionals I thought I once had a relationship with.  They assumed they got over on me cause I was only focusing on re-securing a place for my FAM to reside upon.

Real Talk” from a real G, people do criminal things to others and don’t have a clue of where those people whom advantages are being taken against have been or where they can take it if they so chose.  People play games and don’t know The Game.  My ex neighbor who stood in as the owner of the car shop.  Also held the position once as one of those who were assigned to protect and serve.  Maybe he felt I was one of the disenfranchised who had no voice.  Possible the woman who went into the agreement with me to sell me her home sensed something similar or just felt a certain desperation within me.  Yes she and I conducted business via the internet, but the method of communications doesn’t change the validity of those in conference.  She took my money and dared me to construct a position where a legal response could be submitted.  Hey, you thief living in Incline Village who stole my last dollars, be thankful I am who I am.

What is speculation on the parts of those assuming is.  “Has he actually been there and does he really know what he says“.  Well get this, you’ll  never know.  The names, events and locales are not for your pay-grade.  But, you all need to know this.  I’ve sat at The Round Table where real criminals discussed criminal conspiracies only rivaled by those other crime FAMS making up the famous Wall Streeters.  I’ve engaged way too many who wear the religious symbols significant of holiness who deployed international banking procedures against those who made up the local churches, and…  Those same people perpetrating’ to be God like didn’t feel any pain.  Remorse if you will while doin’ their assigned congregations. .  And no, this isn’t a case of karma as in what goes around comes around, so forget me being in a situation that was created by my previous walk of life.  Like stated, I am in flux.  Society is in flux and those who think they are secure.  On the top of the hill behind the high-tech security with the private risk management firms tell ’em every thing is running according to schedule.  Don’t trip!  When those on the hill party and play as they look down at those who’ve built the homes on those hills, one thing is forgotten.  Money being finite when sighted, will be taken at all cost.  You see, we as a people created this…  Legend.

Food For Thought.”  There was this guy who assumed I was the guy.  The one to be bullied, teased and pissed on while everybody got a laugh at my expense.  This went on for a moment or at least until I stopped.  Slowed my roll and paid attention to the “lay of the land“.  Once my eyes cleared of the fog created by my own emotional depression based on where I had allowed myself to arrive at, it was…  Yes, “Mode Me” was in full effect.

Mode Me is when one is assumed to be the monkey who is placed in the middle for the amusement of all.  A position I had no problem with because as with most, a gorilla is quite often mistaken for a monkey.  I have a gorilla suit.  One that is never off my back.  Right now I’m still in the Mode Me state.  All has been forgiven by those who have treaded on me and mine, but…  Passes have been extended because many ain’t knownin’.  Babies and fools will always receive a pass.  As for those ignorant to the fact, thinking it is only about the money.  Money does matter because without it, me nor my FAM will continue to stand.

Some are playin at The Criminal, I…  Well keep playin’ with me.

 Psssss; Bring a knife to a gun fight and suddenly you watch the gun.  The gun is in the hand of a slinger, one who has been in many situations where another brought a knife to a gunfight.  The gunslinger, aware of the knife carriers fear, eases off and steps away.  Gunslinger out-of-sight, the knife person sighs in the knowledge of knowing they’ve dodged a life almost lost, moves to separate themselve from the same crazy place.   Only…  When they move blood gushes from their neck.  The gunslinger got ’em and they didn’t even see it comin’.  This is also the move of one who is thought to be a monkey in the middle.