“Chivalry Ain’t Ever Been Dead”

 So ‘ya think my heart is made of stone, and when you’re near me there’s no reaction, well you’re wrong.”

 No, I won’t take credit for scripting such a lovely verse, but…  I’m using it.  Words from Back-In-The-Day when people combined with a future in mind.

It was my birthday, she had put together a welcomed dinner party.  Smiles and laughter abound, she and I were momentarily left alone.  Raising her glass of wine she asked me to accompany her in a salute to…  Me.  Glasses clanged, we flashed those eyes of enchantment, locked arms and simultaneously sipped as we kept watching each other with visions of, later.

The music was right on time but she nor I rose from our spot at the table.  Conversation, moved fluidly, innuendos fully loaded.  Her smile was sexy, those eyes…  They became lost in her thoughts.  Glancing down at the table I noticed she’d placed a piece of a hot roll right on the table-cloth.  I casually picked it up, placing it on the bread plate.  Seductively she blinked, never taking her eyes off of me.  Our hostess appeared and…  Her presence was all required for my girl to snapped.  Berating the girl, tellin’ her if we needed assistance she’d of been summoned.  “A birthday party”; I let it go.

Three songs later, the proprietor along with a select group of hostesses appeared, singing Happy Birthday holding a cake, illuminating with candles.  My girl, taking my hand, massaging my fingers being sentimental.  Once it was over, a waitress leaned down close to my ear, singing the phrase, “how old are yooooou“.  A nice touch to a beautiful moment.  That is, ’til my girl went deeper into her funk, screaming at the singing waitress who was just goin’ with the flow. Aware of my girl’s mentality, recognizing the behavior, I stood up, took the glass of wine outta her hand and calmly said, “baby let’s go, time for me to take you home“.

Immediately I began to sense something.  A threat perceived, moving quickly into my field of view.  No, it wasn’t “Tyrone“, this was Troy.  Pressin’ up to something he knew nothing about.  Knowin’ how things can get outta line, I articulate to him in the most sensible way possible, he needed to “find himself some business” cause mine was way over his pay-grade.

I don’t know.  Maybe it was how my girl sorta’ slumped comfortably into my arms as I moved to take her away from the invading eyes of others, or…  It could have been how she turned, snarled while yelling at Troy to back the fuck up because she only gave it up to me, but…  Whatever it was, Troy got some type of cryptic imagery and immediately blended in with the Watchers.

A cautionary tale I know.  The substance of the context is what’s important.  Troy, assumed he found a quicky with an otherwise female who had a ‘lil too much to drink.  All Troy stumbled upon would have been an open can of “whoop ass“.  I was disgusted with the attitude of my girl because she knew she wasn’t a drinker.  For that matter neither of us drank ’til we lost our composure.  What put me closer to the edge was…  She knew she would become a “piece of work” once that second glass replaced the fuel feeding her psyche’.  My girl, lovely.  Sexy as a swam in flight, but.  She had a anger deep within that most couldn’t even deal with if and when the madness erupted.

When everything was on the cool tip, she’d be the first to impress with her laid back demeanor.  All who saw, didn’t understand our relationship but wouldn’t be slowed in complimenting our togetherness.  Really they could have kept their comments good or bad, to themselves.  No matter what was thought or said, wouldn’t change who I was  As I told one of her invading alleged friends one day as she commenced to tellin’ me how I should treat my girl, “keep her sorry ass outta my relationship cause I’ve got this“.  FOLK sometimes need to mind their own business, especially when they only are functioning from a half informed position.

Inside all relationship you have platforms.  Upon each of these levels you’ll find the true substance of “what is” as far as the qualifications, standards and founding principles of the whys, what fors regarding that individual relationship.  You have a private platform amongst all these other platforms, that which holds all the secret stuff, and…  Then there is the spot were all things public resides.  The public area is what the public is meant to view.  Still, all these points are profound in categoric distinction were He and She are concerned.

While engaging as a set with multiple couples one of the males in our group asked me if my girl was wearing any undies.  I couldn’t get mad, I knew he was an undercover stalker and despite she being with me, he had been watchin’ “that ass” since we came through the doors.  Being The G I am, I obliged and off he and I went on his E-Ticket voyage.  At the conclusion of the ride I let him down easy when I said, “if she is or isn’t wearing any panties, you’ll never hear about it from me, keep guessing, maybe you can watch your wife’s ass and learn to define those private points of demarcation“.

Oh yes, many things are private within the intimate designs of ones relationship.  Troy; assuming my girl was a lush, sexually easy mark.  I knew she didn’t do liquor well, much as I knew she wasn’t a hope to die lush.  Sometimes mental lapses hit and when they did, hit hard, but she didn’t split her thighs at the appearance of some jug-head trying to be cavalier.  The hostess; I knew she’d be struck from the blindside but not because of anything regarding her attentive service.  “Singing Hostess” should have limited her attention to the collective body and not proceed to anything singular.  Once the hostess got too close to my cheek, she became the target.  My girl, deep into insecurity wasn’t about to stand for any other female paying too close of attention my way.  More secret stuff that the public isn’t aware of concerning He and She, but…  I knew.

Recently a movie came out that has got the American public talking.  “Act Like A Woman But Think Like A Man“, another drama driven flick.  Personally I don’t want any female I’m involved with attempting to think she knows how I think.  Just as I’m not trying to spend my time worrying about how she thinks.  If there is something I’m suppose to know about her ways of reasoning, either she’ll let me know or I’ll know.  Some things…  No, many things pertaining to He and She are…  Intuitive.


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