Animal, to some connotes primitive.  Okay, don’t even think about slappin’ my momma because she delivered such an accepting one onto this earth, but…  I’ll accept your secondary meaning defining animal. 

When I first set eyes on “she” who would eventually remain with “me“, it was her scent.  Therefore to a degree my primal receptors were in full effect.  Once the scent stopped my stroll I immediately reflected on the classical continuity of her extraordinary physique.  Oh yes, she had it like that which is to say, what I had grown to recognize as those much sought aspects of a bio/physical thing women are required to possess that say, “I am woman and built for the journey“.  Nothing else mattered, I was hooked, allowing her to reel me in at which time, I would “make us everything she’d imagined” once on deck.  (reads anyway you’d like)  And…  Based on this, again I accept the animal association.

To accept who and what you are is hard in this forever changing society where people and what defines them is based upon media creations.  Those who say this doesn’t apply really doesn’t surprise me.  People it seems, don’t wanna claim anything with the slightest association to anything with a negative connotation.

Recently I happened to catch the premiere showing of another reality show.  This one,   “Relationship Rehab” featuring Celebrity Couples trying to do it again and figure out how to recreate the magic.  DMX aka Earl Simmons along with his legal wife Tashera made some revealing statements that got me to thinking about this relationship/communication thing from a different angle.  Tashera, was totally with the premise of the direction of the therapeutic interactions.  DMX, to a point was too, ‘cept, his realities are based on his perceptions.  Not those superimposed upon the psyche.

What transpired was Wifey pushed for her husband who hasn’t shared a roof with her in over 7 years to…  Allow for his feeling to surface.  Let himself absorb and become immersed while being heard by those there to help.  To me and based on Wifey’s micro expression, big mistake.  DMX totally upset with the intrusion into his life, even though it was probably money motivating his presence.  Became supercharged and…  Told his wifey he did not wanna get married in the first place.  She pushed for it.

Tashera didn’t seem too concerned and moved right along with the BS the Producers obviously scripted.  That is, until DMX defined to her using exact descriptive narrative snatched from her physical anatomy as to why he was attracted to her, stayed with her in the first place.  Once this, animal attraction was articulated into play you could see the dynamics of all in ear shot. change.

Those celebs comprising the shows featured characters sorta’ pulled back, saying his anger was what they were afraid of.  B.S.!  The presence of their immediate visual intimidation was the result of the psychological implications of what DMX said.  Which…  Everyone seated in that group and those filming the setting definitely felt.

Recently in my own domain I was dealt a life altering blow.  Some of the boyz said I could now start interviewing for another, (reads, seek replacement for the Wifey).  Coming from their mouths I didn’t see this as insensitive or cruel.  People place themselves just give ’em time, the proper circumstances and you will get the true essences of their being.  As for my girl, she is blessed and had been since day one.  DNA that would only produce a dime on the body side.  Something else.  The best aspects of her consciousness will always remain hidden from those who don’t need to know the goodness within. With us, certain things should remain within the confines of the home, not…  Blasted out to the world.  As for the boyz, they are merely people to kick-it with.  I choose to because I don’t like sameness in anything.  Men who are into “yes people” are reduced to minnows.  Minnows tag along and just feed, sorta like a parasite.  Women who are of the same traits do the same.  Neither will add to the growth or development of another.  Hence, I only wanna hang with those who come with something different than what I already know, add a stimulating factor.  Even if I know they are full of it.

DMX said what did and came from a place known as “Truth”.  Those words didn’t erupt  outta anger but…  Came as a result of his need to get his woman to realize they are a couple, not an oddity created for the preview and review of all who seek to examine.  And…  His way of re-establishing those borders the Wifey should have known existed.

“How in the hell did he get all that outta this?”  Simple for a non-cluck-head to decipher and it unwinds as follows.

 DMX an extreme conscious Rapper, one fully aware of his beginnings, knows exactly who and why the demons keep knocking on his door.  It doesn’t matter that these demons come in forms that are attractive to him.  That is what a demon does, caters to your faults.  The greater good is DMX still has possession of many of his reasoning faculties.  Don’t forget his famous lyrics, “Y ‘al gonna make me lose my mind, up in here up in here“.

I had another who was in my world, previous attraction if you will.  Once we established additional “structural things” she demanded that I leave the Wifey and move in with her.  Oh, tactful?  Without a doubt, DMX and I can shake a house when the need be.  She came with the sweetness in a seductive way using her sexiness.  What she forgot was…  I was animal from day one.  Her failure to listen to who I was, why I was attracted to her, was the only reason she was allowed into my life.  Call me selfish say that I was straight wrong.  Throw me under a bus.  I will snatch the axle, hang on, re-appear on the other side, and before I even attempt to wipe myself off,  I will tell you keep it movin because you are not in my life like that!

This I share because this is what I do.  I read an in-depth article spun around Caesar Milan the world renown Dog Whisper.  Wifey, in response to this said to me the man had an innate ability to whereas he can communicate with dogs on a level most don’t understand.  I smiled and when she made mention of who I was, what I did and why she was with me, I knew.  I knew.  She was fully aware of me, why we took one another’s hand and made that commitment to become “The Ones“.  She explained to me it isn’t about some piece of paper that gives you legal options and rights to another’s life and possessions.  It was about knowing who and what allowed for the continuation of happiness within one’s life.  Hummm…  I’m thinking maybe, just maybe she might be smarter than…  Nope, I ain’t goin’ there.

Animal.  That other attraction who entered my world I told you about, refused to see that we are animals.  Higher intellect but basically animals.  DMX, animal, sometimes beastly but…  During the presentation where he made mention Wifey was acting like a bitch and she…  Artfully, instantly becoming “camera ready” responded with he called her outta her name.  He, DMX came back with the definition of his words, replying with, “acted like a bitch“.  Which is a long way from calling one something other than their name.  This may of been beastly in some eyes but…  It only leads me back to “interpretation“.

My beastly ways required that I seek out legal eagles to navigate the waters I regrettably entered.  I recall how the lawyers couldn’t stand me when  I said to them.  “The law has already been legislated, mandated.  Their job was to understand where and if I was in violation, create a presentation based on their interpretation and move the Judge, Courts to see it our way.”  The final part of my words held the inclusive phrase that paid.

In a relationship you cannot keep the other outta the loop.  He and She create the loop, all others…  They are sucked in by the rotation of the loop as it turns within whatever universe it manifests itself.

Psssss;  I am animal.  I don’t bark, I won’t hiss.  I see, view, store, recall, calculate while examining and eventually decipher what is…  My world.  I speak a language easily understood, but…  Only by those who understand themselves within their world.


3 Responses to ““Animal…””

  1. in a relationship you are suposd to work as one…and be one

    • “True that”, in working as one you still must maintain awareness of what the two have founded the “union of one” on. There is a huge difference in what is personal and what is public in reference to He and She. Regardless of which is “on deck” there will be negative consequences if one or the other assumes they can take a stance “personally” in opposition of their chosen other. You win when subtle differences are accepted and respect is primary. Going public with ones “good intentions” is okay, just know what the agenda of “your” public is.

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