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Players Mist

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L.A., where everyone has something to say.  Especially with regard to the terms pertaining to the “Big D” of Kobe & Vanessa Bryant were made public.  “V” departed with three mansions and 75 mil after hangin’ in for 10 yrs and a day.  Oh yeah, minus the pre-nup which is usually standard operating conditions were major money is generated by one of the other, V stepped like many females would love to.  Did she play Kobe because she knew of his activities way before the women running in her circle decided to bust Kobe out and tell her what they felt she needed to know?  Did Kobe play himself because of his failure to put the pre-nup in place way before V put in 10 and a day satisfying cali law pertinent to marriage?

My questions is, who played who?  It was alleged that Kobe participated in way too much extra curriculum outside his marriage, while V wouldn’t even consider it.  Maybe yes maybe no, I won’t speculate on who did what.  Or, who played who.  The qualifying factors gathered in defining “Player“, oh yeah; is in everybody.  This I do know, no matter who you are, where you wanna align yourself, you have an agenda.  Some are straight-up in your face, a la “This Is How I Do It“.  While you have those who engage the opposite sex, “smile ‘an profile” yet never even blink at the idle impressions of indiscretions.  Then, bam.  You’re hit with all these allegations and while you try to get a grip on what it is you are confronted with, the legal folks are dippin’ deep into your pockets.  Never once being recognized for who and what they are, only perceived as representing their client during a time of despair.

What is goin’ on?  What is really going on!  I’ll tell ya cause you really ain’t tryin’ to recognize the real.

Everyone is playing in one fashion or form.  Playing for position, playing to place.  Like a horse race, you’ve got to show to place, and if you cannot place you will not be in a position to ever win.  Straight-that!

People love to recite this term “Play on Playa“.  I hear it when I’m strolling in the park, sighting while enjoying the mall, I’ve even heard the same term while standing in the rear of most corporate elevators watching others board.  Then there are those who’ve incorporated another way of phrasing this term, which goes like this; “You Playa You‘”.  As for this latter one, the person reciting it can usually be found with a somewhat perplexing facial expression, almost as if wanting immediate recognition but not sure if they will get it.  Urban lexicon especially those germane to American English define a Player as one who manipulates women to gain the sexual or financial advantage.  Personally I know exactly what a Player is and…  “Real Talk” there is no distinction with the application of the word based on race, sexual orientation or gender.  I guess things are applied according to what is favorable or.  Who’s writing the story and how what it is as your subject of contention has impacted you; positive or negative.

When narrow-minded ones calculate their steps while crossing my path, occasionally I hear the mumbling of words under their breath.  Words which make up a sentence such as, “I know he’s a Player“, “Oooh girl look at how he is dressed, and check his swag, he’s gotta be a Player“.  These are the types I just wanna say, “‘itch you don’t even know me“, but.  Like a seated Judge who must recluse themselves because they know more about what is actually being present, I do the same.  Yeah, some who are in the mix, running their mouths, really have no idea of what’s really evolving.

Check this, define “hater“.  Hold-up, don’t even engage but allow me.  Hater; one who is envious and re-acts from a position of ignorance.

Check this too, when you think no body is looking at you, what do you really think and do?

Psssss;  Life, it’s a constantly evolving situation.  Maybe, just maybe I’m finally in the mix, revolving right along with those who are meant to…  Evolve.



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Caption 1, pic of me , symbolic in the sense so that you all may see.  When you hear me recite the phrase “I say you do“, immediately the mind goes into overdrive.  Searching the internal memory banks all to snag stored images defining a narcissist.  Well stop.  That’s correct, slow your role in your quest towards self-destruction cause that’s all you’re gonna accomplish.

Graphic # two, another pic exclusively designed from me to you.  Depiction of a soloSexy

Red Rose, with 3 smoothly placed Red Hearts positioned frontal as if one dimensional.   “What does it all mean?”  Your immediate interpretation, probably way different than mine only because you failed to recognize the importance of that simple ‘lil phrase that went like this.  “I say you do”.  Relax, feel your heart rate decrease, sense your composure comin’ back?  I do, and I’m not even there.

It is said that words are fine but a picture is divine.  My thoughts, by whose account!

Speak with a melodic tone and watch how quick you gain entrance to any throne.  Explain the visual and observe the realization of life so simple.  Definition of “The 3” those hearts along with the solo flower from the rose tree and you have an example of how I see.    You, Me equals the We, now you understand the numeric relevance of the three.  The flower plucked from the rose tree, representative of the passion exchanged despite of all the conflict encountered by… You me in our continued defining the We.

“Whoa, I didn’t see all that.”  No worries, you are not me…

One, Twelve, Twelve, the year everything is ‘pose to go all to hell.  Again, interpretation.  I wouldn’t be true to me if I ended this without sayin’ something.  If I didn’t put in words, create another psycho/dramatic story for your mind to put your conscience around as you absorb your “bar” of me for the day.  Sooooo, I give you;

Sexy B

Although she had aligned herself with another, she was like no other.  Her eyes caught mine, like a wild animal which just ran a long distance trek besides one of Africa’s majestic rivers, her breathing was laborious.  With each heave of her breast those eyes glared but were minus the menace defined when someone feels another has come into their space; unannounced.  I, like she, enjoyed the mutually understanding of whom each of us were onto the other.  No words had to be exchanged, those eyes.  Our eyes conveyed it all.  Primal.  Restrained.  Had to be, she belong to another yet, those flirtatious vibes were pulsating.

What part of flirt don’t ‘cha understand?  I guess when you’ve been where I’ve been you feel that everything becomes obvious when the collective reality is not so.   In dialoguing with my Cougars of choice, Cat aka Catalina, Bao-yu & Ms. Devore it was easy to see why they attract the interest of the males they do.  They have this smoothness about themselves that projects confidence.  Maybe it is because within each of ‘em there is a higher intellect which allows them to recognize while qualifyin’ the reasons why they are where they are.  All of them have “put in work” so to speak.  They’ve engaged and I will say successfully in a primary relationship and…  Knew the course had been completed, yet.  To bail minus any substance in which to continue would be akin to straight out failure as far as the future for them was concerned.   Greedy?  Not hardly.  Selfish?  How can it be when the bases for any relationship is to better one’s self.  Sexy?  Oh yeah.

Anyone who knows their motivations can walk like a cat on the stroll.  A cat is full aware of their surroundings and the stroll shouldn’t be confused with being on the prowl.  To prowl is to stalk.  Seek anything that can be, devoured.   I like that word, “devoured”, especially when used in conjunction with being on the prowl.  When anything prowls the end game is the same.  Whereas when you stroll the appetite for nourishment is based on choice selections.  Your steps, the pace isn’t so erratic.  Again, sexy.

Society today is void of sexiness and yes, I can say this as I’ve had more than my allotment.  Sexy is being a “WCC” (World Class Connoisseur).  Connoisseur as in Arts.  The art is you, the world is your canvas and paint.  Produce with one thing remaining as the objective.  To blossom.  Become the best at who and what ‘cha are.

Enough.  I’ve blessed you with another jewel.  In fact, a couple of jewels on this twelfth day in the twelfth year of the two thousands.    If you can’t see it I understand.  Maybe you are of those who couldn’t find a diamond in a mountain of ash.  But then again, since you’ve read this far, I know you’d know how to bust outta a wet paper bag.

See ya, I’m gonna enjoy the day