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Don’t, Just Don’t

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Her head snapped back as if something unseen had just…  Awakened within the same dimension she occupied with the only purpose being to test her craniums’ structural soundness.

He”, a wounded predator exhausted after a quick bout with an un-cooperative prey, huffed & puffed, swaying his arms in an attempt to further the intimidation.  Eyes squinting then…  Spots me.  Without any confirmation I had been elected as the sole somebody threatening his domain.  Emotions continuing to escalate, finally taking full control.  He inhales expanding his image and strikes.  Words fueled by fire erupt from his mouth and all I hear is, “You want some of this, oh ya, I got ‘cha, bring yo ass on over here if you want”.

I stare directly through him recognizing he had no idea.  Some do submission well, I…  Don’t.  My failure to break off the eye contact moved him to calculate, as he did, it was evident.  He was obsessed in rising to another level of ferociousness.  Our eyes like magnets held steady leading him to believe I was transfixed by his look.  Inspiration filled his psyche’, a stronger sense of superiority engulfed him and…  Dummy kept runnin his mouth.  “Bring the noise mutha’ fucka cause you have no way of knowin’ the ways I’ll kick yo ass.  Beat ‘cha down like she’d been beat down”.

A scenario so you say.  Something taking place while one is seated, popcorn in hand, slurping on a coke, excited by the thrills personified on the silver screen with the audible magnification adding to the controls of one’s mind.

Well, dismiss the coke from your thought patterns and get ready for the real.  “Life 101”, brought to you by everyday somebody, presented in vivid color for anyone’s viewing pleasure.  The signs will always be there, all you’ve gotta do is “dial it down” see the visual for what it is and read ‘em.  Now back to the scenario.

He barked and I didn’t bite.  “She”…  Oh yeah, took the bait and ran with it.  Eyes over-flowing with tears adding to her looks of desperation, emotionally crying out for anybody…  Somebody…  To step up even if they weren’t ready, just…  Be that man and become her protector.  Mount a strategic strike; slay this fool and in the process allow her the opp. to vanish into the night.  Big miscalculation on her part; I wasn’t the one.

Ok, scream out foul.  Tell me how soft I sound.  Explain to me how it is my duty to maintain the code of chivalry, running to the immediate aide of this woman.  Demand that I redeem myself and portray that person I’ve declared myself to be.  One point missed; this isn’t the movies.

People come in every fashion and form.  FOLK have stepped to me with disdain in their eyes all the while attempting to discredit me.  They’ve come with questions cloaked in their chit-chat, seeking explanations regarding…  For one, my logo.  Demands have been pushed wanting clarification as to why am “I” so focused on “Me”.

Like I say, “ICHAS”!  The “I”, appearing singular of source maybe there simply to serve as a reminder.  A way to notify “me the remindee” not to ever forget where I’ve been.  Right, all those stops which have become defining who I am while I re-claim “Me”!

Oh yeah, people love to recreate themselves but it is during this “re-design” that the original design which was probably the best design, somehow was misplaced in the designers mine.  Resulting in a new design that cracks over time.  So, with this in mind flip the script, remove the “CHAS” slip in whatever your name may be and…  Wa la, it’s now reflective of “he, she, whomever you want it to be”.

Like the scenario graphically illustrates, people become their own worst enemy.  The fool claiming to know me, offering to kick my ass, didn’t realize.  I wasn’t a spectator.  Ok, maybe I watched his activities a ‘lil too long, but hey.  The performance was live, live activities are meant to be watched.  Besides, people, such as “King Ass Kicker” would be better off helping a Bear if they saw a Bear in a fight with something of a human element like me.  Running into any situation is a stupid move as you never know what another may be packin’.  You know the ‘ol saying, “you brought a knife to a gunfight”.  My point…

Don’t judge any book by the jacket.  A jacket to a book is there to protect the cover with the smart ones who’ve designed the book are fully aware of the secondary considerations.  Using the cover as another medium for visual advertisement, and it’s those you don’t prepare for who surprise you.  Many times what appears on the outside has very little to do with what’s contained within.

Was this damsel in distress?  I don’t know, you tell me.  A damsel is a term coming from a time way back when.  Its meaning is applied to a young unmarried woman and if this be the case, it still wasn’t my call to mount a rescue.  My recall clearly recollects her words as being just as inflammatory as his!  Her posture, straight up war-like, if I had to gauge any of her intensions based on her micro-expression, I’d have to say she was battle tested and as ready as him.  It was also obvious that she’d been in this situation before and had more than enough date to know it had been way too long since all this…  Togetherness for her not to know she couldn’t change him.  Which all point to this; under the circumstances if you step to one you are combating two.

Many times He&She are together as a result of following all this chemistry that put each of ‘em in the others eyes, but.  They weren’t knowin’!  Wouldn’t accept while recognizing both had plotted way before either of them ever actually met.  And…  When they did make that connection ‘nar one of ‘em had any thought of breaking from the mold and come with the truth regarding personal motivates.

Something I hear all the time is; “You don’t know what it’s like”.  Another phrase many assume goes something like this.  “You ain’t from my hood so don’t act like you know what I’m dealin’ with”.  Something I don’t hear but see just as well are those flamin’ eyes and usually when I do, I think of a chicken who’s ran into a fox while strollin’ in its own barn yard.

Pardon me for being born but…  I don’t know what you’re dealing with and I may not know what your life has been like.  What I do know is; you…  Have no idea where I’ve been and “I” do know “you” ain’t even tryin’ to sneak a glimpse of what’s in my mind based on where my life has carried me!

For those really trying to find out, ass kicking requires skills.  A set of techniques deployed so precisely the “kicker” maintains a superior position as they commence to kickin’ another’s ass.  But…  One thing I know that most ass kickers haven’t ascended to is that once an ass has been kicked, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that ass will stay down.  Ah ha, didn’t think about that now did ‘ya?  Don’t feel alone, most ass kickers don’t either.

There’s another phrase in modern day lexicon deployed by those “radiant ones” who are constantly being challenged as they walk this life and it goes something like this.  “If you want some ass to kick I’ll oblige ya”.

How stupid is that!  I for one am not about to run around putting my foot up someone’s behind.  Yes, it is only obvious what comes out of it.  My point…

Battling in today’s time is so brutal most don’t really know what is actually required for superiority in such a confrontation let alone maintain the posture needed after the fact that you’ve assumed a win from.  Another of those “ah ha moments” no!

Where I’ve been has taught me that when you battle it isn’t to stall a damn thing off.  You battle to win and win then!  You don’t battle to play for position so that if the other party raises on you a day later, you can relapse, falling quickly back into your mentally superior position.  Visually claiming victory in hopes that the other defeated one will remember how you successfully kick their butt previously, and…  Refuse to fight any harder or different than the last time you artificially dispatched them.  “What is he saying”; this.

My scenarios such as what you’ve enjoyed; are real.  The names didn’t have to be changed to protect the innocence because you know the scene, probably have either played the part or are close to someone who’s acted it out for your delight.  What is not obvious here is that we all have choices.  I’ve made mine based on what I’ve been exposed to.  You don’t know me anymore than you know “others”.  What you should know is I have risen from the ashes.  “I sorta’ like that, so…  Historical that is.  Rising from the ashes like the great Phoenix, becoming bigger than you’ve ever been.”

Ending credits goes something like this.  “Claim yourself”.  Own-up to who you are and recognize where you’ve been.  Draw from that.  Character isn’t something found in a bottle it’s something that rises out of what has been down!

Psssss; “OMG, is that all there is?  You are leaving us hanging like this?  You should have saved her.”  Hey, hey hey, I don’t mind you doing my post script but…  Do I tell you how to do your job!  I have kicked ass.  Beat down others like those stole something and…  Satisfaction never came ‘til realizing it was a beat down primarily extended because I was miserable at myself, and…  Those foolish enough to cross paths during an actual ass kicking and jump into such a beat down not knowin’ the facts are inviting problems into their own lives.  Besides, everyone has some type of personal communications device  tucked in side their clothing and…  Like I said, this is what I do!  She knew that fools capabilities.  She saw that he was tickin’ like a time bomb and movin’ closer to that point of explosiveness.  Then again there’s another side to consider.  I could have engaged the “Ass Kicker” but…  I am not into playing the victim’s role.  With all the turmoil existing in society, the economy roller-coasting like it is, all my own personal demons would have seen this occasion as an invite.  I wouldn’t have stopped at a simple “bitch slap” to bring him down from his false bravado.  The personal invitation alone would have inspired me to the point of finally relishing the opportunity in releasing all that pent-up frustration and…  See what’ cha started.  Pulled me right into your alternate endings, just the like movie you wanted this to be.  I should have known.  This is my scenario, create your own as in…  “I” followed by “Chas”.  Oh how I love this life…