Chops, what images come to mind when this word is heard?  Thinking meat?  Focus way too narrow, I have a suggestion.  Expand your imagination increasing the depths of perception.  “Chops, hummm, let me see, if I say that I’ll probably date myself, but…”  Okay, good consideration even if you’re limiting yourself.  Try this, don’t concern yourself with thoughts of your age, it’s nothin’ but a number.

Chops like many words come with various applied meanings, all depending on the culture of origin.  In your case, “Chops” isn’t used by me to define a mad man skilled in the art of Tommie-gun usage.

Those who are willing to explore the foggy depths of consciousness while visions of the latest version of ultra-clubs comes into scope along with images of patrons morphing into clarity while evaporating just as quickly.  You are partially on the right road to the connection mentally illustrating images of Chops!  As well, seeing you’re in the ultra-club mode, and I followed, let’s bring into focus things noir.  Oh…  While doin’ so, drop the generic violent characterization associated with the same but…  You may allow for the mysterious component coming with all things noir.  That, I’m cool with.

As I was contemplating the designs of this universe I happened to noticed someone watching me.  Although she; oh yeah, personal sensitivity head trips aside, I don’t do same-sex.  Had this observer who was stealing my energy been another guy who kept me in the focus of his eye, believe me I would have changed the viewer’s perception immediately.

Like I said, she was watchin’ me with those intensely inviting, mentally provocative eyes, implying ways she could only imagine.  And, doing that occasional hair toss accordingly.  Sorta’ like one of those Althea Adams prose, “I don’t care how you get there just get there when you can”.  Un-be-knowing to her, I had already been there while watching her demean her mate over and over again.  Demanding that he “fetch” her things and…  When he did so with head bowed, shuffling his feet with each step he made in the sand, she never was satisfy.  Yet, “Herman”, did and without complaint.  All this compliance was relaxing to my mind as it solidified my choice of personality traits that I’d accepted long ago as my preference in being me!

Un-scripted Herman and I appeared at the same moment over to one of the boardwalk vendors, and he…  Yes, I seldom start convo so yes, he started this one.  Herman smiled and engaged me in a simple exercise of male to male communications about how we men do what we do when it comes to our women.  I listened, vanquishing invisible flying objects out of my air space, but…  Herman soon got my message and realized I didn’t give and credence to his bullshit.  This entire exercise was his way towards re-establish his manhood in the eyes of those he’d assumed; watched.

I don’t do appeasement so Herman, in his assumption believing I was listening to him, waiting for that audible pause where sound suspends and one can “exchangin’ cards” because of some kindred spirit thing.  He was fooliln’ himself.  Herman was whipped, Gameless and…  To put it in layman terms, no copping skills.  Herman was a Lackey.

The word Lackey much like Chops shouldn’t be open to any sort of interpretation, just as this term I hear slung freely today.  Used by so called women with alleged “swagger”, “Turn me out Daddy”.  Turn me out should not and can’t be flipped to fit the times.  Just as “bitch” isn’t some super descriptive term, fittingly applied in recognition of a woman who welds power and…  Re-conformed to apply to the connivin’ creatures assigned to the female lot also!  Herman, in his quest to be obliging had become lost in his wonderment of the pleasures of a woman, and in his psychological confinement, settled.  Yes, I surmised all of this outta one casual encounter.  A simple scenario taking place on a seashore, reconfigured while inserting some of what I knew of FOLK and came up with this.

Fear is best described as “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  Herman was counterfeit.  Created something out of another things that was only real to him.  He allowed his woman way too many privileges resulting in her own, fractured reality where he had been reduced to an object.  Sexist comin’ up again?  No, this is a result of knowing ones place.

People in their attempt to fit in usually go for anything, and…  As I contemplated Herman’s woman’s’ advances.  Yeah, did you think I didn’t!  In that moment of “slippage”…  Okay, maybe a case of temporary lust like you’re thinking but…  It wasn’t difficult to assess she was the type to approach, play polite while gathering Intel on whomever she set her eyes on.  After enjoying the pleasures sought, remove her self from the situation all the while blaming it all on the person she engaged!

Ladies & Gents, I am Chops.  I can talk the talk and walk the walk.  In my explorations of this world I’ve discovered that it is I who will quickly be labeled.  Is this reason to complain?  No, recall as you dial it down, I am Chops.

Chops could imply meat-eater, which I like.  Chops can and does signify a choice cut.  I stand accepting each positive definition.  In all words where voice can be established, Chops conjures up an image of the one who is verbally precise and…  Visually stimulating to the point of placing another into anything.  Usually zones of enchantment.   Much like women who engage, enjoy realizing they themselves are overmatched, followed with a frantic outsourcing for that standard rescue.

Where I’m concerned, when women blame me for any of their faults, I see it as out classed and inasmuch, maybe I shouldn’t have set my sights so low.  Also, that is maybe why I’ve passed on so many I’ve met even on the tiny secluded stretch of sand along the fogged-in cove, creating the inlet in which I encountered Herman along with his significant other.

Hummm, “angry bird?  No, that’s an app best found on smartphones for those who find themselves with way too much time on their hands.  I fly high, but…  No angry bird.  Recently an Ex power couple “Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez” split.  Comin’ outta the clouds Marc Anthony made a statement to the media saying, “The marriage no longer worked”.  This was so profound.  Two people, speaking the same language but of different culture upbringings, sophisticated enough to call it the way it was.  Avoiding what was wanted of those on the outside looking in.  Whoa.

In maintaining a relationship between He&She you’ve gotta respect the subtle differences between “domination and decency”.  To keep the relationship live you’ve gotta know when to domination while exercising your power base and not diss your significant other.  Despite the two of you coming from different camps the vibes are the same or similar.

Something y’all need to know.  Collective I’ve received e-mails saying I am full of myself.  The correct personality classification would be narcissistic, and…  Like I responded then I do so now, I like it.  Many of you don’t know me and only have impressions of whom & what I’m about.  Still, when you go to a Therapist they have ways in which to lead you to see yourself so that you may better appreciate yourself while re-learning to live with yourself.  Yeah, I said it and yes I know that previously I defined therapist in a not so positive light.  My point is, live, grow and if you wanna advance.  Accept that some things cannot be left in their initial classification.  But…  I am still Chops.  The definition will remain constant, especially when and if you allow for the expansion of the origin of the root definition!

Psssss; I think now that I’ve “re-charged” I will go into realms many may cring from but…  Well, stay tuned because “Blast” may become a series.  In anticipation, don’t even think about assuming who will and won’t be featured.  Remember, Chops?  Well in channeling all those characters in arriving at where I’m at today.  Everybody is suspect.


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