While dropping from fifty thousand feet I glanced over at my friend who happened to be descending along with me, smiled and said.  “Hey, it don’t matter when we hit the ground but…  If we happen to land in the middle of the jungle and are surrounded by those fabled Amazon Women Warriors, we…  We will still be Kings!”

Edwin Starr an R&B Recording Artist from way back when wrote a song entitled “War”.  This song mirrored the unsaid feelings of all those who were experiencing war but hadn’t a clue of the dynamics of all out conflict.

Edwin, came up in the same era as Marvin Gaye who also scripted lyrics as no one else could, mainly because he had that same insight regarding life.  Years after Edwin Marvin came out with a cut known as “Let’s Get It On”, and yes.  The world got it on in a communicative sense really not seen since!

People wanna talk the talk and act as if they know the walk but…  In my previous post I injected some of what General Douglas MacArthur said about war.  Douggie words were just as Mohandas “Mahatma’ Gandhi’s words were when speaking about the result of things one actually knows.  Still…  Recalling some of the responses received, many missed the connection injected regarding how a warrior felt about war.

Once; ok, maybe more than once but this one caught my eye and I had to engage in “The Dance of Deception” with her.  While doing this something click in her mind and…  As if her breath was taken away she reaches for her throat, lowers her eyes and said.  “You are flirting with me”.  I’m not confrontational especially where a woman is concerned, so I play right along with her.  Bashfully smile but verbally say.  “As pretty as you are, with all this visual flirtation you’re throwin’ my way…  Why would I approach you in any other way.”

My words came as a question but a definitive statement none the less and she definitely knew my intentions.  Her smile exploded, the words between us begin to resonate as if we were two people from the same school, and…  The day lead into the night, the waves kept crashing along the shore line and the sun met us the next morning.  Still, in the same spot.  This was a situation of knowing who I am and whom I was engaging.  Straight that!

I came up in a time when knowledge was acquired from those who had it, not from those who theorized about it.  Dining one day I happened to witness a youngster arguing with a waitress about what; I haven’t a clue.  What I knew was as this situation intensified others, who had nothing to do with this matter at all, put themselves right in it.  Not as a productive proponent but just adding to the mess.  Mind you now, this was a restaurant, not a boxing arena where testosterones run high.  Needlessly, the waitress became rabid herself, flipped her switch, taking on all comers who sought some of the same “DRAMA”.

Before I get to my point let me tell you this.  When I said those magic words, my party morphed while re-appearing in a restaurant by the name of Ga’ston.  It was kitty corner off of La Brea & Wilshire in the heart of the Miracle Mile area of L.A.  Linen table clothes, gold inlaid eating utensils placed along the side of fine chinaware, adorned by a single long stemmed rose that complimented the entire setting.  Yes, the tone was set for those who wonder inside not knowing the ambience before hand.

We were seated and the service was fabulous.  The other diners, upon seeing us, politely tipped their glasses our way in recognition of this moment.  The accompanying music seemed to have been organized just for us also.  Everybody smiled, profiled and enjoying who they were as much as whom they were with.  Two scenarios one showing discord while the other; harmony.  Two situations taking place during the same moment in life, but.  Because of how the knowledge came about in the minds of the people spoken of, one shows real understanding of how to engage life while the other depicts what I see as bamboozled minds!

Old men seek young women all the while defaming the old women who are goin’ about advertises for the attention of the young man.  Old men talk about the “turkey necks” these older women have, the spotted hands while laughing and saying“These bitches have dried up so how can they even think I’m gonna get it up?”  These words are definitely expressed as a question which reveals one thing to me.  But…  I will not put that one thing out there ‘til I drop the other shoe so to speak.  Now, check this.

Old women, who wanna be seen as mature, refined and very much sophisticated, refer to themselves as Cougars.  Seeking young men while also “blasting” on the old men for foolin’ themselves into believing those young women they chase are really interested in them.  Continuing, the older women say the older men are “tired ass limp dick shells of what they use ‘ta be”.

Who knows what the older women are really thinking, I mean if it was a case of the situation being flipped.  I wouldn’t concern myself with what anybody thought because…  Right, I would have gotten my knowledge from a real source and not some theoretical Transformer assuming any position that sells!  Making my moves “trump” giving me dominion over all that I do, letting me focus on that “par—tic—u—lar” someone who’s attracted my full attention!

I told you all once and you may have not gotten it back then, so I’ll bring it around again.  “The Game”, it’s bought and sold but never…  Never ever just told!  Think of going to Harvard.  You don’t just walk up and say, “hey it’s me”.  You are chosen for certain things, straight that!

Psssss;  Everybody is running around, screaming about everybody else.  Wondering why society is so ‘uck up.  What no one is seeing is that many in society haven’t ever been pulled to the side, told to shut up, given the foundations of the program which are basics, then…  Left alone so that they may evaluate what they have and associate it with what they know and…  Well you figure out the rest.  Thank you and I’m out…


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