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‘Lil Ann

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She wanted to “ho”.  Sell herself to any bidder as long as the exchange compensation came in the way of “dead presidents”.  Lacking skills?  Not this one; papered up, acquired a degree in Accounting.  Worked for some major corps, just got caught up in this thing called downsizing.  Probably didn’t anticipate she’d be a party of this predatory economy.  “Silly her”, drank the “Kool-aide” and assumed certain things wouldn’t touch her.  My view; two things in life you’ve gotta do.  Get busy livin’ or die tryin’!

I’ll call her ‘Lil Ann because she suffers from a typical mind-set prevalent when existing in a city with a cultural representative of cities like L.A.  All cities with similar environmental components attract those functional FOLK having these same traits, and…  They arrive in mass, from all points on the planet.  Seeking to be a star, work within the system that manufactures stars, or…  Just be around the action hoping to get a nibble here and there.

Yeah, every city has secondary economy that spins off from the main financially driving force.  It is the spin-off subsidiary where the misery is intensified.  Oh, don’t get it wrong, all aspects of society have their “deviant factors”, it’s just…  Well, when you have money like; “Beyonce” or…  Appear in the guise of a political star such as “Sarah Palin”.  One with no real compass in which to advance those steps in a positive sense, you become adapt, improvise.  Exhibit a cunning mastery of puppetry.  Creating elaborate plans from all the other ridiculous plans that have brought somebody else…  Financial success, but not you, a la previous GOP presidential candidate “John Edwards”.

But hey, don’t twist it…  These types have the “paper, cheddar, chez, mula, ducats, dead presidents” affording them a different Kaleidoscope.  One in which portrays them as “visionary”.  Right, but…  Still same mentality as…  ‘Lil Ann, who…  If and when things don’t turn out their way, they are quick to step into…  What is called, “Desperation Drive”.

‘Lil Ann, educated, homeowner, raised two who happen to be the same as she (girls).  Raised them without that “village” once glorified via the media by the likes of Hillary Clinton.  ‘Lil Ann did all this because; as she said.

I never loved or was in love with the Babies Daddies

Her response, heard many times before, just this time I pressed for clarification.  Oh, not to challenge her but; more so for me.  I had to know if she even knew what she was saying or if it was another of those “things” people pick up along those assumed journeys.

‘Lil Ann hadn’t picked up shit.  Her academics gave her a discipline providing her intro into The Game, but…  Her understanding of who and what she was and to “ho” was a decision based on her arrival at “Last Chance Lane”!  Something she had no idea had been pre-programmed into her DNA.  Call it instinctive.  Call it wanting to survive, call it; primal.  ‘Lil Ann wouldn’t call it thought!

My girl, lookin’ over my shoulder “peeped” the contents of my literary mind and decided to advance my thought processing patterns, but…As she said something which I knew was very profound which was “This is so sad, I feel sorry for her”.  She stepped another dimension where everything is pressed.  Now, she had to clarify.  Also because she said that “she” can understand ‘Lil Ann while relating to her because…  “Women seem to have it so hard and it’s a shame how our society just “uses us up.”

My girl…  Not so quick.  She’s standing with me and now I’m wonderin’ who can this be!

In my nights of travel I’ve met men who are young, also college educated, others who obtained their education compliments of “U.S.C”.  Not University of Southern Cal, but…  “University of the Streets for Critical Thinking”.  They’ve also chosen to sell themselves.  Some refer to themselves as “Pharmaceutical Importers”.  Just a drug dealer clever enough to understand political correctness in speech.  Then there are those who engage the same sex trade such as ‘Lil Ann.  Call it, “Six of this, half-a-doz of that”, it doesn’t change the equation.  Males to females, nobody is immune to this B.S.

As for the tone of my words being sad, ‘uck that.  This is reality, deal with it.  The living actuality of those tryin’ to maintain that; “glow”.

Speaking of “glow”.  ‘Lil Ann told me she could do whatever’s required to attract, please and satisfy a man as long as she got paid.  ‘Lil Ann had no idea how many ways payment could or would be extracted, but…  I let that be and simple said, “how can I tell”.

Get this…  She assumed she was “checking me” by replying.  “It takes sex appeal to make me show that side, with you, and…  Between you and me I’m not on that chemistry time with you.  At least not yet.

A faint and fake ass smile appeared on her face, “placation time”.  Another wasted consideration because I had no interest in possibly bringing an STD into my body’s chemistry by engaging her sexually, so.  Right, I wasn’t glowing as in “beaming” as a result of that testosterone charge which fuels the male when meeting an obliging female even…  Even if she hadn’t seen that  she was…  ‘Lil Ann was feeding her own insecurities.

Once upon a time one of “mine” said, “No matter how long we’ve been together every time I’m with you “you” are the only man to constantly be able to  take me there”.  “Strokin’ me?”  So what, I loved it.  Little did she know that between us that “glow” was forever present!

Glow, wanna know?  It’s beyond the “turn-on” category existing between He&She.  When you glow the aura is visibly defined.  Think…  Even if you have to push yourself to the parameters of your imagination, and when you get there; glow will be waiting.  Glow, all circuits are at peak performance because you’ve found the Ying to your Yang.  Glow, the physiological response only seen by another who… Is your other like not other.  Hey, they see it to.  That is, those who are around you!

‘Lil Ann…  She didn’t glow.  Sex appeal; absent.  Engaging; impossible!  Flirtatious; whoa, stretching it.  Quite possibly because she allowed others to strip her of those titles supposedly defining her, she assumed she was soiled.  Social Outcast because she hadn’t been able to maintain her “acceptable” place in society!

From ‘Lil Ann to all those “Delightful Derrons”, ‘uck you.  There is no “acceptable place” in society.  There is no assumption that “you” are soiled.  People fall everyday.  “And!”  Prop themselves up, dust the dirt off.  Stand, look up, smile even if they aren’t feelin’ it.  Rise and get busy again!  As for sad stories…  Miss me with that too.  Those who have fallen aren’t the first in society to fall to circumstances.  Those celebs mentioned have had their bumps too, the difference is.  Well, go back and re-read my words with this addition; They have the financial means in which to hold off the publicly displayed evidence of their missteps.

Oh yeah, with ‘Lil Ann…  While we text each other, another who happened to be seated with me during this texting session asked me was everything alright.  This wasn’t because I gave off any indication otherwise.  He was just noisy.  I shared with him ‘Lil Ann’s situation; his suggestion.  “If I may be of any help, have her come to my home on the lake.”  I heard him and knew that he was a retired business person who was a part of the system that afforded those homes in seclusion, so.  Even though I knew he was up to something devious, I opted for the connection.  Not to give ‘Lil Ann a chance at makin’ her paper, but…  Dr. Frankenstein was still a part of my DNA.

She went to his home, only after a meal at the most expensive restaurant in the city where those magnificent lightscapes accenting the views of the city below.  Yes, this is the atmosphere the two of ‘em dined within.  Sealing the deal, but…  Little did ‘Lil Ann know that this was just another level of the schemes known but the man from Switzerland.  His acquired knowledge and…  The same systematic way of letting her know that he was…  “The Man”.  One still a part of the same system she thought she knew and…

‘Lil Ann, people, finding themselves in spots where desperation is “trump” fall for this ploy every time.  In my world it’s a tactic known as “bump the booty if they put it out there”.  Layman’s phrase; “bait & switch”.  In the man from Switzerland’s world it’s one in the same.  Lead someone to water offer them a drink because they are exhibiting all the signs of thirst.  Let ‘em take the first sip then snatch away the thirst quencher.  You’ve got ‘em because they now have returned to the well they are so familiar with and it doesn’t matter who controls the well, they just know it is possible to drink again.

Call me a “Blocker” I really don’t care.  The man from Switzerland didn’t know I knew the ulterior motives driving most.  He was a leech.  Perfectly content to suck the life-sustaining blood, stand back while digesting, knowing the host wouldn’t complain, and…  Same host would oblige as the leech returned for seconds.  Blocker, you have no idea!

What the man from Switzerland missed was that “I” placed ‘Lil Ann in his world, not that she had come because of his exhibits of success.  Narcissist?  Hadn’t you better know the  meanings before you apply ’em!  This was her prob. not mine.  Egotistical?  All of that remember.  Shapeshifter, channeling Dr. Frankenstein, so what…  I was the “Ring Master” and understood what a “Ring Leader” could do.

‘Lil Ann was removed from his performance way before the little pill he popped could transform his capabilities.  In my mind it wouldn’t be any “pipe laying” by him.  Not tonight or by my intervention.

‘Lil Ann came to me by way of a mutual friend.  Maybe not a friend but through an acquaintance.  Someone we both knew.  That someone assumed I knew those types of people who would…  “Help” given the right circumstances.  Again, ‘uck that.  People help themselves!  Involvement can normally be traced back to an ulterior motive.

I was once…  Placed in a position seeking help via The Red Cross.  They fed me, housed me then, after the pre-requisite elapse of time turned me out to the same situation they said…  They’d rescue me from.  What they didn’t know is I came to them with my own agenda from the gate.  I recognized in one of their Administrators a certain lust.  I made myself available and she “grabbed the carrot”.  Rushed me to her home, paraded me around, introduced me to the FAM including hubby who…  Kept his attention in another direction while wifey satisfied those exploding motives of hers!

Yes, I got what I sought and in the process made sure she knew that there were those such as “I’ who recognized those such as “her”, who played within the same diabolical system.  Learned the moves while maintaining the separation that most cannot.

In ponder the plight of ‘Lil Ann I side-set whatever her feelings were of me and sought a remedy for her.  Yes a mutual acquaintance put us together and maybe this acquaintance knew I had the methods & means of placing paper in ‘Lil Ann’s hands, but…  One thing this acquaintance failed to consider is that she was also in this predicament once upon a time too.  The difference was when she was down and out this acquaintance was crafty enough to…  Just say she had skills and made a move before anymore moves were executed against her.  By the way, this acquaintance didn’t say thanks and that was okay.  The gratitude is shown by her daily.  We still engaged in our own “Dance Of Deception”.  My point…

‘Lil Ann is not a victim.  She is a product of society that had  plan from the beginning and she just got bamboozled into believing she possessed an E-ticket.  One that provided inclusion to the entire show.  Remember she was educated.  Allegedly academically sound.  What she wasn’t was “Game Tight”.  ‘Lil Ann; no clue of what to do when there’s little time left and she is heading to the losers row.  Traditional schooling and how it has become a non-factor.  These forms of education force one to remove intuitive natures that when called upon give you an edge by accessing your instinctive characteristics.  A zone that is there innately placing you in a position which says “I will not let you down if you just believe in what ‘cha see all around”.  So, again, with all that ‘Lil Ann acquired, many things had been extracted.  Those removals were the breaches.

Base point…  ‘Lil Ann like millions of others needs to think and stop re-acting.  ‘Lil Ann has to recognize that despite of all the education in the world, some things become antiquated and must be let go.  Her accounting skills weren’t applicably as they once were.  Her lack of sex- appeal began when she met her first baby’s Daddy, gave it up only to realize it wasn’t what she was told it would be.  There was once a sayin’ that went like this.  “Life’s a Bitch”.

Psssss; That word, “Pimp” is slung around in today’s society and many who employ the word in their glorification of themselves haven’t a clue of what it actually means.  Yeah, I know meanings change and those changes always aren’t for the best.  People seem to go with the flow and…  Still don’t have that…  Glow!



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While dropping from fifty thousand feet I glanced over at my friend who happened to be descending along with me, smiled and said.  “Hey, it don’t matter when we hit the ground but…  If we happen to land in the middle of the jungle and are surrounded by those fabled Amazon Women Warriors, we…  We will still be Kings!”

Edwin Starr an R&B Recording Artist from way back when wrote a song entitled “War”.  This song mirrored the unsaid feelings of all those who were experiencing war but hadn’t a clue of the dynamics of all out conflict.

Edwin, came up in the same era as Marvin Gaye who also scripted lyrics as no one else could, mainly because he had that same insight regarding life.  Years after Edwin Marvin came out with a cut known as “Let’s Get It On”, and yes.  The world got it on in a communicative sense really not seen since!

People wanna talk the talk and act as if they know the walk but…  In my previous post I injected some of what General Douglas MacArthur said about war.  Douggie words were just as Mohandas “Mahatma’ Gandhi’s words were when speaking about the result of things one actually knows.  Still…  Recalling some of the responses received, many missed the connection injected regarding how a warrior felt about war.

Once; ok, maybe more than once but this one caught my eye and I had to engage in “The Dance of Deception” with her.  While doing this something click in her mind and…  As if her breath was taken away she reaches for her throat, lowers her eyes and said.  “You are flirting with me”.  I’m not confrontational especially where a woman is concerned, so I play right along with her.  Bashfully smile but verbally say.  “As pretty as you are, with all this visual flirtation you’re throwin’ my way…  Why would I approach you in any other way.”

My words came as a question but a definitive statement none the less and she definitely knew my intentions.  Her smile exploded, the words between us begin to resonate as if we were two people from the same school, and…  The day lead into the night, the waves kept crashing along the shore line and the sun met us the next morning.  Still, in the same spot.  This was a situation of knowing who I am and whom I was engaging.  Straight that!

I came up in a time when knowledge was acquired from those who had it, not from those who theorized about it.  Dining one day I happened to witness a youngster arguing with a waitress about what; I haven’t a clue.  What I knew was as this situation intensified others, who had nothing to do with this matter at all, put themselves right in it.  Not as a productive proponent but just adding to the mess.  Mind you now, this was a restaurant, not a boxing arena where testosterones run high.  Needlessly, the waitress became rabid herself, flipped her switch, taking on all comers who sought some of the same “DRAMA”.

Before I get to my point let me tell you this.  When I said those magic words, my party morphed while re-appearing in a restaurant by the name of Ga’ston.  It was kitty corner off of La Brea & Wilshire in the heart of the Miracle Mile area of L.A.  Linen table clothes, gold inlaid eating utensils placed along the side of fine chinaware, adorned by a single long stemmed rose that complimented the entire setting.  Yes, the tone was set for those who wonder inside not knowing the ambience before hand.

We were seated and the service was fabulous.  The other diners, upon seeing us, politely tipped their glasses our way in recognition of this moment.  The accompanying music seemed to have been organized just for us also.  Everybody smiled, profiled and enjoying who they were as much as whom they were with.  Two scenarios one showing discord while the other; harmony.  Two situations taking place during the same moment in life, but.  Because of how the knowledge came about in the minds of the people spoken of, one shows real understanding of how to engage life while the other depicts what I see as bamboozled minds!

Old men seek young women all the while defaming the old women who are goin’ about advertises for the attention of the young man.  Old men talk about the “turkey necks” these older women have, the spotted hands while laughing and saying“These bitches have dried up so how can they even think I’m gonna get it up?”  These words are definitely expressed as a question which reveals one thing to me.  But…  I will not put that one thing out there ‘til I drop the other shoe so to speak.  Now, check this.

Old women, who wanna be seen as mature, refined and very much sophisticated, refer to themselves as Cougars.  Seeking young men while also “blasting” on the old men for foolin’ themselves into believing those young women they chase are really interested in them.  Continuing, the older women say the older men are “tired ass limp dick shells of what they use ‘ta be”.

Who knows what the older women are really thinking, I mean if it was a case of the situation being flipped.  I wouldn’t concern myself with what anybody thought because…  Right, I would have gotten my knowledge from a real source and not some theoretical Transformer assuming any position that sells!  Making my moves “trump” giving me dominion over all that I do, letting me focus on that “par—tic—u—lar” someone who’s attracted my full attention!

I told you all once and you may have not gotten it back then, so I’ll bring it around again.  “The Game”, it’s bought and sold but never…  Never ever just told!  Think of going to Harvard.  You don’t just walk up and say, “hey it’s me”.  You are chosen for certain things, straight that!

Psssss;  Everybody is running around, screaming about everybody else.  Wondering why society is so ‘uck up.  What no one is seeing is that many in society haven’t ever been pulled to the side, told to shut up, given the foundations of the program which are basics, then…  Left alone so that they may evaluate what they have and associate it with what they know and…  Well you figure out the rest.  Thank you and I’m out…