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She, Her & I. Pedigees…

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Let me see, the world was ‘pose to end this past weekend, but it didn’t.  Whoa.  The Terminator aka Arnold, aka The Govenator became The Sperminator when it was finally accept that he was dipping outside of his defined pool; compliments of Maria.  And…  As the issue was taken up via the T.V. series known as (The View) with the pic of the other woman being shown world-wide for the millionth time, well.  That’s when the savage erupted out of Western society via the seated audience.  Seems Arnold’s choice of female fatale wasn’t what anyone wanted her to look like.  Exactly, the audience gave a collective “uggh”  when they saw Mildred on national T.V. .  Well again I say whoa!

Since I’ve been running this blog I’ve realized everybody wants topics with scintillating injections.  Okay, I can do this because my desire to remain “outta the loop” in the sense as being willing to bring it as I know it, this…  Need for scandal doesn’t present any prob. for me.

My take on “Cougars” gained international attention.  The Cougar topic road in behind “Office Romance” another thing I did outside the normal channels in which things are spoken about.  Now I step with “Power Couple Splits”.  I had no intentions of serializing this topic, but…  With how Mildred has been made out as this creepy, side-winding vile creature.  One that ruined the lives of one of Americas’ “hands off couples”; I’ve gotta speak on it.

One thing that stands out with Arnold, Maria & Mildred isn’t the whole threesome thing but.  The re intro of the existence of the caste system.  A way of living that hasn’t been exiled like many would want to believe.

My own FOLK have asked me how could Arnold do Mildred when he had Maria and what could she, “Mildred” possibly have in a physical sense of…  Attraction?  When I heard this I knew it wasn’t about her looks alone but her station in life was the bigger part for all the hate!

Psychologist, Social therapist, law enforcement, Lawyers, Clerics, everybody is rallying around Maria, discussing the negative effects all this is gonna have on her kids.  The masses are speaking about Arnold’s toxic future and how long they anticipate it’s gonna take for him to bounce back politically and entertainment wise, but.  All Mildred gets is a collective “uggh”.  Media focus has been on Maria & Arnold with all respect due & assumed.  As for Mildred or “Patty” as she is affectionately referred to, isn’t even spoken about in the same equation.  Hummm, I’m wondering who is it the masses think they are associated with in all this; scintillation?

The perceived pedigree, un hum.  Arnold and Maria are the “flava’ of the day” while Mildred is being avoided like the plague where the masses are concerned, and…  Where the actually focus within all this should be directed at, it isn’t.  I wonder…  Yes I wonder. Who’s living in an artificial world?

In doin’ this in Real Time comin’ at ‘cha with Real Talk I’ve gotta do a serial thing with this…  Assumed Pedigree.

Touching on the issue regarding looks once before, I didn’t take it to the point of including geographical considerations when assigning value and importance with looks.  Mildred was said to be from Guatemala, fiftyish and married.  The region historically produces workers for many of the Western Societies households.  As for age, it depends on the quality of life one had before age is reduced to a negative factor.  Still, Mildred equals worker; so what!  Mildred, aka “Patty”, female; woman with thoughts intentions and desires just like Maria but… Mildred doing what she did would never be forgiven, accepted or valued like Maria.

Maria, “mad money family” where the males within the FAM constantly do promiscuity as if they’ve invented it, that is…  If you keep up on the media releases, but…  Ain’t nobody willing to factor this into Maria’s perception of life and how things go when consider He&She.  Still, Maria is sainted and looked upon as she who isn’t a part of this public show.  Even Oprah got into it with her divisional thang when Maria appeared on Oprah’s going off the air special, still.  This doesn’t alter what is which is, pedigree personified!

Male & Females seem to wanna be divided and it can always be traced to this caste system.  Oprah is rich but she isn’t wealthy.  Wealth is defined by money kept and time in The Game as in category.  Oprah has been granted an exception but by who?  Kennedy being Maria is wealth based on money that became power, passed down by a  more powerful lineage who saw and understood what could come when and if they applied it right.  But…  This insight seems to have missed a generation, namely Maria’s and you know why?  Looks!  Physical looks will always play a role in how you will be perceived and accepted by peers, circle of appointment and FAM members.  Maria was born into money but Maria looks no better than Mildred.  Realistically, internationally, locally or actually.  Nothing separates them where men are concerned because they each have that same…  Shall I say; part!

The audience on The View only spoke what they know as the truth when it comes to looks.  It’s like this, I’m certain many of those who went “uggh” had the same term expressed to them way before Mildred’s face was captured in the monitor that day, but…  The audience like all people wants to be with the in-crowd.  Everybody wants to think they are with the pedigree that is perceived to be “it”.  Well guess what?  Maria is with the “IT CROWD” but does she actually reflect the physical images of that crew?  No one is willing to say it publicly but you all know what I’m sayin’, even if you side-step it.

Something else.  Arnold isn’t absolved from any of this either.  His background includes generations of Nazism that no one will speak about.  Also, a woman by the name of Gigi Goyette Jeffers, think (Little House  on The Prairie T.V. show) was 16 when she stated having sex with Arnold who…  At the time was kicking 28 all in the rear.  Then, because it was so good to both of ‘em they kept it up years later as Maria slept down the hall in another hotel room where Gigi had a room, but…  Nobody is talking about the moral violations against Gigi or criminal allegations as a result of this past lifestyle.

Oh yes, in California there is no “consent” law when a female is under the age of 18, no matter the circumstances if and when sex is involved.  Gloria Allred the Attorney has been retained by Gigi and Gloria’s people have said they have no intentions of blasting Arnold’s business about town, but…  By releasing this info which Gloria’s people have had to investigate, they now know they have Arnold’s full attention.  Hummm, what does this “pedigree” thing define?

John Connolly journalist “Premiere’s 2001” & John Carroll former Editor for The L.A. Times had Arnold’s well documented transgressions down years ago but…  The story was killed because…  Arnold was now with and of the right pedigree.  Today when these media people were polled as to their opinions both said the story isn’t new or news.  The publics’ impression has shifted because there is a scandal factor being superimposed.  What scandal?  The fact that as governor of cali Arnold couldn’t balance the books and get the budget straight or.  Arnold and his crew with their penchant for maintaining street cred manipulated the masses with an over the top Hollywood style presentation as he…  Re-established another image of another level of his…  Pedigree!

A great U.S. general “Douglas MacArthur” once said, “A Warrior prays for peace”.  When I heard this I knew the man had lived the life he personified.  Had to in order to be able to arrive at such a significant conclusion.  I am The 22nd G, I play to win and if by chance I loose, I still win because I have learned from my days of…  Well to complete this sentence using the correct analogy from the culture I’ve stepped from as in lived…  That would be to say I was once a Player, a Being who engages others for personal gain. But hey…  Isn’t that what everybody does?  Engages another for personal gain even if it requires crossing; pedigree lines.

In dialogue with another about this topic she sat with me as we explored most of the aspects this issue has unveiled.  Raising one eyebrow as if to prepare for something, nonchalantly she says.  “People are so disrespectful when it comes to others feelings.  Maybe Maria thought she was the one to change Arnold.  Maybe she was from a class that looked the other way for years when it came to their men’s indiscretions, but…

She left me hangin’ on this and I sorta knew it was comin when she said, “but”.  No matter, I did understand where she was going.  Some would say in a situation such as this, Arnold is at fault because he played with the hired help.  Abusing his power, a power that he sought and enveloped when he married Maria.  One who was definitely above his class.  Hummm, there goes that class thing easily aligning itself with power.  So now I say, tell me something, how do you make power and class work when each intoxicates while corrupting with a high degree of finite? No answer?  Don’t trip, I’ve got ‘cha.

Whenever one cross a border with the desire of attracting while interesting another don’t forget certain things when it’s about the sexes.  From a worker to those who hire the workers, each still has the same feelings when emotions are aroused!

Pedigrees, where all this began.  Poodles sniff at Doobies, Pit Bulls feel isolated just like Labs who have fallen from the top pedigree in the chain.  So what, all dogs go woof!                 

Psssss; None of what has been said will change perceptions.  Straight up, any which way it lays, sex sells!  Mildred being a woman of 5 decades, Maria comin’ from old money and Arnold…  Hey, he’s an actor; what can you say or expect.  Expect this.  Life is sought in salacious doses.  That’s why when I write about things that others don’t wanna mention, I get a massive amount of hits…  It’s all about somebody’s character in assassination mode, remnants of those we have known or personally associated with and have had around us, but…  No one wants to say anything when someone else walks up and has boogers hangin’ out of their nose!


Power Couple Splits…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are calling it a day and going separate ways.  Oh, publicists are saying the couple are just in a “transitional mode” but…  Separation is just that, you are divided.

What is “Power Couple”?  Good question and I have your answer, just step right up and I’ll serve it to you!  “Got your answer?”  Well that is partially what a Power Couple is, they don’t have to wait on much.  Power is defined by acts like one becoming a Governor of a powerful state such as cali, and…  Because the wife and the kids don’t wanna relocate from sunny cali and their luxurious adobe situated in the Santa Monica Hills to the city of Sacramento and the Governors’ “stated” mansion, well…  It’s okay.  Pops being the new governor will just fly in to the job each and every day in his personal jet.

Whoa, what about the gas?  Great association.  The national news circulated statements to the starving public about this same concern.  What was left out is this.  Gas isn’t an issue with in the mindsets of Power Couples.  It’s like this, if you have to ask the price of anything the reality is, you can’t afford it!

There was once a television show by the name of Fantasy Island and during the intro a ‘lil person “Herve’ Villechaize” staring as “Tattoo” whose opening line to Richardo Montalban staring as Boss was.  “Boss, the plane, the plane”.  After he said it, he and the Boss would look into the sky and, “walla” a plane could be seen descending onto the Island’s runway.

Fantasy Island was for Power Couples, they don’t worry about cost.  They, “make it happen”.

Okay, what does this have to do with regular FOLK?  Everything because while the media attempts to rationally explain away the divide with this Power Couple, especially after 25 years, it appears that regular FOLK are amazed at the how and why!  Relax, I’ve got this too.

Some know others don’t, I grew up in SFV.  The bedroom community and development ground for many of the celebrities who rose yesterday and are cropping up today.  Kim Fields of Family Ties fame, Todd Bridges of the television show Different Strokes, I spent a many of nights and days attending parties in Woodland Hills with them and their posse.  This way back in the day when posses’ weren’t even in vogue.  Chaka Khan jammed in a small spot located in the city of North Hollywood and I was usually seated along the wall with a friend who dated the bands’ “Rufus” leader.  All “Hollywoooood” types but still people.  Arnold was a regular in Santa Monica and yeah, my crew worked out right along side of his in Golds Gym and Venice Beach.  So yeah, I have history in this arena even if I’m not “power” or “celeb”.

Do I know power?  Is fat meat greasy!  I said I was raised in SFV.  Universal Studio sits on the crest of the South East end of one of the main arteries exiting SFV.  Leading into Hollywood, the movie and recording studios along with all the spots which are filled  with homes & offices in L.A. of those Power Couples.  Val Kilmer, Kevin Spacey are from a city known as Chatsworth.  They grew up and played around the corner from my brother’s spot.  Yeah, feel me…

Point is, I really understand power, the people and couples who wield it. 

This split between Arnold and Maria shouldn’t be defined in the media.  But since it is, I wanna make you all aware of something.  The separation when considering the time line, chain of events, etc. etc. etc. isn’t anything spectacular.  You had two people who were of different political factions.  One is from one of the most powerful families in America.  Maria is Kennedy, America’s royalty.  She knew power because her family doesn’t  play at it, they are it!  Like back in the day and you played “freeze tag” in the streets after the lights went out.  If you had power and didn’t wanna be it, chasing people all around, you didn’t have to say a thing.  Instead, someone from within the group would speak for you, naming anybody but you as the “it” person.  Tell me, is that power or not!

Arnolds’ background is vastly different.  He was born Austrian.  His lineage can be traced back to the Nazi regime and the Gestapo era.  (research on your own)  I’m not here to spread dirt, it’s just that you cannot grow up under such tutelage and not be touched.  Still, he aspired and  soared to high heights with his vision.  But…  Fairy Tales don’t do good under cross-over conditions.  At least not without constant work!

When you engage another from across the tracks.  When your eyes are following the scent of one who is outside your station in life, to get it right you’ve gotta really reflect on who you are.  Knowing while accepting what has touched you is of you and to be all you can be, “NIKE” may have the best approach.

Correctomundo”, NIKE the powerful manufacture who stated out in footgear and rose to an apparel conglomerate; Their motto, “Just Do It”.

Arnold along with Maria have children, they are the ones who will be impacted the most from this media blast.  Maybe not today but tomorrow.  The FOLK I mentioned who I was graciously invited to party with, many others that I refused to put on blast, are all from this same “feeding grounds”.  Most grew up with issues and didn’t have the opt to get it right.  The media didn’t allow for too many of ‘em to continue after the “miss-stepped”.  Power Couples are just that.  Way beyond most pay level!

Salt and Pepper can be mixed, you’ve just gotta know the exact properties of each.  He and She are each full of themselves, but…  That won’t stop either of ‘em from seeking one another out.  When anything is combined, be it “Power” or “pissy”, what is combined has to understand one thing.  “Power when played with will only result in Power Premiered”.  Like everything in Hollywood, eventually it will make it to the screen.

Psssss;  If you don’t wanna become the next media blast, pay attention to what ‘cha got and stop following’ these pretend leaders.

“Am I Pretty…?”

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The words seem to zip from one wall to the next as if shot from a canon.  Was the echo effect created by her expression based on the deafening silence in which we spoke within?  She seemed to be miles away after that last word “pretty” slipped from her still open lips.  The mechanics of speech aren’t lost on me nor are the facial expressions created by the emotional stimuli generated by the thoughts of that same speech.  Oh yeah, she was gone.  On one as I say!  All because someone had infiltrated her mind to the point of causing her to question her physical assets.

Questioned posed, but wrong question to present to me or…  She hadn’t read the press clippin’ created by me.

 She signed up for this voyage and my answer would support the insight of this miraculous journey many take but never see.  Not exhaling to gather my strengths I looked right at her and said.  “Whoever you allowed into your world and gave them dominion over you, is why you question your worth.  Now, take a moment, step to the bathroom, mine is over there, and put a cool towel on your face.  When you’re done with that, slip it behind your head and tap it lightly along the base of your neck.  Oh yeah, keep your eyes closed while you breathe.  In fact, take three deep breaths, then…  Come on back.”

Every subtle pause applied for emphasis was there as I spoke.  The anticipated psychological effects had hit their mark.  She dramatically internalized the process and visually put it all on display right before my eyes.  Yes, her body language, the slow rise of her breast indicative of her relaxed breathing.  The smooth intentional movements of her hands coming forward, resting on her knees, then…  She stood to do as I said; yes, all there.  Emotional characteristics will tell you much.

When she returned, discovering that my attention appeared to be on a globe of the world that sat within my environment, she said.  “I leave and you dismiss me, what a professional you are.”  Again, my thoughts, way to focused to drift, assessing anything.  Because…  Her words, the hands on her hip, all somewhat defiant.  Nothing needed to be categorized, reviewed or processed.

Others would see defensive posture, assuming while confirming a willingness to defend something.  I am not others.  She was deflecting.  Moving the two of us away from what she placed on the table.

This wasn’t a circus so amusement wasn’t a part of the psychological atmosphere and I immediately brought her back into my world.  The world she sought so desperately to understand.  Using the globe I spun and watched as it turned, asking her to look too.  She did and while doing so I suggested she pay close attention to all the many countries depicted by the semi-precious stones used to create the globe.  Her eyes increased in size as she stated never knowing what the globe had been constructed of.  It was now that I wanted to create a circus atmosphere because she needed a humorous jolt.  But…

We each watched the globe as it spun.  While her eyes continued to reveal the change taking place deep within, I simply said; “see how huge the world is, and look at those beautiful gems making up the various countries, all different yet all of value, now don’t allow anyone to make yours small”.

Our world is huge on a geographical sense.  Small when it comes to international perceptions of what is pretty.

She had let some idiot convey to her what their perception of what pretty was to be.  Whatever that definition was, it was based on someone else attempting to establish a world standard of what was to be accepted as, “pretty”.

People trip off of the slightest things when it doesn’t conform to what the masses say is acceptable.  Looks in a physical sense are different from one person to the other.  Oh, some aspects of the physical condition are definitely from the “U.G.L.Y” pool but to let others cause you to wonder if you are pretty or handsome is some really stupid shit.

One day while “ph-loungin” (reads, doing me enjoying us) I watched as the woman I was with stood over me during a moment of admiring the statues in front of The Staples Center in L.A.  She posed and I smiled, then she frowned.  I didn’t have to ask why because she was just like the woman I just spoke about.  My girl was short according to socially accepted standards according to women’s height.  One other thing, her arms didn’t come from the same custom parts line as the rest of her bod..  To me it didn’t matter but to her…  Whoosh, she was devastated.

Like my client of now who sought solace, I pulled this woman down off the heights of the wall which made up the planter I sat on and she stood upon.  Asked her to stop the stupid shit!  Much like my client she deflected also.  That’s when I pulled her closer to me, held her hands gently while defining the sexiness of her entire being.  Needless to say, she melted.  No really, she felt the sincerity my words held and with it began to share all the ugliness she’d been exposed to because of not conforming to what she had known to be the accepted perception of beauty.

When I expressed to her that I wasn’t the “perceived pretty-boy” when I grew up she didn’t believe me.  Or…  She made me believe that for some odd reason I had to have been mistaken about my own looks from back in the day.  Whatever, I liked what she said but…I didn’t loose sight of what I was saying to her or who I had become.  And this is where the key to “beauty”, “pretty”, can be discovered.

Basically it isn’t what others or any sect of society says pertaining about your physical beauty.  Yeah, you have cultural standards with regard to what is, but…  We are a global society and yet…  Not so open to global perceptions as projected!  When you look into the mirror the reflection is you.  That’s what ‘cha need to accept.  Not another’s projection of what you are said to be!  When you step out in public forget who is around you.  Recognize that you are “You”, like the gems representation the countries of the world, making up my globe.

All men, and all women, reflect.  They think about the past especially where their previous significant other (s) are held.  Tucked away, kept in abeyance but still secretly relevant while they remain on that private pedestal.  And believe this.  It doesn’t matter if that significant other was sometimes abusive or sometimes self-serving.  Whatever their personal traits were, “YOU” were there, “YOU” were with ‘em.  You partook in the life and swore to everyone that this was something you vowed to be about!  Well what ‘cha had then is still with you.  Live with it while loving it and don’t fall to another’s madness about you not being pretty!  “Hey, can you get a cloth and wipe your fingerprints off my globe now…”

Psssss; I can expound on this.  I can take you where you’ve refused to go when it comes to who you are, but why?  Cyberspace is the present reality of public private everything.  If you want more, stop with the e-mails saying, “Wow I learned so much from just reading what you write, can you elaborate more next time”.  No, I won’t.  I didn’t say can’t though.  This is what I do, no names are ever revealed and if you assume anything from the locales I use for reference, that’s on you.  If whom I’ve consulted with spoke to another or maybe you about what we’ve exchanged in private, so what.  I have a signed Confidentiality Agreement with…  A signed Contract for Personal Consultations of which I breached none.  I only have…  With those who read this blog, a desire to expose you to a ‘lil of yourself.  The real along with the actual will only come when you do like my clients have done.  I’m out.

Psssss, Psssss; As for my present clients, past clients who do read my stuff, “no love lost”.  You have spent time with me and do know what I’m about.  Sooooo, stay up and don’t revert back to any of this dumb shit I just spoke on.  And, I’m still out…