You got my Back cause I got yours…

I hear this all the time, and when I do, there’s no wondering why FOLKS breath stanks.  When one has so much funk comin’ outta them the illusion of B.S. is no longer…  Well an illusion!

My post title erupted from the mouth of another while we watched the clouds gather as they blocked out the setting sun.  To me the statement was redundant.  Although we shared this moment in time, he and I were not of the same time.  In anticipating my expression confirming agreement of his assessment of us, I guess I hadn’t spoken quick enough.  Yes, he then looked at me saying that I was channeling Estefan one of the characters from the film “Kill Bill”.  Again I missed him along with his analogy of who I was.

Because he wanted convo he continued down this yellow brick road not knowin’ I’ve traversed highways & byways actually made of the much sought after substance known as Gold, yet…  This statement he was making now, attracted my interest.  He had said that I spoke on behalf of “She” and neglected “He”.  Silly I agree but…  Now he had awaken The 22nd G.  If he’d of chosen any other day his words would have fallen on un-interested ears, but not today.  This is my day.  The day I appeared on this planet.  Adjusting my posture I grabbed a grape, slipped it between my lips and enjoyed the  juices as they squirted throughout my mouth.  The liquid nourishment was sweet, recharging, now I was prepared to “breathe on him”.

People start stuff and then after they’ve gotten way out there they look for others to rescue ’em.  Rescue as in asking another if he or she would have their Back in the event of things going sideways.  I laugh when I hear this because people seem to always start shit that they have no idea of the long-range impacts that are surely coming.  The Cat who was with me while watching Mother Nature do her stuff; he was no different.

Reflections of past times, many defined in the public annals of life’s crimes, I will always see me!  Same as when I’m asked if I would have another’s Back if and when times become hard.  Having another’s Back is akin to an E-Ticket ride.  “E-Ticket, oh.  Don’t know what I’m talkin’ about?” This merely means if and when you possess such a ticket you have an all-inclusive pass to everything imaginable.  Sight, sound, whatever.  Having the E-Ticket guarantees that many times you know why people speak even before that person has spoken.  “Mind reading capabilities?” No, just a certain awareness of what is.

My associate wanted to know if I would have his Back and…  He also made mention of me championing the position of “She” when I craft my words towards developing these pieces for all to see.  My mind isn’t narrow but his may be as life isn’t exclusive to He or She.  Life is about change while knowing that everything will forever be…  Re-arranged.  It’s about making mistakes but having the insight to accept.  Accept that you probably didn’t have the foresight to get it right even when considering life in hindsight.

Life is knowin’ that if and when someone ask you to have their Back it’s probably a case of hearing from one who knows they wouldn’t have yours.  He or She, it wouldn’t matter who is making the statement, having another’s Back can extend well beyond whatever your wildest imagination could have ever conjured up.  Again, I speak from experience supported by exposures many dream of but…  Really don’t wanna go through in any capacity.  As for me championing one sex over the other; Naw.  Neither is that important without the other so there is no need for division.   

When “He” reads it is just like “She” reads; its personal.  Objectively to subjectively, it’s all personal no matter how much you try to keep it intellectual.  Maybe that’s why I’m still…  G!

Psssss;  When it’s your day as in B.Day reflect while considering those steps you’ve taken towards establishing “YOU”.  Everything is subjective even when you wish to remain Objective.  Don’t get it twisted.  Once “She” swore to havin’ my back.  Once “He” professed to being like that character from “Child’s Play” by the name of “Chucky”.  Even used the term Chucky deployed to trick all the others; “Friends to the end”.  It’s amazing how quickly an end can appear and you are the one unware of it’s impending climax.  Hummm, maybe you forgot that everything is…  Damn, I love this thing known as life, enjoy yours and don’t get caught up in the dumb stuff.  “Darlin’ are you ready to go out and kiss the sky”


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