Come… Lay With Me

“These 3 words”, sorta’ like those other three words.  They say a picture captures more than words, okay, if all you are is based on visuals.  Now when you are all inclusive as in being a total package yourself; words go straight to the heart.  Mainly because you are fully capable of absorbing them!

Sometimes, when words are expressed their value gets caught-up in all the clutter of one’s life.  I call it mess because these 3 words usually come before one has had a moment in which to apply that commitment test.  Such is life, but still…  There is a chance you can get it right.

If you read my recent post entitled “Secret Stuff…  Ooooh Yeah”, then you know I touched on the issues discovered when one gets into throwin’ things while living in a glass house.  As a result of “those tossing’s”.  More things have hit the fan within the lives of those used to define the situations within that piece.  Not that I wanted to add to their mess but again; such is life.  Now that another Holiday is quickly approaching I feel the need to…  “Breath on y’all again”

“What holiday you say?” Valentines Day.

As in all Holidays, they arrive every year, without delay.  This year, I take it upon myself to put it out there like its ‘pose to be.  Yeah, some of those in my corner recently approached me and said.  “G can’t say you’re anal retentive but you are damn close to it.  But ‘cha really know how to make a woman forget the mess while seeing you at your best!” Needless to say, I like being recognized for doin’ something right.  Her point was in reference to Valentines.  A day of love, but also a day where most just follow the norm.  Status quo as in scripted love!

I have a question, “What topics attract the most?” Don’t trip, confuse yourself while trying to answer something that is rhetorical.  Do this, reflect on the context that these three words are found within and you’ll have the answer.

Some only express these 3 words when under the influence of intoxications.  Others…  Say those three words when their feet are cold and warmth is the motivation.  Regardless of when they erupted from your mouth, the affect is the same despite the scene or setting in which they float on the air.  And check this, if you are one of the lucky ones who happens to be the recipient, well you know the power of…  These three words!

Valentines Day.  Color, Red.  Edibles in play, chooo-coooooo-lat’.  Red within Western Society connotes division.  I don’t ascribe to this nonsense because I’m not that type of Warrior, I like the Oriental understanding of this color which symbolizes good luck.  With chocolate, it was cultivated while being refined by the Mayans, a real Super Power from way way back in the day.  Chocolate once reserved for use by the powerful during ceremonial events eventually trickled down to the masses.  Being the Romantic One, I’m of the minds set that associates this sharing as a result of knowing the aphrodisiacal powers of the product.  Yeah, the more it was “given to the masses” the less inhibited they would be to whatever the proposal will be!  See this as manipulative, I don’t think the Mayans cared so why should I.  Save your hatin’ for those who worry about haters. Life is best lives like this.  “When you intend to make a difference you’ve gotta think way outside of the norm.” Maybe this is why so many “fall on their sword” and can’t get back up!

“Falling on one’s sword”, a metaphor coming from way back when…  When people took their own lives rather than allow for the capture of their being.  Disgraced, publicly humiliated by He or She who was victorious.  Well flip the script, during Valentines Day who is more “clowned”, meaning ridiculed, teased behind their backs?  The one who misses the point or the one who pushes the point!

Disgraced, humiliated…  All relative.  I speak about the causes & affects of stupidity within a relationship because I’ve really been there.  You will only fall on your sword and rise again if…  If and when you know what you stand on & for will support you no matter what!

Valentines Day, synonymous with romance!  Valentines Day, power day for those who understand the play.  “I’m not Player”, (read exactly as written).  “I…  Definitely know how to play.” Hummm, maybe that’s why I am forgiven each and every day, especially after Valentines Day!

Psssss;  These three words.  I’ve heard ‘em come in the form of; “I love You”.  Not to be confused with the love spelled “luv” which really means “we are just friends”. Usually deployed by someone looking for way more than they are willing to give.  As in someone who is really comin’ to you as an imposter.  I’ve also heard these 3 words formulated like I started the piece with; “lay with me”.  Reserved & only used when one has made another feel sooooo good they don’t want ‘cha to leave and…  As a compliment, seductively say…  Come.  Lay with me…


One Response to “Come… Lay With Me”

  1. I love you is so scary to me bcause it means intense and deep emotions. I love you means that at some point in my day I can imagine a future with you or that you hold my heart in your hands. laying with you or you laying with me is easier because even tho my body is there with you, My mind and heart are not. The sad part is that every time I have heard this ” I love you”, it was never beautiful or loving. I feel like people should probably just be real and say, “Come lay with me” because lust is confused a lot wih love. ” I love you is when you mentally make love to my mind before you physcially ‘ come lay with me”,

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