Secret Stuff. Ooooh Yeah.

In the process of “out with the old” and upgrading with the new, we ran across some computer files; pictures from days past.  It was my Rasta friend who made the find and while doing so said he experienced some intense feelings during the viewing of these pics.  Spinning the screen around, he pointed to the particular pic and gave me one of those “Whoa” sorta’ looks.  “Hey, don’t act as if you have no clue as to the type of look he shot my way, you know you’ve don’t it time and time again yourself.”

As mentioned, all this took place during a systems upgrade, but…  Right, no matter how many times you upgrade, some things need to…  Well, let me put it this way, many things must remains in play for the relevance of one’s own sanity, ya know.

My guy, (no sexual overtones implied), besides, he nor I suffer from any type of identity confusion; but…  We each got a different vibe while looking at the pics.  As I reminisced words rushed outta his mouth; “why did I let her get away”.  Pleased with his recognition of what my capabilities were I responded with.  “Oh no Partna’, even if she’s not on deck, don’t read anything into her absence.  When it came to her, think low maintenance with intermittent complexities.” Based on his sudden attempt at “pumpin’ me up” (reads support my position at all cost) I knew he read me, as wrong as he read her.  And this meant it was time to…  Re-define something that exists between most Men&Women when it comes to “happiness even after”.

The pic depicted a woman who was kickin’ 10 all up in the ass.  That is, when you observed while using the typical formulas to understand and assign perceived degrees of physical beauty.  But wait, in this case, there were characteristics on display Rasta’ hadn’t even begun to fathom.

As I continued to “up-grade” and he kept goin’ through the entire file, he suggested that we take the pics viral.  That word “viral” and the total implications made me stop my roll completely.  Because of his idea I knew I’d have to “dial it thing down” immediately.  Hey, I could have let it go but.

Okay, some of you are saying, “where is he goin’ with this”, well like Rasta’, who needed to pump his brakes and roll with me for a moment, so should you.  You see, to arrive at any destination, especially when you are being driven, you’ve gotta let the Driver drive!  So in this case, relax, enjoy the journey while you cherish the comforts of unknown scenery provided by my navigation.  The revelations will definitely prove stimulating.

Now, back with Rasta’, it was obvious he was caught up in the physicality of my Ex., so to prove a point I split the screen on the monitor.  This allowed for the placing of two completely different pics, side by side.  Two pics, 2 jazzy women captured in the moment, staring right back at ‘cha.  This technique held his full attention.  Casually I began pointing out some similarities noticeable within their facial features.  Rasta’ being sharp with psychological insight, moved quickly, and realized something he’d never considered. The process of recognizing personality traits that lend to behaviors’ can all be gauged through facial expressions.  With this understanding he looked over to me, smiling while conveying to me he now knew I was beyond just being a smooth Word Warrior.

My Ex business partner was beyond sexy.  She was “exy”.  Loyalty was off the charts, attentiveness to me was without compare.  That is, as long as it was in her best interest, which I told Rasta’, I had no problem with.  What I did have a prob. with was blasting her pics all over the Net.  Men and Women resort to this activity without thought and my question is, why?  Revenge is usually the primary motivator.  Then there is the reason many use with pride; that is to avenge.  Get back for something assumed as being so costly you’ve just gotta strike back.  Still, I say what for?

The pics on my screen returned my mind to those happier times, but…  In light of her self-imposed banishment and me hatin’ her choice, one thing was a plus.  My mind was back to being mine, and…  I could see clearly again.  These pics which during the time of taking, were said to her as being for “prosperity”, now…  Really did represent prosperity.  With her away, and me unlike others, there was no gain in venturing into some stupid shit like viral publication of what was.  Rasta’ picked up on the sparkle within my eyes and accepted the mental revelation I shared with him.  With it he also knew he found the key to unlock some of those doors that accessibility was denied to him before.  Gaining entry to greater success when engaging, the opposite sex.

Today, everyone wants to go viral and usually with pics excluding them, yet featuring someone from their past.  Reasoning behind all this, it’s all in an attempt towards securing their place in the “Fame Game”.  Fame if anything is elusive.  Celebrityism comes with an international revelation that actually confirms this.  They, like everybody else, got issues.  Regardless of the degree of their universal appeal or exposure, they trip as hard as the next person.

Recently an Entertainer while seeking his second phase in life was put on blast by the Ex..  A reality anticipated but one I had no reason to voice a word on prior to this revealing piece of Intel.  The Entertainer “Steve Harvey” stepped into my realm while taking off like a Space Shuttle with national proclaim.  Steve caught a wave and rode it but that was, again…  A dynamic reserved, always in waiting where celebrities are concerned.  It’s not so much the celeb has something credible to say, it’s that people with their imaginations provide celebs every conceivable avenue from which to…  Perform.  Steve spoke but…  Forgot he was in a glass house.

Steve isn’t alone in his quest for fame, much like another entertainer “Dr. Phil”.  When one knows about life coming from two independent sides which perceived reality will be forged, then…  Knowing life also has a third area completely off limits to those on the outside who just wanna get in somebody’s business.  Invading where they can when they can, but…  Invaders waiting while having no idea of this 3rd zone as being the dimension where the truth actually resides, well…  One who knows about all three levels of reality is aware enough not to seek vengeances as much as thinking their pass is safely in the past!

Since I’m putting Entertainers on Blast, allow me to give balance to their position.  Entertainers even with credentials, supporting their academic soundness, qualifying them to speak on what they profess to know will always receive that much sought after pass!  Right, in the world of entertainment it is expected of one to…  “Re-create” them-selves with no responsibility connecting them to the evidence or lack of, to what they’ve morphed from or into.

Steve, Dr. Phil and almost everyone who’s in this relationship communications thing have no reason to trip if and when they post a pic from their past.  Celebs put the Ex. professional Ex. or otherwise on blast while standing “pat” with their version.  Swearing the other side comes from an angry place complete with a delusional mind.  Can’t say I blame ‘em cause as life is today, it is accepted that who gets down first, gets down First!  Me, “Real FOLK” (reads conscious beings) should trip, and it’s called; Respect.  One constant in The Game of life when you move from one primary other to another is…  To attain any degree of success someone must be stepped on and walked over.  But even so, with this being the case, you don’t step down with the same force on those who stood along side of you, pledging their love.

Those pics, my private files won’t seek a place on YouTube or book space on FaceBook in search of any social relevance… “He’s being personal, an emotion was probably touched when Rasta ran across those pic file.” Not at all, just thing about what I said; “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”.  (See Aretha Franklin’s or Pops Staples song’s of same name for full clarification).  Now back to those who question my position, you got me.  But…  I ain’t like the one who you left while doin’ something that you shouldn’t have been doing and when they got caught gave everybody else up.  Even if you think you’ve got me, I will stand alone, despite the thunder of the storm!  She was definitely more than a business partner, but…  Again that is my business and I don’t need everybody in my personal business which is the point of this piece.  Pics from the past have no place when putting another on blast.  Sharing them with those in your crew…  Well, Snoop once said, “It ain’t fun if the Homie can’t have none”, but that only applies while goin’ to the pit in a game of dominos!

Psssss; Did you think that I wasn’t gonna post her pic?  The pic, the graphic beginning this piece; that’s her!  No facial, back-side is all ‘ya get.  I do believe in giving something to the imaginative voyeurs of the world.  Besides, pictures say more than a thousand words.  Still, there is a huge difference between secret stuff and public display.  That pic is one of many.  The number is so vast it’d take a T-bite to capture it all.  Rasta’ saw plenty ya know.  And I still say, damn, she would have lasted if only…  Well that’s secret stuff.


2 Responses to “Secret Stuff. Ooooh Yeah.”

  1. owen_mshengu_sharif Says:

    I love this type of “monologue” for it’s free-flowing delivery …

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