“Wolf or Hound… Your choice”

Women run their mouths 24/seven about the characteristic/attitudes of the man in their lives.  Truth be Told; Choice was yours all along!

I’ve said it many time before and I’m gonna keep sayin’ it, mainly because this is what I believe.  This is what I’ve discovered to be true.

Women have more than an influence over their man; hell.  They have an influence over most males who cross their paths.  The problem; Females when young, playing in the play-ground, quickly discovering the world around ‘em, develop into the girl their Moms envisioned them to be!  This growth leads to those teenage years where livin’ an imaginary dream life created by a combination of Moms &…  Maybe Pops, if he’s around and gives a damn.  Well that dream promotes the girl into the ranks of womanhood but…  This is where the complications really become complex.

Nobody every told the girl who became a woman, that just like the man, she can grow into what is known as “janky”.  Not only in attitude but in every other way imaginable!  No one ever stepped up and said, especially back in the day when she had it her way that.  If she didn’t slow her roll, pay attention while realizing that she is “Boss Lady”, not “Boss”, she may go the way of most Bosses’ finding herself lost.  Turn-out, confused and hatin’ anything that resembled the opposite sex.  Oh yes, for those of you searching for the definition of janky don’t waste your energy.  Janky means a major problem for yourself because you think you are better than everybody else.

In the conclusion of two-thousand ten I didn’t get into what I was gonna do for the up-comin’ year.  In fact I recall saying that resolution were a waste of time because they ain’t ever kept.  I did however break down some startling percentage relating to Western Society’s women and “them” finding “their-selves” by “themselves”.  I did that purposely as I like teasers.  Teasers lead to Pleasers if you know how to allow the teaser to stimulate thought.  Mental considerations so we…  Maybe together, once you wake up can step into tomorrow with a joint focus on making it better for all concerned.  Not later but right now

Okay, I admit it, I fed you an intoxicating meal, but.  It wasn’t to get ‘cha drunk.  If anything what I served you was merely a smooth stimuli.  One meant to assist you in releasing those inhibitions which have caused many of you those yearly melancholy walks.  But hey, unlike you all I have evolved.  I don’t intend to let sadness be my friend.  I don’t need loneliness to slide up on me with that confirmation that I’m alone!  Nor do you, so pay attention and you just might notice the way to attract attention.

First and foremost accept the fact that there are distinct differences between He&She.  That’s right, you may be of the same species, but…  Neither of you see a bright lite day as a lovely day.  And no, he’s not always lookin’ at ‘cha as this sex Goddess.  Sometimes his mind is so cluttered that you ain’t even a blimp on his radar.  Oh, you can forget about secreting the chemicals that if the moment is right, will cause a bubblin’ of his testosterones, because the males of today who are real men have…  Shall I say, evolved.

Back in the day I was a Wolf.  For me, women were like those ‘lil lambs that Mary kept.  Well guess what.  I’m still a wolf and women still give me those eyes that you all know how to shot at a guy optically express your unseen agenda.  But, even though Moms didn’t fully explain to you how to tell the difference between a Wolf and a Hound, way too many of you’ve had encounters with prototypes representative of each group.  Which is to say you know your flava’ and what attracts.  You also know that get crazy with the wrong one and it’s usually you who’ll suffer the full effects of the emotional rollercoaster.

Hey, I said there are distinct differences but I didn’t say there weren’t similarities in how the two sexes process info

Now, knowing the differences between a Wolf and Hounds isn’t to say one is better than the other.  The superiority comes in the arena in which they play.  Just like you, yes women.  Some of you have engaged, dated, married and now reside within the ranks of Cougars.  Others wanna be this Momma Grizzly while playing on the consciousness of those less aware, knowing you are just out to come up financially while increasing your social position.  Then there are still others assume the position of friend, lover with the eventual hopes of becoming more than that.  But, you still know what ‘cha know about men.  The obstacle that you keep encountering is nothing new.  This obstacle known as “Fall Apart Canyon” is there because you have never vanquished it in the first place.

Obstacles keep reappearing in your life because of this one fact.  You won’t deal from a perspective of what is!  You seem to be stuck on what you though it was!  Which…  Wasn’t every there from the get-go.

Perception is a monster.  Reality is what is, simple as that.  Wolves howl, Hounds bay.  Just like man, these are ways of communicating within their ranks.  You being the woman are no different than any other female given the prescribed species.  Oh, I retract.  Being of the human species you have been blindfolded while accepting the lead in a production that has been produced many times before.  Sometimes you are the understudy of a star who played a stupid-ass role.  Now taking this into account you understand why it is you keep getting the same results.

Today every other woman is chasing the “bling”.  Oh, many say it isn’t so, but…  Stop the Drama.  Whatever it is admit it.  To qualify what I’ve said, vibe of this.  Who is your Momma?  What about your friends?  Recognize the similarities and don’t dismiss ‘em.  That’s where your understudy began.  Those are the sources of you!

This is not to say any of these role defining instructors are damned.  The role was the culprit.  The producer of the production is also at fault.  You see, in order to keep the masses confused while building your world of monuments to “yourself” one ingredient is a must.  That ingred. is confusion between the sexes.

Psssss;  Hey, I’m not the hater in all of this.  I came from woman.  Every woman who’s aligned herself with me has come with the 3 B’s.  They’ve all had beauty, booty and brains.  Because of the Wolfiness in me I couldn’t keep the Hound dog outta me.  But…  First and foremost I am Wolf.  I had no difficulty in returning to the essences of me.  In the process while strolling in the forest alone, wondering where my Lady Wolf had vanished to, I recognize one fact.  The Lady Wolf who knew she was a Wolf wasn’t Houndin’ around.  She wasn’t running with a Lady Wolf Pack howling at the moon in hopes of being discovered by a Pack of Nomadic Wolves.  Naw, the Lady Wolf was up-stream enjoying a freshly caught salmon dinner waiting on a real Wolf to discover the realities of his true environment.  “Holla’ back!”


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