“Tic Toc, Do You Know Your Spot”

Tick Toc goes the clock & another glitter ball is ‘bout to drop.  Another year has come and gone, now below are some things I need to say before I run

Some have suggested that I add “links” to each of the pieces of this puzzle I’ve provided to the world.  Internally there is a lot of laughter goin on deep within.  Sarcastic?  Not in the least.  Arrogant?  Try attuned to me!

Writing is a solo endeavor that should be left to those more imaginative.  Creative, well never is it good out of a box.  I am neither traditional nor do conformity well.

Reading, despite the method or format for engaging, is definitely fundamental.  When you read you hope to either acquire something that will assist you in achieving a greater you, or…  You read for pure entertainment.  Whichever is your pleasure as to why you read along with the personal motivations behind your quest to learn more about the world around you, links usually become counter-productive!

I serve but one Master.  To link to what is shared with you would be saying I am not the Specialist The Master has provided to you.  Links are a brilliant concept for academic support.  Tell me, how many Academia’s do you know who actually have a clear focus on He&She and how they can better be?

Don’t answer that, but…  You are here, absorbing what I’ve served because you really wanna feed your mind and…  It’s entertaining.  Okay, alright, you’re also here because you hope I am not another who will lead you down the rabbit hole while assaulting your dignity.

Like that choice of words?  I bet you all thought I was gonna say assault your intelligence.  Go on and admit it, you did, didn’t you?

My point.  Many assume they are intelligent, maybe so.  Very few are sophisticated in that intelligence they think they possess.  Last year a man I’ve never met (Wesley Snipes) had to join the FOLK making up BOP’s incarcerated.  (BOP, Feds, okay).  I say that I’ve never met this man because it gives a stronger credence as to why I am inspired by him.  Wes is off the charts in an intelligence sense, but…  When it came to dealing with a government, his naivety cost him.  Do you think that a higher intellect would have saved someone who doesn’t do what a government demands?  There is a huge difference in being sophisticated and being intelligent; much as there is a difference in being naïve’ or non-educated.

I write for The Chosen Few.  Links are for those who wanna be perceived as smart.  Links allow those who don’t know how in the hell they’ve arrived to say; “I followed the link and so & so supports what I just told you I read!” Is this some funky stuff or what?
Perception is the reality of false conclusions.  And I have no time for semantics either.  Besides, a link within the body of anything isn’t a road map leading to anymore truth than what you’ve already experienced emotional stimuli from.  In the context of my mental focus a link is like engaging in sex with a bag of sex toys waiting on the side.  Basically those toys confirm but one thing.  You know you haven’t mastered The Game but you’ll be damned if you are regulated to being a spectator.

I write first because writing satisfies me.  I also come with a refined knowledge based because I’ve lived what it is I write about.  Nothing here will ever be hearsay.  Hence, that link everybody’s talkin’ about…  With me it’s all about Massive Sensory Stimuli coming from a tangible source.  Like I’ve said in the past, you want it straight up, no chaser; come to me.  Want it watered down; the local market should have shelves stocked with cans of business.

Something else, I employ the term He&She often and I know some don’t get it.  Link it and you’d find an associated definition pointing to sexes with a divisional identification qualifying one as male with the other, female.  Marinate (think about deeply) on this a moment.  Male or Female, what does this imply.  Could it be a generic grouping of some sort?  None of you are generic are you?

ICHAS8440 is all about He&She and the way things should be.  What ‘cha get here is a blueprint to brighter horizons.  Only thing I do homogenize is milk.

In Western Society 70% of one race of women are single.  52% of another race places their women in the singles column too.  These single women have way too many companions because another race brings 42% of their women to the party with still one more race adding 25% of their women to the equation.  These percentages are from actual demographics generated from social engagements between the sexes.  Whoa.  And hey, each of these percentages represents exact racial groups comprising Western Society.  Something else, I didn’t isolate them to their perspective color or origin of nationality.  You do it or…  Go find the associated link.

This all points to one reality; He nor She has the slightest clue regarding the basic differences between the two.  If He or She did, it wouldn’t be so many of the opposite sexes standing, living and basically being, alone!  People no matter the sex, are social beings by nature.  The divisions come about because our society is so ‘uck up, focused on amassing THING’ til we have been stripped of our hard wiring that tells us.  “She is for Me; He completes the We, and if both of us would just let it be, together we could BE.”

Since I’m doin’ this yearly conclusion I wanna bring something else to light.  Within the feline world African Lions live in what is known as prides.  Females live together raising the young while a group of males tag not too far behind.  One male is dominating and serves the females.  The females are the ones who hunt, once the kill is made Dominator One (King-male) eats first, and… Not one female or the other males in the pride complain.  For this he protects the pride from all threats real or perceived.  And his crew of other males follow suit.  Orca’s, Killer whales live in Pods with a similar understanding of self as it relates to the species.  Wolves, Birds of prey also follow this pattern of success.  These are just a few of the identified intellectually higher species of living things.  We aren’t wild but are living creatures.  People call themselves the most intelligent beings on the planet but…  If the script was flipped, placing humans in the world of the wild, watch how quickly people would fall, become prey and all because of assuming we are it!

Again point being; When you play with the Bull you get the horn.  Likewise when you ‘uck with Mother Nature.  Mother Nature isn’t limited to the weather and if she is, she still has control over us.  Right, we are affected by lunar and other planetary cycles.

Much Luv FOLK.  Thank you all for sticking with me, my crew, who edit this while keeping me balanced.  Thank you for reading what has been written during the year 2010.  Hopefully the trip was as entertaining to you as much as it was for me.  I hate going to the movies and not having the choice of getting a bag of popcorn with that beverage I’m sippin’ on, ya know.  Which is to say, we’ve given you a full E-Ticket ride; Entertained, Enlightened & Psychologically Enhanced.  So just be ready for 2011, it’s only gonna get better.

Psssss; I have no time for the typical New Years resolution which aren’t ever kept anyway.  This ‘lil presentation is F.F.T (Food For Thought).  Hopefully you all will run with it.  Vibe off of it and move into another year knowing one constant; We make this thing called life hard.  Life…  Life is simple when you stop making yourself so supreme.


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