Jade Cougar, Cougar Jade. Jaded? You tell me!

Males, especially those of Western society seem to be enchanted with the infusion of an Asian woman coming into their lives.  Lucky me, I’ve had real first person access with Asian women so I know their effect and swear by ’em if you asked me what it is to be treated like a “King”.  So yes, when it comes to Asian women there is a marvelous up-side.  This is what the masses don’t know about Asian women.  When I sit in conversation with some women and an Asian female happens to stroll by, the visible rivalry can get defeaning.  To settle this surfacing intimidation, I usually smile while letting whomever it is seated with me that their fangs are showing.  Which reminds me, if I was to roll back and take a glimpse into my memory banks, recalling times when “she” captivated me.  “She” would be none other than Turiko.

A provocative woman by way of Osaka Japan.  A true to life walking, talking Geisha.  Loyalty?  Undeniable.  So much so that I’d say she personified the “L” in the word.  Did I promote this loyalty?  All day.  When it came to her, genuine personal attention was my DNA signature.  A behavioral characteristic women will die for.  Sadly, many males haven’t a clue as to what a woman wants.  Collectively males assume that to show emotional content in their demeanor is rather lame, which is why continuity in most relationship is something only imagined.

“T”, as I affectionately refer to her as, wasn’t accustomed to being treated as an equal.  Coming from Japan and despite of its globally projected image of being socially progressive, women are regulated to the third or lesser class.  I recall Turiko always saying that if she’d of married, it would have been no chance of her coming to America solo.  “Hey, sounds medieval.  We don’t live like this anymore.” If this is your thought dismiss it.  Mainly because these types of thoughts only confirm that one hasn’t ventured outside of their immediate community.  “Ah,got it, ‘ol school.” I wouldn’t say that either.  Historical, traditional.  All the cultural of Japan has been successfully documented, and for thousand of years.  “Hummm, with this wide-spread democracy, I can’t believe women of Japan are subservient today.” Okay, get this; in the grand view of things, democracy is actually subjective.  When an Asian woman is present in public, she acts no different than any other woman.  Like women of other societies, much is concealed regarding their personal life.  Behind closed doors there is still a strong commonality as to what goes on, but…  With the Asian women something is minus.  Not missing but minus!  She is the woman who has no fear in serving the noted needs of their chosen mate.  It is this latter part as in (noted needs of their mate) which causes other males, no matter the race, creed or color, to search high and low for Asian women.  This combined with an internally driven mentality derived from the mindset found in most sexist individuals.

Asian women aren’t subservient just because.  Nor do their men “crack that whip” demanding that role be maintained.  The Asian womans’ desire to delight is an acquired characteristic.

Turiko is academically taught and comes with a full complement of executive skills.  She isn’t fifth gen. clone either.  She is someone who dreams are made of.  In being with her I wouldn’t deny her the option of serving me nor would I consider it.  Label me a sexist, it wouldn’t faze me, besides.  Anyone, male or female given such an opportunity of havin’ it their way; would.  And don’t think you are that exception.

“T” being my first confirmed one thing.  Kindness will always get ‘cha plenty of sweetness.  In sharing her honey she created a needed stimuli both emotionally and psychologically deep within me.  Eventually I knew she had an expiration date, and when it came around.  I’d shed a tear, recover and quickly accept her absence while calmly putting her in those files marked, influenced by haters.  Then quietly step forth and select another who came with the same tenderness.

In travellin’ down this memory lane, I, catching sight of another who came into my life.  Asian also.  Subservient, sexy and sinfully irresistible, but…  Like Prince said, “Scandalous”.  This one was the type who’d break the above average man.  handle him to the point of havin’ him swear off all women.  But not me.  I’m not average or above average.  I dealt with her shape-shifting, chalked it up as a by-product of many years of suffrage.  The type she nor I could understand or where ready to deal with, yet…  It was because of her that I grew from an exposure that said to me, all women have an agenda.  Asian.  No different, and like other women, they only tell ‘ya what the feel you need to know.  Ladies.  Gentlemen.  Allow me to bring her forth;


Her ancestry is also legendary.  State of origin, Bi.  Never heard of the place?  Nor I until she first mentioned it.  Bao-yu is from the city of Chongqing which is situated in the interior of China.  State-side, the sister-city would be Seattle Washington.  She is fluent in mandarin and many other Chinese dialects.  Oh, did I forget to mention she speaks a total of 8 languages?  Okay, now you know.  Her English, fluent.  There wasn’t any nervous moments between us when we spent time getting to know each other, in fact she let me know that she had been kidnapped at a young age.  Said it was at the hands of a neighbor.  It always the neighbor ya know.  Now that we have become more familiar with each other, I see why she has this predisposition boarding on callousness towards men.

Another something that unites Seattle & Chongqing City.  They both exist within an environment that has an undercurrent of organized criminal activity imbedded within its infrastructure.  “Okay, make point.”

Bao-yu also has a characteristic that seems un-containable.  Exactly like that undercurrent mentioned.  I call this easily identifiable trait as being, “smart-mouth”.  Actually it is camouflage at best.  A deflection because she comes with and advanced intellect.  Very opinionated but no trace of the typical ignorance most women come with when they feel the need to “sparkle”.  Malice?  Looking at ‘cha with those deceptive eyes that have a hard time concealing the evil-within?  Missing too.  Flaring nostrils as she boldly defies you while you talk?  Not there.

Knowing that many wanna know what they assume to be fact about the Cougar within, I asked her if she slept with the Cubs she attracted.  Her words, “When I take toe, massage, calf twitch.  Jump faintly.  Nothing matter after that.” Bao-yu was smooth and lost me on this one, but I knew that she knew exactly what I had said.  Flipping the structure of my sentence, I went right back at her with the same question.  And got a slightly different answer.  “You good.  Phrase question differently.  Same question.  Lucky for me man who think I Cougar can get, how you say; weak in knees.  They not pay so much attention like you.”

Third advance of a 2 level approach, and she showed even more of her wit.  “Okay, okay, I answer.  I don’t like museum by myself.  I don’t like play by myself.  Young man, Cub come to me, maybe I tease.  No matter, woman alone in America no good in eyes of people.” I considered what she said, but only for a moment.  She answered me well, you just had to listen.  Hey, I didn’t say she wasn’t evasive.

It was within our dialogue that I got a strong sense she knew the male personality who sought older women.  She also allowed me to know that these men didn’t confine their interest to putting their sexual powers on full display either.  Many, (even if they won’t cop to it) were full of themselves.  And if money was in the mix, it only made them more aggressive.  Sorta’ like that person who “hides in the closet”.  It’s in ’em but you’d never know.  As for the sex, I had to get back on that track.  Still evasive but willing to shed more light on the fact that she wasn’t playin’ at this life.  Vibe off of her words for a moment and don’t trip about it being outta context.  “What I have better than gold.  I gold.  Why I give self up so easily?  Man leave in time anyway!”

You know, she was right.  Everyone, especially Cubs, have an agenda.

Sitting across from her, it was easy to surmise.  To see her in living color, you’d quickly say she was a blossom floating down from a cherry tree in the dead of winter.  Strong impressions of that demure nature indicative of most Asian women.  A female, alone on a lonely shoreline waiting to be swept off her feet, and…  At her own expense.  Not so where Bao-yu is concerned.  When I pressed her she used a term that applies her which was, “Not in my tea leaves”.

Now that we were rollin’ I stepped back, revisited something she said.  Her words, “I don’t like play by myself” made me think of a woman into self-satisfaction.  As I asked her to clarify this statement in context or out, she intimated that masturbation wasn’t in her psyche’.  Adding that the word was merely articulated in a relative sense.  I heard her and knew that I should have known better than to speak on something so obviously placed.  Put out there to let me know she was Bao-yu, but not a leaf in a cherry orchard floating aimlessly.

Moving seamlessly I asked about Cougars dressing up their mates, (Cubs).  Was this about regression?  She said it was a mis-conception about Cougarism, but one that had merit.  Seems Cougars (like many women) engage in certain behavior based on a desire to return to yester-years.  A time when two people together wasn’t placed under the glass of examination.  Then she flipped this and said the it is an America thing.  “Cub maybe make them think doll.  Get older, many things think about, life with doll much better.”

Again, I had to ponder her statements and while I did, she decided to go celestial on consciousness.  “When American man look at woman, he give self away.  Eyes, hungry.  I see shoe, shoe ragged, he not man for me.  Clothes tattered, he scavenger, hunting, needed.  You dress nice.  You not look desperate.  I see you.  You come to me, we talk.  You say you different.  Why you think I same?”

In my desire to put it out there right, you are getting it just as I did.  Her English comprehension, pronunciation as it translates to the written word…  When you interpret her meaning by the sentence structure appearing her, I ask you not to get it twisted.  Bao-yu is far superior than many imagine, and.  She’s definitely a compliment to her sex.  She fully understood the projections and intent of my questions.  She is a woman who enjoys her life and knew that people wanted that seedy side of Cougarism.  In recalling the talks between her and I, I knew that it is people who don’t understand those like Bao-yu.  She is not pretentious but others who are, demand that she be put in a place.  Categorized.  Well guess what, if it hadn’t been for her humor, I don’t think I’d of written this piece.  She made it what it is!

Staying my course, we brushed on the ratio regarding Cougars to Cubs when she said.  “Must be many lonely women, men chase older woman always more.  5 for everyone like me.” This reference led to the issues concerning age, which was where she went academic on me.  With a true sense of etiquette she crossed her legs and spoke softly saying.  “We adult, why age intrigue?  Legal all that matter.”

We happened to be seated in a flowering garden with roses next to me.  I took one, caressed it by the stem and said to her.  Like this rose I’m holding Bao-yu.  It’s full of thorns and if you aren’t aware of the characteristics or conditions of the bush.  Hold up, she chimed in before I could finished my statement, saying.  “Not careful, you get stuck.  Like age between me and Cub.  Too young, problem.  Condition not right for date.  Must be aware, must be aware.”

With each of her answers examined in a collective sense, I knew she was beyond the refinement society demands of their women.  She wasn’t a woman seeking anything outside of what she was willing to offer or accept from her selected mate.  It is society that has taken a segment of life, pulled it outta the closet, chopped it up while tell all what is was ‘pose to be.

A las, I popped that ultimate question.  What was her motivation for participation?  Was it the parties?  The access to un-restricted sex?  What?  She didn’t refuse or deny me.  She hit hard and stayed hard.  “You smart man, no dummy.  Sex, no condom, possible death.  Fun.  I have fun with, without man.  Your audience, Americans.  Too much time on hand.  Not enough time considering importance of life.  There is term L.T.R., you know what mean?” Another example of bait and switch, she kep talkin’ and didn’t wait for my answer.  “Mean long-term relationship.  I no want Cub for long anything.  He not even understand who he is.  Cub not for me.  Cub media fabrication.  You ask many question.  I ask question.  You say many time in past; “didn’t see me coming”.  You know own words?  Now you do not see Bao-yu coming Mister 22nd G!”

Psssss; I truly like what I do.  It provides the opp. to examine while exploring facets of like that push my own belief system.  People assume way too much, in the past I did too.  In pushing this envelope I recognized that I’ve learned much during my past days.  Enough to know that Bao-yu survived her kidnapping.  She traversed an ocean, touching down on foreign soil.  Smiled and kept it movin’.  I don’t judge or assess the validity of others.  Nor will I Bao-yu.  She…  Well, Bao-yu means “Precious Jade“.  Jade can be found in different countries.  It comes in various degrees of established value.  A worth based on individual properties.  Values assigned following a standard created by those who assume what will be.  Jade, when ending with a “d” defines one who has been affected by circumstances ’til they constantly live in and with negativity.  I prefer the living sample of the Precious Jade; Bao-yu.


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  1. M. Belisle Says:

    Loving it!!! Very refreshing and conversational..

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