“My Cougar”

In the R&D stages of ichas8440 it was obvious that I follow the protocol leading to success.  Once everything was in place to whereas I felt justice would come out of it, I got with some of my FOLK to give them a glimpse of things to come.  Imagine, they loved it.  Okay, this was anticipated but not completely expected.  Right, expectations can lead to those dreaded failures we all experience in life.  You know the ones that place us in the line for visitations to those low down funky spaces, but hey, my FOLK over the decades of holding it down with me have also; become seasoned.

Following their gracious reception, it was time for me to step outside of my arena, circulate amongst the masses and watch as they either got a load of me.  Or, un loaded on me.  I came not only in a visual sence but with full audio.  Yes, if I was to do this I needed to feel the real.  Some gravitated to what I was about, others stuck their noses up in the air while strutting away letting me know they didn’t care.

But…  In life there are some who “bear watching” and these are the ones who usually adopt the mantra in today’s society which says.  “Loudmouth asshole types are way cool.  Civility is very much over rated, but up close while being extreme is the way to go.” Yes, these are the ones who basically “SPAT” at me.  Their stance was duly noted.  Still, they weren’t stoppin’ a thing.

To stand while delivering is something that many have failed to understand, adapt to or even believe in.  Turning while running when things go bad, seems to have become the way of Western Society.  Personally, I know that it is good to change like the seasons.  The process is simply and it definitely brings about a renewal.  A rising of the spirit.  Still there are dumb-asses who want to halt your progress.  Much like those who accepted my leaflets then…  Maliciously ripped ’em up while tossing them to the wind.

Its good that I can breathe again.  Toni Braxton popularized the phrase and many should revisit the lyrics for clarification of where I’m at.  You see, while I stepped back, taking full advantage of the moment while these fools attempted to dis me, I was able to maintain my senses.  It was during the moment that I could see what my next move required.

Premeditation can work for you and…  Premeditation can also work against you.  In this case it would work for the good of me.  It was during this moment that those bullies experienced a lapse in focus allowing me the op-out, before they knew what happened.  They hadn’t seen me comin’ then and they didn’t see me as I stood beside their cars waiting and prepared.  Watching as they laughed, givin’ each other “high fives” while re-enacting how they assumed they punked me.  Yes, they didn’t see it comin’; now…  Here I stood.

“To all of you, I present Catalina, aka “Cat”.  My premier Cougar”

As Cat and I played with the stares as if kids scoping one another out on the playground to see who was gonna break first for that lone swing off in the distance, I casually asked if she wanted her pic shown to the world.  Silly me!  In pondering my words her response set the tone needed for a smooth entry into her world.  “Babe I have a life, thanks for the chance at exposure but, I’m not interested.” Basically this was to say, regardless of the path she was now walking within this life, her privacy wasn’t about to be compromised.

Cat has been on this planet longer than most modern marriages have or will survived.  She’s doin’ the Cougar thing which is fine by me.  Oh, and before I omit it, she’s still married.  Hubby, as she says with a note of endearment, “He’s into the little blue pill, why I don’t know, he’s seldom home”.  To many the interpretation is a no-brainer.  Hubby’s use of Viagra supported with the fact of him seldom being home, suggest he’s on the prowl himself.  Possibly Hubby has his own source known as the fountain of youth, someone sexy hummm!  Again as Cat speaks.  “If this were the case, whomever he’s entertaining she’s doing all the work because with the introduction of that little blue pill, he barley has the strength to slip on his shoes.”

In hearing this I was moved to ask Cat about the possibility of “Hubby” comin’ out of the closet and…  If this isn’t the case maybe it is another female.  Response.  “So what, whatever floats his boat, as long as he keeps up with Phil.” The Phil thing threw me, but she explained.  Phil is the neighbor, a long time family friend, and, Hubby’s primary physician. Cat, she delicious, and I knew there were those unseen reasons why she and I clicked from day one.  Now you can enjoy her also.

Because she is married, but stepping out, I wondered why she just didn’t cash it in, bail while living off the proceeds of her palimony or pre-nup agreement.  Response.  “When you have a tree that produces , enjoy the fruit.  Only a fool would toss something with full productivity still ahead.” Saying this in such a matter-of-factly way I was induced to reach over and kiss her.  That done, I inquired as to the publics’ impression of her lifestyle.  Catalina, sipped on her cup of hot tea, exhaled while watching the passing behind of some guy, answered me without ever taking an eye off her new-found subject.  “The public is public, they wouldn’t know me if I stripped off my clothes, posed while standing in the window of my hotel suite.”

Was she conceited?  Could Cat have become so jaded ’til she felt she stood alone and was equipped to say, “uck th world’?  Who is Catalina, aka Cat?

Let me introduce you to my sexy friend.  She drives a Bentley.  Go back to the graphic at the beginning of this piece.  That’s hers.  Hubby, corporate lawyer.  Conceited, hardly!  Real, all day in every way!  Catalina isn’t the typical, proto-typical sample of what or whom a Cougar is.  When I met her she was driving one of those sexy ‘lil Volkswagen Bettle, color lime.  Most in today’s society are having a rough enough time affording one car let alone two.  She is a woman who isn’t trying to arrive but knows she’s been on the scene longer than most have been playing their role as an adult.  Botox?  She doesn’t need it.  Titty lifts or reductions, collagen injections?  Take it from me, I just exchanged a full lip kiss, and…  Brushed up on the twins, everything is a ‘la natural.  Cat has either taken excellent care of her bod or comes from a fantastic gene pool.

Catalina isn’t about to follow any new-wave lifestyle, nor is she gonna apology for who she is.  She mentioned that all thing can come and they come when you don’t expect ’em.  Like her Hubby’s reliance on his little purple pill, or her becoming overly concerned about Hubby’s sexual orientation.  She used a metaphor that needs to be shared, it went like this.  “I love lemonade, lemons when in their natural form, I use for flavor.” Whoa, killer mentality?  Nope.  A woman whose become dangerous, callous because of a hubby who’s taken her for granted?  I didn’t get this vibe either.  What I took from her response was that she is a woman who isn’t trying to set any flow, but knows how to ride one no matter how high or degree of difficulty.  Everyone, this is Cat, aka Catalina!

Psssss; What?  Expected some elaborate expose’  on the wild & kinky life of a woman you ain’t even knowing but demands to know?  I’m about identifying the subtle ways of communicating between the sexes.  cat’s psychological/emotional frequency is way above the average Cougar, or…  For that matter, female out there following the words of someone or somebody who’s only concern is to separate them from as much of their money as they can.  Did someone say lawyer!


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