Americans… “Way Outta Line”

She’llo everyone.  Forgot what the word “she’llo” means?  Don’t trip, I’ll keep you all in the loop by bringing everybody back to speed.  The word is from an ancient dialect originating in “The Mother Land” which means, (Hello and shall we go to brighter horizons).

Now back from my sabbatical, fresh and forever ready, I’m still not amused or impressed with all the DRAMA filling the daily media releases.  Headlines such as, “High Profile Bishop straight outta the ATL accused of sexual coercion with numerous male members of his congregation”.  Okay, so what else in making the news?  Another release went like this, “Octomom sells lingerie to pay off her four hundred and fifty thousand dollar mortgage”.  And it got even better.  “Polygamy family staring in reality TV show being investigated for actually living the life of polygamist.” This was where I calmly close my laptop, sighed and say, what the #@%^.

Seems our society has lost their way in the world, much like ‘Lil Bo Pep and her wayward sheep.  America, unlike those sheep who could be left alone to return home on their own, will not every regain the world recognition and global appreciation they once had.  As for finding their way back from their chosen insanity, Americans don’t even have the audacity to know when to realize they aren’t any better than the next person.  Which is precisely why I cannot get Frank outta my mind.

Back in the day those who travelled always had the pleasures of encountering various people who displayed diverse beliefs.  If that traveller was wise, they’d instinctively recognize the standard mindsets of most FOLK while embracing the new-found culture with a marked sense of reverence.  This approach allowed for the continued exploration of life.  But with Americans I see myself asking myself, where did we go wrong?  Seems all America does is seek, identify, invade, squander then destroy what they’ve started out destroying in the first place.

Frank is a guy I know.  Today like yesterday I have no idea where he may be, but one thing I know about Frank, no matter where he is, Frank isn’t subscribing to anybody’s DRAMA.  He had this saying that conveyed much and it went like this; “You way outta line”.  To give you a mental pic of him take the pensive stare projected through the eyes of James Olmos, that dynamic dramatic actor who starred in way too many films to mention.  Now, blend in the intimidating presence Danny Trejo brings.  You know him, he starred in the recently released movie Machete 2010.  Okay, we are launching Frank in the physical form, but…  One other aspect is needed to bring him to life in your mind.  Frank is as savvy as Antonio Banderas and just like the Spaniard he had the same underlining sexiness, especially where women were concerned.  Which is why he always used that term, “You way outta line”.  Yes, the wifey evoked this response from him because she had a way of creating a bunch of  nothing outta some stupid stuff.  Usually…  Personally directed at Frank, but.  He wouldn’t trip, even when she laid hands on him, reads (hit him physically).

Frank’s woman wasn’t about shit.  Still, he loved her and despite all the madness she created, it was his call as to whether or not to deal with it or flip her off as he skipped out the door.  Leaving her alone to contemplate how she ‘ucked up everything they had.  Yet, Frank to my inspiration, always concluded that she was worth his smile, even if he had to nonchalantly absorbed her wrath.

My point.  People create most of the madness they find themselves in.  And get this, the “kicker” to this is, here in America we are so twisted, we have exchanged our personal responsibilities of self for the benefits of “social inclusion” on a national basis ’til…  We don’t give a care about what’s really goin’ on or what should be deemed important.

The Bishop Long and those allegations are definitely important seeing how many lives he can affect with the scriptures he delivers every Sunday.  Still, what has been suggested and exposed about him aren’t surprising to me.  His Deacons, those who surround him a la Rock Star style.  They are so close to him to where they knew of his nature private/public and professional.  And you can’t say they had no knowledge of his possible  “extra off pulpit” activities.  And as always, America has run with another story while embellishing it to the max.

Then there are the “Sister Wives” and their bigamy, polygamy, whatever.  Again, these aren’t new revelations to me either.  Hollywood is all about ratings.  Those paid Advisors, Technical Consultants to the Producers of these new line-ups in the way of future & established shows.  They know one thing if anything.  American’s don’t have a life so they give them a life by exposing others lives regardless of the creepiness of that life or lives exposed!  “Truth Be Told”, they don’t give a ‘uck about you or what you may be exposed to by way of their medium.

Lastly, Octomom.  Really, I say, ‘uck that ‘itch.  Yeah, I said it, she is a certified itch.  Something that needs to go away, bury itself but…  She won’t.  Ask yourself this.  Do you really care about her dirty undies?  Would you have been one of those to stand in line during her live auction, bidding on her nasty panties?  If so, you are as nasty as she.  Again, my point.

Frank’s wife talked way too much shit in my presence and could care-less about how I viewed her verbal outburst, and…  She was right.  It was her house and in one’s house you should have the right to handle your business.  It’s when you venture outside within the light of others that you maintain while conforming to the expectations of the society you’ve entered.  Keeping your civility about yourself.  But, today, Americans ain’t civil about shit.  They start shit then when shit is becoming too deep, they seek others to mitigate the shit they’ve created in the first place.  Whoa, and this is ‘pose to be the land of the free.

I said that when I touched back down I would breath on you all with a piece about this Cougar phenom taking the nation by storm.  Well, I haven’t forgotten.  Unlike many Americans I’m not afraid to voice my words.  And unlike most Americans words being like assholes, I’m not about to stank nothin’ up.  “Cougars” is comin, you can believe that.  For now, I just had to say something about what’s goin’ on nationally within the media.  You see, this site is about recognizing what’s important while leaving the bull shit to those who wanna remain in a constant funk.

Psssss; When you leave one place and venture to another.  If you intend to fit in while attempting to get in, that luggage you keep carrying around…  Right!  Don’t keep picking it up, luggin’ it from relationship to relationship,and then…  Wondering why things are always so ‘ucked up for you.  Really, stop taking that same ‘ol shit around with you.  Frank knew that he wasn’t about to do anything about his Wifey’s re-active nature.  He knew that that was just her personality.  Frank also knew that Hollywood wasn’t about to define who he was or should be.  Now, as for you all, I don’t know.  I don’t know you and none of you actually know me.  We…  Just know “of” the other.  We can grow by leaving stupid stuff at the door and enjoying while we explore.


4 Responses to “Americans… “Way Outta Line””

  1. astonishing, I’d love to read more from you.

  2. Very entertaining a so understanding.

    • Thanks You, got at me, now let me get at you. Next time you have a moment, get deep into ichas8440. I’m talkin’ archival. Like Archelogists who dig deep, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll find. Again, thank you

  3. Americans? ?Way Outta Line?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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