“Behind Your Back”

Based on the content of this presentation I thought about calling it “Beast”, but then…  Decided on “Behind Your Back”.  Yeah, it just makes the whole thing all-inclusive.  Ya know.

Everyone remembers the drama created by the media when Princess Di exited our dimension during that fatal car crash, right?  Then you cannot say you don’t recollect how the FAM was put on blast with regard to Prince Charles, Princess Di and that other woman who everyone said was the cause of the failure of the storybook romance between this Royal FAM..  Well, check this.

Recently in America and I’m sure the world media was right on top of it too, Al Gore; recall.  Ex U.S. V.P and as he so eloquently says, “I’m the actual creator of the Internet”.  He along with his wife Tipper went public with their decision to call it a day while going their separate ways by ending their 40 year marriage.  Tipper, knowin’ the media and public’s appetite for scandal, casually made a move to kill the speculation.  She issued a statement that went something like this.  One can’t forget the need for intimacy within their relationship even when they are constantly away from home.

Hearing this statement and not taking anything outta context, much was revealed.  But, like the many, most missed the point of what she said and meant.  But ‘cha know, all this talk of Al & Tipper brought back images of Bill and Hillary.  With them came Monica Lewinski and the dress she kept for (after the fact).  An article of clothing that was made irrelevant when considering the context of the matter in its whole.  Yeap, Bill and Hillary being totally aware of each other knew that eventually they’d be brought into the spotlights and…  Despite of what may or may not go viral, it was a matter that “they’d” deal with behind “their” closed doors.  Point being.  It doesn’t matter if you put in 40 years ‘a ‘la Al & Tipper or do the Prince & Princess method which was to grin and bare it as you continue to do you while engaging your true significant other; society is gonna talk!

Emotional Closeness is a given when two people decide to get down, be down and continue to stick around with the other they’ve found.  Put in ten years, 20 years or can’t even make it through the 1st year, it’s up to you to learn from what you’ve been in if you wanna do this thing right.

Couples, live-ins, married ones…  People grow apart and mainly it is due to the differences in lifestyles that they allow to touch them when they are experiencing time apart.  A result of not knowing themselves.  When people separate I’d bet ‘cha it can be traced back to the lack of emotional closeness.  Ok, finances can play a major part in most separation, but…  If you were on the same page, maintained that “emotional closeness” and as a result, talked with one another.  Continued with the little walks that became meaningless after you played in the pit of passion, quite possibly you’d of spoke up on the “mad-money” expenses that were draining your accounts.  If…  that’s a big if and the point is you might not have kept the blame game up and ended up; tripped up!

I for one know that there are many who read this and say, “Who does he think he is”. Hey, I’m still the “G” who women look to while privately considering the what ifs, if only in a mental sense.  And for the others who take it to the next level and make their move to secretly make something happen, I ain’t forgotten about ‘cha either.  The men…  Most of ’em don’t understand what it is I do or say while remaining in that cloud of ignorance sayin’ “‘uck ’em and I don’t give a rat’s ass what he’s talkin’ about” well.  They are merely males.  Happy, satisfied, always looking to get in anyones panties, and get this.  These same fellas are the ones who rush to purchase those silly serials on “How to Get A Woman” after the love is gone and they find themselves alone.  Publications that speak on matters they so despise when recognized in one such as “Yours Truly”.  I say, have at it. You are Haters…

The fact is, The Game won’t change.  “Truth Be Told”, I have wined and dined with the best of ’em.  Married ones, divorced ones, single ones tryin’ to be the one, to those who have fooled me by being the fake ones.  And guess what, I do this because I won’t forget the little thing that any one of ’em who’ve stepped out knew that they would get what they so desperately sought while being in a relationship with me.  And so what if it is presumed that they may have fallen into that “extra” category.  The point is, it doesn’t require much to let another know their worth.

Because I’ve established a tone in which to maintain “Real Talk” and this presentation is comin’ to you in “Real Time” here’s a ‘lil something to marinate on.  Small things are what keep the sparks alive.  Sippin’ on a beverage together for no other reason than; you can.  That’s all many need.  Having someone there who will listen to you without passing judgement while you only talk about you, that’s all many want.  A moment of “me time” when the two of you have “the time”, and guess what…  While engaging in these moments during time I’m not the one to trip when the check arrived or…  Be so stuck on myself playing that politically correct card as I demanded we split the check.  Like religion, what the hell does politics have to do during your moments of intimacy?  There goes that word again.  Tipper used it and I understood her meaning completely.

Intimacy doesn’t always mean sex.  Intimacy as per Hillary, “When away from home and the night finds you alone, find a phone”.  Yeah, Bill got caught but that was Hillary’s situation to deal with.  What I found sexy about the whole thing was how they dealt with the alleged indiscretions.

Now this.  The media.  Waiting for the bad stuff to drop about Al & Tipper.  The scintillating, nasty, gossipy stuff that drives the public wild.  Giving that same media fodder for the fools.  Again my take…  “What goes on behind closed doors is the business of those on the other side.  The Insiders!  Not those lookin’ in tryin’ to see how they can fit in.”

Many should take a cue from Bill and Hillary.  Two that are definitely of higher consciousness.  Alright, Bill was raised in the backwoods of Arkansas, so what.  He was from there but not of there.  Evident in his aspirations and personal/professional accomplishments.  Think worldly in class but of a much different class.  And no, not elitist but of the fleetest as in gettin’ out of thoses’ way who only have a desire to ruin their day.

Communications between the sexes, relationships, it’s all relative.  We meet, we greet, we hit it but…  Once humiliation has been done to the other, then and only then is solace sought, and thought the same avenues that lead back to the society that has downed you from the beginning.  Still, people need to feel a part of the greater lot which is, society.  They factor in those components gathered from all societal members.  Those who’ve smiled with ’em while still talking behind their backs as soon as they turned their backs.  Society, who ran their mouths about things they’ve heard but don’t really know the truth about.

Food For Thought, let it go.  Life is yours to define.  Don’t give your power up so easily.

Psssss; I feel for Princess Di and Prince Charles.  While doin’ them they allowed the media to push one of them into a corner and left the other one being a shell of what he could have become.  If it happens that Al & Tipper followed the path of those who came before ’em and it is revealed that they are of the infidel, so what.  If Bill and Hillary decide to eventually part ways, I will still see ’em like the parting of the Red Sea.  They are still of that same sea.


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