“Why Does A Man Cry”

“Like the sexy woman said to the seemingly common man; “You’ve got this”; Yeah I’ve got this!”

Tears run because all the fun appears ’bout done.  The Bentley has been repossessed along with the cancellation of the American Express.  The Black card at that.  Something he wouldn’t let ‘cha leave home without.  And you ask, why does a man cry?

Those objects were there because they were your desires, material things that you needed to live a ‘lil bit higher.  Hey, take a look in the mirror, recognize yourself and nobody else.  Your decision to get with him who now sheds tears was partially based on what he could do in the way of providin’ those things you held dear.

Actually I don’t blame you as I Am Man and I don’t want a woman who accepts a man only to allow him to sit around with a bunch of go no where silly ass clowns, sippin’ on palm wine complaining about past achievements and ridiculous crimes.  Still, it begins with you.  Tears flow and I thought you’d at least know all those things acquired in the first place were to please you.  Right, most men are minimalist.  Oh, “he, we”, get all bent outta shape when you say it’s over.  Lockin’ down everything that around, but…  That is so you will listen once again as his true and ‘posedly devoted friend.  Hearing his plea’s of one who’s been knocked to his knees.  You never knew that a big butt with a smile would keep him around way longer than that house you could see for miles.  I say be lucky that you have a man who can cry because at least he’s not whimpering.

Sudden mental misque?  Don’t worry, I’ve got ‘cha. You know the type I speak of.   That person who when things fall apart within their world they curl up while mumblin’, “what am I gonna tell my girl”.  Un hum, forgetting that before the crash all he wanted to see was the sway of your tight ass.  Never once consulting you about the things “he do”.  Now that it’s obvious he can’t handle the fall he won ‘t even attempt to stand strong or tall.  Yet, like the real man who loved to hear you sing, he is now a believer in this ‘oh simplest of things.

Man cry’s because he’s realized all that he thought he mastered was based on an illusion and he can’t deal with the conclusion.  He looks onto you not knowin’ how to explain all this to you.  His world, your world, the one built for two which has now been taken right from under each of you, the end of his…  Dynamic duo.

Man cry’s because finally he’s figured it all out but as time has passed he has to contemplate if there is energy to re-engage and…  “Do what he do”, that is…  Without jeopardizing you!

Again take a look at you.  All those things that have been acquired disappearing as if they’ve been consumed by fire.  Goin’ up in smoke leaving him with little hope.  To him they were just things, yet…  What were they to you?  The other half of this…  Dynamic duo.

When a man cries be thankful that he does because those tears are not of fear but released in recognition of the one he hold near.  They flow because he knows if anything; He Is Man!  One willing to take that stand.  Rising to the occasion, securing another reservation so that you won’t go into…  Total consternation.

Psssss; I’ve cried, so what!  “Woman” compounds this dismal state in which she’s found her man to have lapsed into because she assumes the mentality of the status quo.  I’ve cried because I didn’t want to lose what I had acquired which was she who stepped to me.  I’ve cried because it was of her that I came and it would be because of her that we remained.  Tears descend from us all.  It isn’t those tears that will make any real man fall.  When a man cries it isn’t because of any failures encountered but because the man finding himself with an inability to say, “I’ve let you down”.


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