Pre, what does it mean?  Simply said, (before).  Which is a great lead in for what I’m about to say.  “Most people don’t see what’s comin’ at ’em.” This is very good for me because when they fail to see me, it allows for the continuation in that quest to be free.  Now I understand why my ancestors perfected the art of Mental Shape Shifting!  Guess what?  So have I.

I met this woman outta selective discharge.  Basically, I was flushin’ those things that no way in hell were gonna fit in my life.  She, avoided the expulsion because I closed the hatch before she was jettisoned.  No matter, I am one who stays locked & loaded.

Fully aware that she’d be on the next shipment out, she went into a fully court press, located me and attempted to do what some women do; Seduce.  Her stage, was set long ago and I was ushered into position so that her Dance Of Deception could begin.  Mesmerized with the entire display, I almost missed the request for audience participation.  Sleepin’ (see mentally adrift), and the answer is yes, but…  I didn’t miss that I was the only one placed in the spot light for this assistance.  Sittin’ there, I considered for a moment that I was no Entertainer, but to keep it civil I obliged.

At this point in her presentation she required a prop to advance her visual aide in putting the finer touches on her topic of  choice.  “How To Make A Grown Girl Feel Good”.  Taking my hands, she guided them to the area of her breast.  There she placed them around one and demanded that I squeeze.  Okay, I could do this and with ease.  I guess I was too at ease and she transformed, moving the demand to that of an order.  Intimidating?  With no hesitation, and she had the bod that would support her position.

Again she verbally directed me to squeeze only this time, let me know that pressure was a must.  Playing along I increased my grasp by a level of 3 on the intensity gauge.  She wasn’t amused and shot back.  “Is that all you have?  Be a man and hurt me.” Un hum, this ‘itch was crazy.

Bailin’ (see removing), I took my hands from around the one twin all while contemplating this sadomasochistic mined freak.  She didn’t miss a beat and boisterously said, “There are two of them, maybe you’ll have better luck with the other”.  That’s when she moved the other into clinching range of my fingertips.  Something deep inside of me was screaming out that I rise and depart with the quickness, but I wouldn’t.  That other side of me wanted to engage in this battle of Shape Shifters.

So as not to have her miss my words or say the meaning was vague, I slipped down around her ear so she knew what was being conveyed was definitely meant for her alone.  Taking that breath to enhance the look of ultimate composure I exhaled and said, “take your fake, trifflin’ wanna be ass and get the hell away from me”.  She got that message, or so I thought.  While putting her clothing back on, she decided to put a guy down for the second time.  Little did she know that line I came from.

Not wishing to set it up for the next man who, by Law Of Attraction would meet her and instantly fall prey, I knew it was time to really “touch” (see clarify) to this confused being “one mo’ time”.  Being fully conscious of the audio system meant for the attendees, I placed a cupped hand around the one ear I spoke into.  Yes, these words were for her ears only.  “Bitch, you really ain’t knowin’ that I ride alligators while wearin’ urban gear.  Do you think that I didn’t recognize you when you sought for me to be near? She seemed stunned but I wasn’t about to let up so I continued. “I like this part so pay close attention.  I stroll among evil and won’t even put my eyes down, and it ain’t because I’m a’scared of what I’ve seen as…   Those who walk with constant frowns.” This is when I saw within her eyes, the tension, the fear as if what I was saying was finally setting in.  Feelin’ on top of the world I ended by saying. “It goes something like this, If you step up and bring ass, don’t be surprised if someone takes yo’ ass!”

Whoa, she was good.  That tension I mentioned.  It was all fake.  All a ruse.  She was still standing; tough and hard.  I could see that her eyes were etched with a burning hatred.  She was the typed who had a heart that wasn’t about to change, and…  She wasn’t recognizing a ‘thang, especially if it came outta my mouth.  But…  This was cool, she only saw a Nig, yet…  I was one who knew a fake ass Twig!

Psssss; A Twig.  Small non-essential pieces of a tree.  One that broke off and has no retentive value, even though it seems to have retained the physical properties of a tree.  Moms and Pops use ‘ta say that sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt.  That was some B.S. if I’d ever heard some.  The “N word” doesn’t have to be uttered,still.  You know the mindset of those who swear by it.  A friend said that if you let what another says, hurt you, you are the fool because you have given them power over you.  Funny thing, words are power, as much if not more as something you see.  Shape Shifting, be it mental or physical is necessary.  Right, if I would have snatched the twins, confirming what she was taught about those who look like I do.  Well, she would have now had me exactly where they taught her that I could easily be placed.  “A mad one who once upon a time, “put hands on her in a violent way”.”  Words…  Not just semantics.


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  2. I just found your rss page and added it to the Google Reader and voil? – I’m always up-to-date! Well buddy, keep up the good work and make that rss button a little bigger so that other people can enjoy that as well

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