“S.N.III… Done & I’m Out”

At the beginning of this S.N. thing I said I’d do it in 3, now I’ll attempt to put it all together for ya.  People run to these Social Networks, post their pics, create their bios, then kick back, anticipating the arrival of the many invites in their friends box.  I mean, why shouldn’t they?  All Social Networks tell you this, “We are the way to those relationships you can’t live without”.  And they show that most of their members have gazillions friends.  So I ask this, why are most of the members still lonely?  Oh, they may dine with some of those met via the S.N. but they are still living alone, sleeping alone and wondering alone, why can’t I find that one!

This is not to say that FaceTime answers all questions or considerations about who it is you wanna get with.  Just say, FaceTime keeps you sharp when it comes to knowin’ YOU.  Physical interactions allows for the possibilities of recognizing most of those fears and phobias many carry within.  When something is manifested in another it ushers in un-explored conclusions usually relevant to the one in witness.  Vibe off of this.

Two people greet and meet, each is on their best behavior because they really want something exciting to happen from this engagement, but…  Your senses start to tingle, immediately you feel that something isn’t quite right.  Maybe this is due to how the one you’re meeting with cracks their lips.  Possibly you were on a different level and picked up on a scent, no matter how slightly emitted.  Pheromones told ya something, hun!  Regardless, what is known is that because of this, you draw the line.  You feel betrayed or worse…  Lied to.

Stop the DRAMA.  In your quest to appear totally cool, full of swagger, you probably left out a lot also.  But because it is you who feel deceived, rage becomes the operative emotions.  Even though secretly feeling this, you still wanna enjoy the fruits of this joint harvest, but in your mind those plans have already been laid.  Plans that are about recognizing at a certain point during that right time, you will abort mission & eject.  Leaving this person behind, confused and emotionally dis-connected.  And…  It doesn’t matter the trauma you will cause in this person’s life, it’s all about you.  Has been and will always be.

Again, stop the DRAMA.  You came, you saw and only heard what ‘cha wanted to hear from this person.  Especially when your emotions where running high.  Not once did you slow your roll to see that life isn’t always about you.  Life is full of compromises no matter the point of entry.

Friends are really those who you need to hold close.  Now as for the loves of your life.  Be them coming from a Social Network or what.  They are the ones who need to be held closer.  How can you hold friends from The Net that close?  Friends from The Net are kept in a certain category, one where the lie isn’t that important.  Loves are lied to also, but you feel you can reconcile that because they are…  After all, a Love!  But where did it all start from?  S.N.’s create some of the same dynamics that meet and greets do, still you won’t know the depth of that connect without FaceTime.

People have preconceived images of who it is they have engaged, and moreso if that person comes from a Social Network.  Most of these conclusions are based on BS reports coming from sources that have an agenda from the gate.  But, those who access these sources swear by them.  That is, until they are subjected to the same sources.  Now factor this in, it is all a part of a very elaborate game.  Exactly like the game you engaged in from the beginning.  Remember “I lied to you but it was such a small thing so I’m exempt”. What is small about who you’ve slept with before he or she arrived?  This question doesn’t only go to your character, but life expectancy when you really break it down.  Tell me, can you see the lie via the social network connect?  Do you read into the report you have before you about real intimate details of one’s live?  Reports don’t give that.  Chat lines cannot decipher that.  Webcams…  Who’s the fool now.  That  is staged also.  Doesn’t matter if it is in real time, or delayed motion, what matters is the actual agenda of who it is you are getting at.

A las, this is where I tell you about “Playing to Win”

When you seek anyone know that what you seek and how you seek them, oh yes…  He & She, same motivating factors when engaged in the quest of seek and find new friend.  The only difference is the expose’ as in the way one sex engages versus the other.  Point being, you are not alone in methods of eval or manipulations, even when you place more importance on your values than theirs!

The Net gives you high-tech methods of connecting but creates a barrier when you want real substance to those you are connecting with.  The Net allows for you to create your own movie, and it allows for script changes without you being notified.  Yes, you are a Star in this production and should have 1st options of refusal but… Not your show therfore your terms and conditions weren’t even a real option from the beginning.  Now when you do FaceTime, taking a moment to see while reviewing those micro-expressions that will be on full display.  Not only real time but under actually conditions, you will have a much clearer picture of how the production may proceed.

Psssss; Someone close to me demands that I accept the fact that few want or even are interested in long-term relationships, (see marriage).  And this is what I’m defining when pushing my points especially in seeking FaceTime.  Basically I say to this, ‘uck you.  Flip the script and put her in the equation and she can miss me too. It’s like this.  Some of those who “Played In The Fields Of Masta'” didn’t have the game the thought.  Most were like those birds and mimicked by way of learning flashy ways.  Fundamentally they were never sound, just in The Game because someone told ’em they’ve got game.  Which is why they are now on the sidelines, watching The Game go by.  I touch on issues that may seem trite to some but check this.  Wisdom comes with the passage of time where one considers many things after that time-line passed.  Which is to say, what is said wasn’t always known when we were actively participants.  Still, it is now known.  Feel me


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