“Social Networks”

Remember the film “Wizard Of Oz”?  A favorite from way back in the day.  Not a year went by without its re-appearance via broadcast with most homes in America providing a captivated audience who wouldn’t blink ’til the credits rolled.  I’m not gonna get into each character analysis, but recall when Dorothy vanquished the wicked witch.  Everyone, including those evil lookin’ Flyin’ Monkeys gathered around and sang praise at her demise.  Praises because as they assumed, things could return to normal.  Dorothy on the other end, couldn’t forget about returning back to her home.  Ah yes, there is…  No place like home.

Home is like milk.  You’ve got buttermilk, you can get it in chocolate.  Still, it’s milk!

Relationships, like milk, have become homogenized.  This is not to be confused with pasteurization which is basically a cleansing process, but…  Both of these processes are indicative to…  Making milk a better product!  Sorta’ like the advent of  The Net with one of its main infrastructures being Social Networks and their need to make the interactions between He & She much more smoother.  I for one haven’t seen any comparable more exact to milk and the processing of it than these Social Networks.  Still, do they really stand as a better conduit towards creating a better way for those to meet?

Back in the day when you wanted to meet someone you let it be known to those who made up your “inner circle”, that the time had come for some “new blood”.  Mainly so that you didn’t have to revisit those past relationships that were the main reasons you sought “brighter horizons”.  And your FOLK, feelin’ your desires turned you on to whomever they felt might fit the; assignment, so to speak.  With this new connect, you gathered yourself, making your presence and worth fully known by this soon to be, “starlight”.  Yes, just like The Wizard Of Oz with Dorothy and her dog Toto, “there was no place like home”.  The place you’d take your new starlight, giving them a place in which to belong.

“We’ve come a long way baby”.  Or have we?

Social Networks by definition of The Net are exceptional resource tools, but they cannot give anyone even the minutest level of real satisfaction when it comes to; Real Talk in Real Time where you have two people in mind.  Hey, I’m all for knowin’ who it is you are tryin’ to get with, but no matter how many avenues you traverse in your attempt to qualify the one you’re with.  Nothing replaces straight up FaceTime.

When I was out there and met someone face to face, the moment to be in another’s presence, especially if they were about something, was an experience dreams are made of.  This Net connection, doesn’t provide that impact on the psyche even if the times we live in appear more deadly.

Recently I encountered someone.  Yes, via The Net.  It was that typical play you find on The Net whereas they come with another agenda altogether.  In this case, she sought professional services.  I bit, and agreed to meet.  After our talks, I stood to leave when…  She blocked my exit and demanded a hug.  I was cool with this and as we stood there, locked in this embrace, I knew she was holding on as she inspected me in the most primal way.  Okay, it felt good and I went with it…  The contact that is.  Days later I had to bust her out because she wouldn’t stop calling me.  In her text messages it was evident she demanded more of me and my time.  I hadn’t even said I like her, but…  This is a Net connect.  Because of this persistency I told her about her approach and technique on that first day we got together.  All in hopes of killin’ off this sense of possession she exhibited.  She wasn’t seeking consultation but physical integration.  The smelling me was only gonna confirm I wore BOUCHERON that night.

Yes, there is no place like home and since she took me back home, I couldn’t help but recall how I use’ ta incorporate many forms…  Or ah, “methods of surveillance” to get the required Intel on the one I was pursuing.  I was so low tech I even hid under the bed just so I cold get an ear full on who it was I was with.  Oh, in time I graduated, elevating to higher forms of “undercover techniques” such as using micro-recorders placed in position so I could get that detailed Intel.  Which I’d decode later,but…  What people do today doesn’t confirm much or anything about the one they are attempting to get with.

In retrospect I remember those club scenes when the females demanded that any male they thought they’d be interested in, produce an ATM receipt.  Then, they’d stare out the windows to see what type of transpo he had, which amazed me because.  Well, just like today, you can create any visual aid you desire to validate your worth.  Yes, like I said previously, I played in The Field Of the Masta’ and ain’t nothin’ change about The Game when it comes to winning at this life we lead.

Society today, seems to consist of more 24k fakes.  These are those who don’t speak until they Google the other person and for what?  Public backgrounds don’t tell you a ‘thang about your mates penchant for porno now do they?  And don’t even say you went a ‘lil farther in your research gathering ability, dipping into their credit files and knew about the porno based on itemized checks of those POT & POS.  I’ll say to this, miss me cause I know that would have only intensified your desires based on the X-Factor.

So as not to bore you or myself, I’ll slow my roll for now, but don’t think this is over.  I was into recognizing “micro-expressions” way before the TV show “Lie To Me” even appeared on the scene.  A method of understanding some things about who is before you even when they don’t want you to know who they actually are.  The primary researcher of this science is Paul Ekman, Ph.D.  He and his team are credited with an enormous amount of research to the point of proving and coding this system.  Paul Ekman took this to another level altogether and I haven’t delved into it to that extent.  Still, I know that you cannot apply it without some FaceTime.

There is so much more to the U.C.C. ’til you couldn’t even begin to imagine where this will deliver you.  In his quest for knowledge, Ekman concluded that certain emotional traits that bond facial expressions are not limited to any one culture, which is to say…  When you look at someone who looks back at you with that blank expression suggesting “Who do you think you’re foolin'”.  Don’t assume because they are of another race, creed or culture, they don’t have a clue as to what your agenda is.  Whoa, coffee, tea and a conversation with whomever it will be can be very insightful if and when you stop the drama.

Psssss; U.C.C. for those Newbies’ means, Universal Cord of Connectivity, as in everything is someway, somehow; connected.  FaceTime which takes place all the time is the only way you’ll know if the one you’re with saved the gas (translation, expellin’ gas, farting in your presence) ’til they  had safely retired into their hotel suite not knowin’ you were hiding under the bed.  And…  With FaceTime the ability to recognize & categorize the meanings of micro-expressions, won’t come until you…  Well stay tuned as this won’t be homogenized.  And for those who are up on biometric audio and visual recorders, they are beat every day so don’t get stupid thinking this is a…  Just stay tuned!


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