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Pre, what does it mean?  Simply said, (before).  Which is a great lead in for what I’m about to say.  “Most people don’t see what’s comin’ at ’em.” This is very good for me because when they fail to see me, it allows for the continuation in that quest to be free.  Now I understand why my ancestors perfected the art of Mental Shape Shifting!  Guess what?  So have I.

I met this woman outta selective discharge.  Basically, I was flushin’ those things that no way in hell were gonna fit in my life.  She, avoided the expulsion because I closed the hatch before she was jettisoned.  No matter, I am one who stays locked & loaded.

Fully aware that she’d be on the next shipment out, she went into a fully court press, located me and attempted to do what some women do; Seduce.  Her stage, was set long ago and I was ushered into position so that her Dance Of Deception could begin.  Mesmerized with the entire display, I almost missed the request for audience participation.  Sleepin’ (see mentally adrift), and the answer is yes, but…  I didn’t miss that I was the only one placed in the spot light for this assistance.  Sittin’ there, I considered for a moment that I was no Entertainer, but to keep it civil I obliged.

At this point in her presentation she required a prop to advance her visual aide in putting the finer touches on her topic of  choice.  “How To Make A Grown Girl Feel Good”.  Taking my hands, she guided them to the area of her breast.  There she placed them around one and demanded that I squeeze.  Okay, I could do this and with ease.  I guess I was too at ease and she transformed, moving the demand to that of an order.  Intimidating?  With no hesitation, and she had the bod that would support her position.

Again she verbally directed me to squeeze only this time, let me know that pressure was a must.  Playing along I increased my grasp by a level of 3 on the intensity gauge.  She wasn’t amused and shot back.  “Is that all you have?  Be a man and hurt me.” Un hum, this ‘itch was crazy.

Bailin’ (see removing), I took my hands from around the one twin all while contemplating this sadomasochistic mined freak.  She didn’t miss a beat and boisterously said, “There are two of them, maybe you’ll have better luck with the other”.  That’s when she moved the other into clinching range of my fingertips.  Something deep inside of me was screaming out that I rise and depart with the quickness, but I wouldn’t.  That other side of me wanted to engage in this battle of Shape Shifters.

So as not to have her miss my words or say the meaning was vague, I slipped down around her ear so she knew what was being conveyed was definitely meant for her alone.  Taking that breath to enhance the look of ultimate composure I exhaled and said, “take your fake, trifflin’ wanna be ass and get the hell away from me”.  She got that message, or so I thought.  While putting her clothing back on, she decided to put a guy down for the second time.  Little did she know that line I came from.

Not wishing to set it up for the next man who, by Law Of Attraction would meet her and instantly fall prey, I knew it was time to really “touch” (see clarify) to this confused being “one mo’ time”.  Being fully conscious of the audio system meant for the attendees, I placed a cupped hand around the one ear I spoke into.  Yes, these words were for her ears only.  “Bitch, you really ain’t knowin’ that I ride alligators while wearin’ urban gear.  Do you think that I didn’t recognize you when you sought for me to be near? She seemed stunned but I wasn’t about to let up so I continued. “I like this part so pay close attention.  I stroll among evil and won’t even put my eyes down, and it ain’t because I’m a’scared of what I’ve seen as…   Those who walk with constant frowns.” This is when I saw within her eyes, the tension, the fear as if what I was saying was finally setting in.  Feelin’ on top of the world I ended by saying. “It goes something like this, If you step up and bring ass, don’t be surprised if someone takes yo’ ass!”

Whoa, she was good.  That tension I mentioned.  It was all fake.  All a ruse.  She was still standing; tough and hard.  I could see that her eyes were etched with a burning hatred.  She was the typed who had a heart that wasn’t about to change, and…  She wasn’t recognizing a ‘thang, especially if it came outta my mouth.  But…  This was cool, she only saw a Nig, yet…  I was one who knew a fake ass Twig!

Psssss; A Twig.  Small non-essential pieces of a tree.  One that broke off and has no retentive value, even though it seems to have retained the physical properties of a tree.  Moms and Pops use ‘ta say that sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt.  That was some B.S. if I’d ever heard some.  The “N word” doesn’t have to be uttered,still.  You know the mindset of those who swear by it.  A friend said that if you let what another says, hurt you, you are the fool because you have given them power over you.  Funny thing, words are power, as much if not more as something you see.  Shape Shifting, be it mental or physical is necessary.  Right, if I would have snatched the twins, confirming what she was taught about those who look like I do.  Well, she would have now had me exactly where they taught her that I could easily be placed.  “A mad one who once upon a time, “put hands on her in a violent way”.”  Words…  Not just semantics.


“S.N.III… Done & I’m Out”

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At the beginning of this S.N. thing I said I’d do it in 3, now I’ll attempt to put it all together for ya.  People run to these Social Networks, post their pics, create their bios, then kick back, anticipating the arrival of the many invites in their friends box.  I mean, why shouldn’t they?  All Social Networks tell you this, “We are the way to those relationships you can’t live without”.  And they show that most of their members have gazillions friends.  So I ask this, why are most of the members still lonely?  Oh, they may dine with some of those met via the S.N. but they are still living alone, sleeping alone and wondering alone, why can’t I find that one!

This is not to say that FaceTime answers all questions or considerations about who it is you wanna get with.  Just say, FaceTime keeps you sharp when it comes to knowin’ YOU.  Physical interactions allows for the possibilities of recognizing most of those fears and phobias many carry within.  When something is manifested in another it ushers in un-explored conclusions usually relevant to the one in witness.  Vibe off of this.

Two people greet and meet, each is on their best behavior because they really want something exciting to happen from this engagement, but…  Your senses start to tingle, immediately you feel that something isn’t quite right.  Maybe this is due to how the one you’re meeting with cracks their lips.  Possibly you were on a different level and picked up on a scent, no matter how slightly emitted.  Pheromones told ya something, hun!  Regardless, what is known is that because of this, you draw the line.  You feel betrayed or worse…  Lied to.

Stop the DRAMA.  In your quest to appear totally cool, full of swagger, you probably left out a lot also.  But because it is you who feel deceived, rage becomes the operative emotions.  Even though secretly feeling this, you still wanna enjoy the fruits of this joint harvest, but in your mind those plans have already been laid.  Plans that are about recognizing at a certain point during that right time, you will abort mission & eject.  Leaving this person behind, confused and emotionally dis-connected.  And…  It doesn’t matter the trauma you will cause in this person’s life, it’s all about you.  Has been and will always be.

Again, stop the DRAMA.  You came, you saw and only heard what ‘cha wanted to hear from this person.  Especially when your emotions where running high.  Not once did you slow your roll to see that life isn’t always about you.  Life is full of compromises no matter the point of entry.

Friends are really those who you need to hold close.  Now as for the loves of your life.  Be them coming from a Social Network or what.  They are the ones who need to be held closer.  How can you hold friends from The Net that close?  Friends from The Net are kept in a certain category, one where the lie isn’t that important.  Loves are lied to also, but you feel you can reconcile that because they are…  After all, a Love!  But where did it all start from?  S.N.’s create some of the same dynamics that meet and greets do, still you won’t know the depth of that connect without FaceTime.

People have preconceived images of who it is they have engaged, and moreso if that person comes from a Social Network.  Most of these conclusions are based on BS reports coming from sources that have an agenda from the gate.  But, those who access these sources swear by them.  That is, until they are subjected to the same sources.  Now factor this in, it is all a part of a very elaborate game.  Exactly like the game you engaged in from the beginning.  Remember “I lied to you but it was such a small thing so I’m exempt”. What is small about who you’ve slept with before he or she arrived?  This question doesn’t only go to your character, but life expectancy when you really break it down.  Tell me, can you see the lie via the social network connect?  Do you read into the report you have before you about real intimate details of one’s live?  Reports don’t give that.  Chat lines cannot decipher that.  Webcams…  Who’s the fool now.  That  is staged also.  Doesn’t matter if it is in real time, or delayed motion, what matters is the actual agenda of who it is you are getting at.

A las, this is where I tell you about “Playing to Win”

When you seek anyone know that what you seek and how you seek them, oh yes…  He & She, same motivating factors when engaged in the quest of seek and find new friend.  The only difference is the expose’ as in the way one sex engages versus the other.  Point being, you are not alone in methods of eval or manipulations, even when you place more importance on your values than theirs!

The Net gives you high-tech methods of connecting but creates a barrier when you want real substance to those you are connecting with.  The Net allows for you to create your own movie, and it allows for script changes without you being notified.  Yes, you are a Star in this production and should have 1st options of refusal but… Not your show therfore your terms and conditions weren’t even a real option from the beginning.  Now when you do FaceTime, taking a moment to see while reviewing those micro-expressions that will be on full display.  Not only real time but under actually conditions, you will have a much clearer picture of how the production may proceed.

Psssss; Someone close to me demands that I accept the fact that few want or even are interested in long-term relationships, (see marriage).  And this is what I’m defining when pushing my points especially in seeking FaceTime.  Basically I say to this, ‘uck you.  Flip the script and put her in the equation and she can miss me too. It’s like this.  Some of those who “Played In The Fields Of Masta'” didn’t have the game the thought.  Most were like those birds and mimicked by way of learning flashy ways.  Fundamentally they were never sound, just in The Game because someone told ’em they’ve got game.  Which is why they are now on the sidelines, watching The Game go by.  I touch on issues that may seem trite to some but check this.  Wisdom comes with the passage of time where one considers many things after that time-line passed.  Which is to say, what is said wasn’t always known when we were actively participants.  Still, it is now known.  Feel me


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“1000 friends & counting, what does a person do with 1000 friends?”

If those friends are Internet-based they are much like my graphic caption depicts.  You don’t know if you’ve got a beast such as a lion.  This beast might be an exotic animal trainer, then…  Blam, look again, you see that you missed the leather attire along with the whip suggesting some dominatrix activity.  Whatever the mix generated on The Net, you don’t know.

One thousand friends, letmesee.  If anything it is exciting to see so many FOLK interested in your bio.  But let’s be real, an Internet based bio is always full of embellishments.  A standard during the creation of such a thing goes like this.  (Very-very secure in my personal beliefs, own my own home, have a car that is paid for, have a job & love my social life).  All this comes with a pic strategically positioned defining the members’ better side.  A pic that has definitely been Photo Shopped, and if you’ve got a crafty member, they’ve incorporated higher end techniques.

A steady mind would question this especially when considering motives.  Internet relationships normally generate a response on the line of; “I really like what you say and was wondering if we can do a private chat line or something, if that’s okay with you”.  Many assume this is safe as it is an additional way to evaluate the person you are seriously considering gettin’ with.  Not so, once you go off the reservation be prepared to deal with the real as in motivations.  This private chat line is where you will hear those famous initials used over The Net.  “FWB” isn’t foreign to your ears because most of those 1000 friends are no different than you.  Seeking a way out of their drab surroundings.

Social Network members are those who the Politicians need to take a course from as these members play the hypocrisy role way better than most.  Without mentioning any names, (you can go to other sites for the bust-outs, I don’t do it like that), but…  I know of a person just like you probably know of a similar person who speaks so bad about others, then places theses same people’s pic on their Social Network site.  Showing smiling faces & many happy times.

Well, when you establish a friendship you’ve gotta take the good, the bad and the ugly.  So taking this into account and you’re playing The Internet Social Network game, don’t be surprised when you see your pic there with one of those old friends that you fell out with and…  Well , just know today you are a part of the hit parade and tomorrow you will be a part of a totally different hit parade.  One that is built on completely different standards and you have been hit like you didn’t know you could be had!

The premises of The Net is simple and easy to understand.  Check this out.  The Chinese invented black powder but once the Euros’ got a ‘hold of it, realizing the miraculous long-range applications of the stuff.  It was claimed and quickly weaponized, creating the chaos we now experience globally.  And imagine, the Chinese developed the product for use in celebrations.  Hummm, much like a Social Network was designed to be applied as.  A tool to celebrate the ability to connect to life by sharing life.

In my…  Let’s say, Internet research, I have been asked to attend various social gatherings by females who were seeking male “friends“.  Arriving to these events you are greeted by a gracious hostess who would set up these elaborate setting, then sit back and wait.  Wait for the “cream to rise to the surface” as in “let the games begin boyz with the most competitive of you having my pleasures when it’s all said and done”.  I must admit, I sometimes fall to the compulsions of being male.  Engaging in these silly little games boyz always play when a female is in the mist.  I’m cool with this because like women, men also seek the strongest, but what many miss is strength doesn’t always include cleverness.  Word-games in a party setting are all good, but the objective is no different than when playing any other game.  What makes you supreme at a game is recognizing the main objective, not forgetting the goal while understanding when to motivate.  That is mental and I do it well.  Hey, I said this wouldn’t ever be homogenized.

While engaged in these parlor games our hostess had “all her glasses of milk” positioned but…  She forgot something.  No matter if the milk is in waxed paper carton or comes in a huge plastic jug, milk is milk as boyz will be boyz.  What this means is you’ve got to take a moment and review the milk based on known classifications.  For me, I arrived in that ‘ol school style.  I came in a glass jar and was chocolate!  Now kick it up while recalling this all started via The Net.  A place were you cannot read those micro-expressions so well.  And, here we all were, and I was one-up on her and my fellow boyz.  None had anticipated or were ready for my arrival or presence.   “It’s way more than, Got Milk.”

In this case she had her milks, but…  Forgot the consistency of the various flava’s of milk, with Yours Truly not ever being a 2% of anything.  This is to say that what you seek, know the basic characteristics of origin before you…  Right, reach for it.  Social Networks with all those numbers appearing under the invited friends’ column doesn’t mean a thang, or prepare you for what is to come.  Social Networks attract those who are usually intimidated of real personal interactions because with FACETIME there is an immediate unmasking of YOU.  Oh, the masquerade can remain in full effect but this only applies to those who are good at it.

All said and done, technology is meant to advance all civilizations and contacts.  Even those that are carnal in motivations, still…  Nothing beats the vibe that runs through the human body when FACETIME comes into play.  With that physical, visual connection understanding micro-expressions becomes so important.

“You play, I play, but who stays when they find out something isn’t what it appears to be?”

Social has a meaning that is simple.  You engage with every one of your senses primarily for personal pleasures, and when you do, draw in the other with all that has been blessed onto you and don’t hide the faults.  Smile when smiled at or when something amuses you while forgetting the foolishness.

Paul Ekman, PhD, recall?  I really like this guy, his team and what they’ve accomplished in their research of emotions as they relate to micro-expressions.  What is more important is their position regarding ethics.  They refuse to comment on those who are in the public arena when it comes to micro-expressions.  Nor, will his team extend an opinion on those engaged in litigation with many of the masses finding this appalling.  Not me.  Even in the advent of our advanced technology you must have those who have a sense of how quickly something can be put to use based on ulterior motivations.  Some things must remain in the realm where privacy is supreme.  Intimacy reside in this realm.

Social Networks are great for connecting those separated by geo-boundaries.  They are the right tool needed to eclipse the psychological drain that comes from being alone but, they will not end loneliness that comes as a result of one’s personal malfunctions.  Like those who have no real understanding of what human interaction is really about.

Psssss; Sometimes, many times a smile is just a frown turned upside down.  There is no need to run when you see this facial gesture even under the review of micro-expressions.  Communications is just that.  Having the ability to recognize and understand bits & examples of YOU when you see them reflected right back at ‘cha.

“Social Networks”

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Remember the film “Wizard Of Oz”?  A favorite from way back in the day.  Not a year went by without its re-appearance via broadcast with most homes in America providing a captivated audience who wouldn’t blink ’til the credits rolled.  I’m not gonna get into each character analysis, but recall when Dorothy vanquished the wicked witch.  Everyone, including those evil lookin’ Flyin’ Monkeys gathered around and sang praise at her demise.  Praises because as they assumed, things could return to normal.  Dorothy on the other end, couldn’t forget about returning back to her home.  Ah yes, there is…  No place like home.

Home is like milk.  You’ve got buttermilk, you can get it in chocolate.  Still, it’s milk!

Relationships, like milk, have become homogenized.  This is not to be confused with pasteurization which is basically a cleansing process, but…  Both of these processes are indicative to…  Making milk a better product!  Sorta’ like the advent of  The Net with one of its main infrastructures being Social Networks and their need to make the interactions between He & She much more smoother.  I for one haven’t seen any comparable more exact to milk and the processing of it than these Social Networks.  Still, do they really stand as a better conduit towards creating a better way for those to meet?

Back in the day when you wanted to meet someone you let it be known to those who made up your “inner circle”, that the time had come for some “new blood”.  Mainly so that you didn’t have to revisit those past relationships that were the main reasons you sought “brighter horizons”.  And your FOLK, feelin’ your desires turned you on to whomever they felt might fit the; assignment, so to speak.  With this new connect, you gathered yourself, making your presence and worth fully known by this soon to be, “starlight”.  Yes, just like The Wizard Of Oz with Dorothy and her dog Toto, “there was no place like home”.  The place you’d take your new starlight, giving them a place in which to belong.

“We’ve come a long way baby”.  Or have we?

Social Networks by definition of The Net are exceptional resource tools, but they cannot give anyone even the minutest level of real satisfaction when it comes to; Real Talk in Real Time where you have two people in mind.  Hey, I’m all for knowin’ who it is you are tryin’ to get with, but no matter how many avenues you traverse in your attempt to qualify the one you’re with.  Nothing replaces straight up FaceTime.

When I was out there and met someone face to face, the moment to be in another’s presence, especially if they were about something, was an experience dreams are made of.  This Net connection, doesn’t provide that impact on the psyche even if the times we live in appear more deadly.

Recently I encountered someone.  Yes, via The Net.  It was that typical play you find on The Net whereas they come with another agenda altogether.  In this case, she sought professional services.  I bit, and agreed to meet.  After our talks, I stood to leave when…  She blocked my exit and demanded a hug.  I was cool with this and as we stood there, locked in this embrace, I knew she was holding on as she inspected me in the most primal way.  Okay, it felt good and I went with it…  The contact that is.  Days later I had to bust her out because she wouldn’t stop calling me.  In her text messages it was evident she demanded more of me and my time.  I hadn’t even said I like her, but…  This is a Net connect.  Because of this persistency I told her about her approach and technique on that first day we got together.  All in hopes of killin’ off this sense of possession she exhibited.  She wasn’t seeking consultation but physical integration.  The smelling me was only gonna confirm I wore BOUCHERON that night.

Yes, there is no place like home and since she took me back home, I couldn’t help but recall how I use’ ta incorporate many forms…  Or ah, “methods of surveillance” to get the required Intel on the one I was pursuing.  I was so low tech I even hid under the bed just so I cold get an ear full on who it was I was with.  Oh, in time I graduated, elevating to higher forms of “undercover techniques” such as using micro-recorders placed in position so I could get that detailed Intel.  Which I’d decode later,but…  What people do today doesn’t confirm much or anything about the one they are attempting to get with.

In retrospect I remember those club scenes when the females demanded that any male they thought they’d be interested in, produce an ATM receipt.  Then, they’d stare out the windows to see what type of transpo he had, which amazed me because.  Well, just like today, you can create any visual aid you desire to validate your worth.  Yes, like I said previously, I played in The Field Of the Masta’ and ain’t nothin’ change about The Game when it comes to winning at this life we lead.

Society today, seems to consist of more 24k fakes.  These are those who don’t speak until they Google the other person and for what?  Public backgrounds don’t tell you a ‘thang about your mates penchant for porno now do they?  And don’t even say you went a ‘lil farther in your research gathering ability, dipping into their credit files and knew about the porno based on itemized checks of those POT & POS.  I’ll say to this, miss me cause I know that would have only intensified your desires based on the X-Factor.

So as not to bore you or myself, I’ll slow my roll for now, but don’t think this is over.  I was into recognizing “micro-expressions” way before the TV show “Lie To Me” even appeared on the scene.  A method of understanding some things about who is before you even when they don’t want you to know who they actually are.  The primary researcher of this science is Paul Ekman, Ph.D.  He and his team are credited with an enormous amount of research to the point of proving and coding this system.  Paul Ekman took this to another level altogether and I haven’t delved into it to that extent.  Still, I know that you cannot apply it without some FaceTime.

There is so much more to the U.C.C. ’til you couldn’t even begin to imagine where this will deliver you.  In his quest for knowledge, Ekman concluded that certain emotional traits that bond facial expressions are not limited to any one culture, which is to say…  When you look at someone who looks back at you with that blank expression suggesting “Who do you think you’re foolin'”.  Don’t assume because they are of another race, creed or culture, they don’t have a clue as to what your agenda is.  Whoa, coffee, tea and a conversation with whomever it will be can be very insightful if and when you stop the drama.

Psssss; U.C.C. for those Newbies’ means, Universal Cord of Connectivity, as in everything is someway, somehow; connected.  FaceTime which takes place all the time is the only way you’ll know if the one you’re with saved the gas (translation, expellin’ gas, farting in your presence) ’til they  had safely retired into their hotel suite not knowin’ you were hiding under the bed.  And…  With FaceTime the ability to recognize & categorize the meanings of micro-expressions, won’t come until you…  Well stay tuned as this won’t be homogenized.  And for those who are up on biometric audio and visual recorders, they are beat every day so don’t get stupid thinking this is a…  Just stay tuned!