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Can You Break Up A Relationship

Posted in Communications, Men&Women, psychology with tags on March 17, 2010 by ichas8440

This is truly a redundant statement normally pondered by those who don’t wanna think.  Well, I’ve given it much thought and maybe.  Just maybe when I was in that research mode, there were way too many relationships that I dispatched with the quickness.  This to any other man would have pushed him to the brink of assumed supremacy.  Not me.  I took it in stride knowin’ that one day I would have to deal with my conscious.  I’m still waiting.

Whenever I do hear this question, immediately…  Images of a courtroom appear within my mindset.  I see this wise ‘ol Judge presiding over two warring opponents.  One is amazed with himself as he defends…  (Seated to this lawyer’s left is a defendant who doesn’t wanna be there and hasn’t shown the slightest bit of interest in his lawyers’ presentation).  The argument comes in the way of a question posed by this stalwart representative of those accused.  “My client doesn’t have tha capacity to commit murder therefore the crime couldn’t have been carried out by my client.”

A cleverly crafted response meant to deflect, causing one to ponder their own capacity of what is sanity under duress.  But…  It is so effective.

Every relationship, their’s, yours, mine, is forever in flux.  I like to see them from the perspective of a good cold soda.  Pop it open and you get that instant fizz.  Stimulating to the audible receptors, relaxing to the “Wide Receiver” who ultimately kicks back while emotionally floating away with the full recognition of a good thing.  But then, let the soda sit, absorbing the air and eventually it will go flat.  The result of a chemical reaction you say?

A relationship is all chemical and don’t get it twisted.  Those that work are created by those who “understand the blend”.  The mixing of great elements that have the full ability of taking and keeping you on another level altogether or…  Becoming toxic at the slightest change of…  Flava if you will.  Any union has a foundation in which the temperament can be found and gauged.  Wanna know if you’re a candidate for any outside interference that will implode your relationship?  Go back to the base which is the beginning.  Vibe off the foundation while checking your temperament.  It will be there that you identify your temperature and its possibilities of combustible ranges!

When He or She becomes confronted with those “exotic blends” known as “Rushin’ Eye Balls & Roamin’ Hands”, don’t be so quick to accuse the Newbie on the scene.  Anyone committed to another can and will be intoxicated by things external.  The mindset needed to rise above this “invisible stimuli” is to know that where there is smoke…  Or the remnants of fire, some damage has occurred.  Knowing this simple reality of life should make you deal with it before hand by maintaining what it is you have committed to.  Don’t get burned, sticking your lips out as you whine and say, “that M.F. stole what was mine”.

Committed means you have to be “In It To Win It”.  It’s not a situation limited to the boundaries of a simple date.  Recognize what’s at stake.  Be aware of who and what is out there.  And…  Don’t trip off the ones hiding in the shadows sending those stares to yours, attempting to intimate that they care and your’s needs to make  a move in their direction.  Ya’ feel it don’t cha!

Psssss; “What does all this have to do with InnerPersonal Communications?”  I don’t know, you tell me.  I’ve run ’em off but nobody has every slid up on mine and whisk ’em away because I was so caught up in myself.