Thinking Man

Friday Feb. 19th, 2010 and the world gave a collective sigh of relief all in anticipation that someone was coming forth with what had been demanded of them for what seemed like weeks.  No, let’s make that months.  Yes, that much time has eclipsed the mind since someone found themselves upside down, trapped…  Within the confines of their Caddie; Escalade that is.  Locked in while another on the same scene bashed in the windows with a golf club.  Okay, the public admission was made and letmesee.  “What did you gained?”

Tiger Woods along with his wife live in an exclusive club.  One that many dream of participating within, but…  The reality is, these same FOLK have little or no chance of ever becoming intimately associated with that level of life.  No prob. they still clamor for the details, salivating as they wait…  For they news of his words.  Minnows I guess.

Professionally the admission given by Tiger is ‘pose to be a part of his “cleansing process” for his allegedly transgressions.  A rebirth so to speak.  One of the basic components of most 10 step to 12 step programs is that one must realize and accept their responsibilities of the (self) in order to see how they are affecting those around them.  This realization is said to lead that person to not wanna go ‘uck up again.  Now, for the purpose of clarification, who is actually benefiting by the public performance of an apology?

To know the answer you have to initially understand the world of product placement in relations to marketing.  Tiger is a brand, a brand attaches itself or lends itself to a product, and…  This is for the sole purpose of moving that product.  Sorta’ like back in the day when a brand was placed on cattle signifying that when you saw these items together you knew you’d be getting the best.  Tiger’s brand is not marriage or communications.  Those who “handle” him are not about a happy home or unity between He&She so who’s branding who?

John and Jane Q. Citizen have lapsed into a coma or something if they think that they assimilate with the likes of Tiger Woods or his wife.  Then again, maybe, John and Jane are so ‘ucked up themselves ’til they only dream of a life and liv, through the eyes of others.  (See, The Most Interesting Man In The World commerical)

Apoligies are fantastic.  Apologies are genuine when given from the heart with the full understanding that the apology is exclusively meant for the one who was harmed.  And…  If by change the apology cannot reach the one who has been hurt because they have been spirited away by other types of “handlers” who have intercede because again they know best.  Maybe it is okay to go high-tech and blast your words via a public media.  But other than that, the public apology all comes down to another show for the masses.  Benefiting only the marketers.  Remember, you aren’t in Tiger’s life other than that of a spectator.  Oh, spectator got ‘cha upset.  Well who’s lookin’ in whose window hopin’ to catch a glimpse of what’s goin’ on in another house when it is usually the spectator whose house is a mess!

There was once someone of the cloth, (see religious leaders) who always found time to counsel others about the temptations imposed upon men & women.  It is said that this person was very dramatic during the presentation of these beliefs.  Okay, it goes without saying because to come with passion regarding what it is you speak of, one must have some deep personal connections to the subject matter that they deliver so ferociously.  Anyway, when the person of the cloth was busted by the wife who didn’t question him about his “publicly known transgressions” it was the person of the cloth who felt like a fool.  You see, while he was out paying all the attention to those who sought his attention, she decided to completed her own “re-mix”.  She had needs and because he didn’t take cared of his own house, she found someone who would.  And…  When he asked why she wasn’t being like everybody else, damning him to hell for his stupid ass actions she calmly stated.  “Why…  Why waste the energy?  This is my life, not your’s or any of the members of our church.  This is my life!  I’d be as silly as you if I felt outsiders were gonna change or make me a better person.  It starts with me honey!”

When I was made privy to her belief system I knew that here was a Thinking Woman who happened to have a non-thinking man.  It was then that I understood what it meant to become a Thinking Man!

Psssss; Simply said.  You get what ‘cha give.  “‘uck up, shut up, then have the courage to stand up.  This is the only way you’ll ever be up, because everybody else will only try to keep you down by maintaining what you did and watching it flow all around.”


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