I Robot too

“Roxxy and Roscoe sittin’ in a tree, but there isn’t any K.I.S.S.I.N.G.”

Back in the day when I appeared on the club scene, there were those who couldn’t dance and desperately sought a substitution that would stimulate their libido.  Somebody must have had the clubs under surveillance because shortly thereafter a mechanical bucking bull appeared on the scene, answering the call of many.  Well, I really didn’t think the bull was designed for the clubs but like that spiraling, sparkling ball that stayed suspended up in the ceiling of every club.  So did the bull become a permanent fixture where all those FOLK gathered.

Many marveled at the device & shuddered with anticipation at the mere thought of mounting it.  If not for the thrill of saying they knew what it was to ride a Bull, then…  Just for the completion of the erotic sensations conjured up in their overtly exposed imaginations.  “Me”.  Oh, Momma didn’t raise no Cowboy so I didn’t need that type of stimuli, but many did and even more came to mount the Bodacious Bucking Bull!

Today, our society in their drive to act even less on a physical or mental tip have found another example of man’s desire to replace themselves.  “It” or she goes by the name of “Roxxy”.  Yes, a certified computer scientist “Douglas Hines” who mastered the discipline of Electric Engineering went rogue.  His artistic vision was off the charts in his endeavors towards duplication of Doctor Frankenstein’s mastery.

Roxxy is anatomically exact in every fashion and form.  She comes with the most advanced artificial intelligence along with wi-fi capabilities so that orgasms are always…  Updated.  Reach over and stroke the skin and you receive the sensation just as if you were caressing a real woman because this scientist incorporated into his design, the same material used in completing high-end prosthetic appendages.  Want warmth, don’t trip.  Roxxy has vessels running throughout the Bod so that a core temp is always maintained calming the savage beast.  This was achieved by the injection of some top-secret liquid of a cybergenic base, blended with nanobots.  I guess the federally funded Institute the scientist worked for couldn’t keep up with its own oversights.

Creative types are everywhere.  Take “Dougie Fresh”, a real pioneer from the music world who was also a scientist, in a sort, but…  Maybe Roxxy’s creator absorbed a bit too much of his own Kool-aid, rendering him mad.

This news sparked my imagination because I really could appreciate see the passion required towards completing such a task.  I mean think about it, come home from a long day of dealin’ with the outside world where you had to engage; professionally with those you really hate and there’s Roxxy.  Pre-programmed with at least five personalities that you are sure to find arousing.  You walk in and she responds exactly as you demand.  No fuss, no refusal, no…  Hummm

Now from a personal level I can do bad by myself and even if the ‘lil woman decided to up and move, abandoning me, I don’t want to kick it with a “Cherry 2000” a ‘la Roxxy.  Especially when I know that she is watching me, studying every one of my moves with her advanced data recovery chips processing overtime, then…  When I decide to take a dip in the hip pool, shock the hell outta me because it mis-interpreted my real-time, real-life emotional signals.

Roxxy makes me wonder where are we going as a species.  Touch is beyond powerful, its magnificent.  Touch has a healing ability that is beyond scientific deciphering.  Touch removes the rage that causes those ineffective outburst and you know what I’m talkin’ about.  But then again, Roxxy, she’s programable.  Sounds enticing, hummm.

When contemplating the delectable, delicious ways that I…  Would manipulate, uh, “enhance” this dream doll.  Positioning her in every conceivable contorted way, I can’t help but look to the ‘lil woman once again.  She loves to start stuff like the un-predictable knucklehead she is.  But…  I’m cool with it because its all about the “break-up to make up” thing.  She stays on my last nerve but this is a trait required if one who is aliveand wishes to stay sharp.  Like the ‘lil Boogz always says, “I’m the baby, you’ve gotta love me”, so do I extend this love to my ‘lil woman too.

Now next to Roxxy it’d be a close decision as to who would win, but…  When she touches me I can’t help but recite the lyrics made famous by Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall of the super group GUY“Ouuuuu Weeeee, Ouuuuu Weeeee.”

Psssss; Often I find myself saying to my ‘lil woman, “I’m gonna send you back for reprogramming”.  She hears me and replies, “get over here and back that ‘thang up before I run out and replace you”.  This is called communications.  Hummm, Roxxy can only communicate someone elses illusions of what love could be. Feel me!

Psssss, psssss; The failure of including Roscoe was on purpose.  He has not yet accepted his nano filtration therefore…  Roscoe has rendered himself hopeless and is still on the drawing board.  Males, give them their deserving percentage of the pie and they still hold out, demanding more.


2 Responses to “I Robot too”

  1. Preprommed? Elaborate please

    • This word, possibly an error. I Robot, written by “Yours Truly”, yet… Focus on what I’ve said, (written). Editing, normally done by those around me. Maybe they made a mistake, but. I don’t do division. I’m ultimately the one. The One in charge of all this. Still, when things aren’t so clear, go back to the content and don’t just assume you’ve got the understanding of the context. Then, keep in mind the source code, then. You’ll increase your percentage of knowing what you thought you knew but didn’t wanna… Assume.

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