When it registered that I heard what I knew I heard, then…  As I glanced casually over her eyes and realized she hadn’t attempted to disguise  her looks, I knew that she knew; A bitch!

Pause…  Step back…  It wasn’t too long ago that the word (bitch) was used to define a female dog.  Push it forward bringing it straight into today, the word has some colorful meaning attached to it.  Much like the script you receive from your friendly neighborhood doctor’s office.  Depending on which “witch doctor” prescribed the antidote outlined by the script, sometimes…  You really don’t or won’t know the exact meaning of what has been…  Scripted.

My client knew the meaning of the word she used and applied it correctly in her categorical assessment of her husband’s character.  “My husband is a bitch!” She put it out there and meant it.  No malice detected and none implied.  She wasn’t complaining nor did she find it distressing while expressing her feelings.  To use another term of endearment drawn from the sub-cultural that the primary culture seems to gravitate to, “Baby Girl” had courage.  Courage, moxie, style, gumshun, it doesn’t matter as it will only become an issue of semantics.  Bottomline she possessed a quality like the quantifying traits used to identify those who are bitch like, lack.

To say what she meant and stand against the emotions that her feelings would undoubtedly evoke, demanded a substance that many in society are totally without.  Yes, she found that “It” quality she always knew was apart of her.

Flash forward.  Today, many FOLK both male and female attempt to act as if they have this “rawness”, a smoothness if you will.  That empowers them whenever they use the term bitch.  Guess what, their quick act of toughness by calling others by the B-word only confirms that they are…  The bitch!

Next time you wanna describe anyone using the B-word, stop.  Slow your motion and ask yourself one simple question.  “Would I say it to the individual face?” Let me answer for you.  “No!”  Stop foolin’ yourself and accept the real, and…  To prove this fact just consider your body language as you ponder the consequences once you did say this to whomever you were referring it to.  Those slumped shoulders, the fluttering eyeballs that confirm more than your nervousness.  Yes, those un-stable eyes are indicative of hidden phobias, so yes…  I will even say that way too many are actually; bitch like.

Like I said, my client had that “It” factor from the moment I set eyes on her.  I recognized it when we first met and I introduced myself.  The problem was she had fallen into that typical trap designed to capture those who really don’t wanna be alone and accept almost anybody who steps to ’em saying, “hello”.  Some say this is a by-product of low self-esteem but I differ with this.  Esteem, especially self-esteem is unto the individual.  The only way another is gonna trounce on your self-esteem is if you let  ’em.  Which is why my client knew her husband was a bitch.

Now for some parting facts.  In life there are those who fake at being something when the reality is…  They aren’t too much of anything.  Once the one who they’ve stepped to decide they have tired of the antics, wishing not to partake in the drama any longer, well…  It’s like an insightfully creative Artist once said.  “I know why they call you bitch!”

Psssss; Bitch, present-day; Weak, Scandalous, Conniving, Shiftless, without merit or backbone.  No sense of self and scared to death of others, talks much but commits to noting.  Sends you up a hill fully aware they have no intentions of being there for you if and when you turn seeking support.  Now, you can say it, “ain’t that a bitch”


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