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When it registered that I heard what I knew I heard, then…  As I glanced casually over her eyes and realized she hadn’t attempted to disguise  her looks, I knew that she knew; A bitch!

Pause…  Step back…  It wasn’t too long ago that the word (bitch) was used to define a female dog.  Push it forward bringing it straight into today, the word has some colorful meaning attached to it.  Much like the script you receive from your friendly neighborhood doctor’s office.  Depending on which “witch doctor” prescribed the antidote outlined by the script, sometimes…  You really don’t or won’t know the exact meaning of what has been…  Scripted.

My client knew the meaning of the word she used and applied it correctly in her categorical assessment of her husband’s character.  “My husband is a bitch!” She put it out there and meant it.  No malice detected and none implied.  She wasn’t complaining nor did she find it distressing while expressing her feelings.  To use another term of endearment drawn from the sub-cultural that the primary culture seems to gravitate to, “Baby Girl” had courage.  Courage, moxie, style, gumshun, it doesn’t matter as it will only become an issue of semantics.  Bottomline she possessed a quality like the quantifying traits used to identify those who are bitch like, lack.

To say what she meant and stand against the emotions that her feelings would undoubtedly evoke, demanded a substance that many in society are totally without.  Yes, she found that “It” quality she always knew was apart of her.

Flash forward.  Today, many FOLK both male and female attempt to act as if they have this “rawness”, a smoothness if you will.  That empowers them whenever they use the term bitch.  Guess what, their quick act of toughness by calling others by the B-word only confirms that they are…  The bitch!

Next time you wanna describe anyone using the B-word, stop.  Slow your motion and ask yourself one simple question.  “Would I say it to the individual face?” Let me answer for you.  “No!”  Stop foolin’ yourself and accept the real, and…  To prove this fact just consider your body language as you ponder the consequences once you did say this to whomever you were referring it to.  Those slumped shoulders, the fluttering eyeballs that confirm more than your nervousness.  Yes, those un-stable eyes are indicative of hidden phobias, so yes…  I will even say that way too many are actually; bitch like.

Like I said, my client had that “It” factor from the moment I set eyes on her.  I recognized it when we first met and I introduced myself.  The problem was she had fallen into that typical trap designed to capture those who really don’t wanna be alone and accept almost anybody who steps to ’em saying, “hello”.  Some say this is a by-product of low self-esteem but I differ with this.  Esteem, especially self-esteem is unto the individual.  The only way another is gonna trounce on your self-esteem is if you let  ’em.  Which is why my client knew her husband was a bitch.

Now for some parting facts.  In life there are those who fake at being something when the reality is…  They aren’t too much of anything.  Once the one who they’ve stepped to decide they have tired of the antics, wishing not to partake in the drama any longer, well…  It’s like an insightfully creative Artist once said.  “I know why they call you bitch!”

Psssss; Bitch, present-day; Weak, Scandalous, Conniving, Shiftless, without merit or backbone.  No sense of self and scared to death of others, talks much but commits to noting.  Sends you up a hill fully aware they have no intentions of being there for you if and when you turn seeking support.  Now, you can say it, “ain’t that a bitch”


Conclusions To Loves’ Illusions

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The day, is over.  I rush to catch the elevator.  Based on the disconnect that I operated with during this day, I’m surprised to see at least I was being blessed with a waiting riding from the top floors to the bottom.  Yes, prior to this point, I just knew my day was headed deeper and deeper into an abyss.

Hummm, what is this?  A very supple set of delicate fingers peeking just over the edges of the highly polished elevator door.  I hear the bells of the elevator ring twice, indications of a held elevator.  The compartment is awaiting my entry.  Seems like my luck has changed completely.

Stepping into the close quarters, I see her looking up.  Eyes concealed behind designer line glasses, but…  It is easy to make out those probing eyes as they have already assessed my being.  Again, she uses her hand while greeting me.  “I’m Tick.  Aren’t you gonna thank me for holding the elevator for ya?”

Her voice rang with an accent I had become all too familiar with.  Melodic tones that sorta’ float out over her lips, engulfing me as the words “come in, please come in” melt any amount of resistance that was about to be offered.  Yet, I also knew that this was the voice of those who have motives.  Deep deep, recessed, covertly ulterior motives that have been so artfully hidden that…  ‘Til you drop, they won’t stop.

So what!  She had me, effectively “laid me down” when the name Tick came forth.  Pushin’ her point even faster was the fuel of the perfume she wore.  Yeap, it propelled her claimed signature even harder.  And…  With the two joined, lassoing my senses, rendering me completely helpless.  I was more than willing to be “Tock with Tick”, but…  Before the clock stopped I knew it wouldn’t be me as the one to be dropped!

Hello, sounds distinctly similar you say?  Yes, many become “weak in the knees” when you met that special someone who easily swept you off your feet.  And as time marched forward with the initial novelty wearing thin, you found yourself privately wondering.  “Where is the love now!  Where is the mercy because I’m drowning in this cohabitation that doesn’t breath but is just there!”

Well don’t trip.  The approach capturing you is referred to as playing to one’s weakness while not considering any sort of merciful retreat.  That’s is, when the one who played you had but one intended goal.  This tactic is a classic method deployed by one who knows exactly who it is they seek.  YOU!

“My head is not so big.” Soooo, I will confess, like you I’ve fallen for this same technique.  Not once, but many times, over and over.  You’d think I would have realized the insanity.  Well some time, way down the line I did.   Our differences, today I’m still standing.  Minus the hate that develops from being dooped over and over again.  The reason…  Very simple, I don’t believe in any hype I’ve created about myself.  Nor, will I allow others to make me believe in make-believe!

To rise above the elevator scene is also simple.  Don’t worry when or if He and She goes wrong.  Hey, stuff happens.  Like time moves with the seasons ushering in a change, but always comes back slightly re-arranged, so will He or She.  Maybe not in the manifestation as before, but…  You’ll be back at it.  You’ll have another opp., as in opportunity.  The key to success for your advantage is to recognize the signs in order for the preparation required to withstand any impacts.  Be them good or bad.  Hard to soft,  Or…  In many of you all’s case, smooth, coming in extremely fast, only to drift into your memory.  Remanants of a failed past!

Usually when, as the story depicts, love comes in commanding while demanding.  Basically havin’ people re-act like The Three Monkeys, know this.  Those monkeys are symbolic of hearing, seeing and speaking no evil.  Depictions of people and their refusal to acknowledge the truth of what is.  Which means those under this sort of influence have a tendency to look the other way.  Big mistake.  Huge mistake!

Oh don’t miss the points, you sense the presence of your attraction, but.  The reality of its existence will not be seen or felt because of the feigning of ignorance.  Once the stealth of this attraction uncloaks, blasting you like never before as you shockingly absorbed the full purpose of the intent.  It’s over.  Too late.  They have “hit it and split”.

This is not to suggest that love is bad.  Remember and pay attention to the contents of the story.  In doing so don’t misconstrue love for lust, and I got something for this too.  Some who are in lust will eventually come with love.  When they transform they will stay true to you because you “flipped their script” turning their injection into a real life reserrection.  Giving them a stronger sense of what real life and true romance is all about.  Exactly, you were there at their beginning and now can set up a love with a life that might last forever.

Psssss; The above should be perceived as that proverbial courtesy call.  I’m givin’ you all something at the beginning of the year so by the time Cupid starts slingin’ those yearly arrows and you get hit by one, then…  Just before that day arrives you won’t be saying.  “Damn, alone again!” See Ya…

“Igga Please”©

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New season and a different year, with  “G” continuing to walk without fear.  The beginning of another decade yet…  More of the same charades!  No matter how much seems to change, things remain the same.

In an attempt to distance himself from the corruption of society, “G” decides to take a drive into the forest.  Not one to relish a drive alone he reluctantly invites an associate.  Just anyone won’t do but someone who will add to the depth of his consciousness.  So he opts for one of the Boyz’ who is knowledgable in varous Histories.

Fifty miles up the highway and after many stops for smoke breaks, placating his companion, destination finally reach.  “G” pulls off to the side of the road and…  His rider immediately hops out, stretches,  stands magestically while inhaling the clean fresh air.  Then proceeds to partake in another cig.  The sight is of no importance to “G” as he is aware of how his associate does what “he” do.

Fiendishly puffing, he speaks of how others follow without really knowing where they are going or who they are getting behind.  Adding that this is something he refuses to do.  “G”, forever aloof, concurs, but…  He had learned many moons ago that when you listen to whomever it is you have given an audience to, they will evenutally tell you everything about themselves before…  You even ask.  As “G” enjoyed the silence provided by the stillness of the forest, he also recalled the purpose of this juant.  Which was to “re-charge” his emotional cells.

Continuing with the monologue his associate made mention that he was, “a General” and would never…  What so ever be a follower.  “G” found this statement not funny but amusing because he knew simple logic and in knowing this he knew that to arrive at the degree of a General you first have to be that low level Private.  Basically put, “G” knew that everyone who becomes anyone must start at the bottom of the totem pole, listening & following someones’ orders.  But…  Rather than “bring the rain” “G” had no prob. in his refrain.  Besides, as his associate so eloquently said, “I ain’t ’bout ‘ta follow no M.F.!”

As mentioned, “G” was fully impressed with this man’s insights regarding historical issues and how they equate to everybody, but “G” also knew that when it came to common sense, anyone could see that his associate was completely lost.

That loss factor really kicked in after his associate finished his 3rd cig and asked.  “Hey dude, when are we gonna be in the forest you said would be waiting on us?”

Without missing a beat, “G” sighed, shook his head as if amazed and said.  “Why General, we’ve been in it since that turn-off miles back.  Just look up.”

Psssss; Many can’t see because they have no idea what they are lookin’ for.  Like when in a relationship.  Constantly fussin’, fightin’, all for your right to be heard.  Not ever realizing you where identified, approached & heard before you even uttered that first word.  People seldom equate secondary aspects of life with personal things which are needs just to make “life” right.  This is usually why people ‘uck up so many things that are near and dear to ’em.  Today, try this.  Shut-up, pay attention and you may get somewhere while enjoyin’ the ride someone else has agreed to take with you!  Feel me