“Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack”

I ride on the backs of Crocodiles dressed in attire that doesn’t fit the scene, tell me, how many of you know what this means?

It has been years since I entered The Game, I was that “Triple Threat” who definitely knew my name.  Many think they know the definitions of this, but…  “The Truth Be Told”, “Game recognizes Game” as “Man sharpens Man”.  Right about now if you tune in on any air waves in America you’ll find the media blitzing about the supposedly verified transgressions & indiscretions of a certain somebody.

We as a people listen to these same media outlets in a quest to find out what’s really goin’ on.  The real is, media types hype any and everything all in the name of ratings.  Well, just like he who will rides on the back of a Croc, dressed as if he is about to take a stroll through the park, many things aren’t as they seem.

It is being said that someone, a very special someone has been sleeping around with those who don’t resemble his wife.  What hasn’t been said is who are these others who play under the covers knowing they aren’t the wife?

It’s a truism that He&She who plays will someday be slayed, which…  Maybe true, but only for those who haven’t a clue.  And for those who are hiding in fear because you know the truth could be near, I will share with you how to talk to your dear.

“Okay, I’ve been sleeping around, and you’re right they are talkin’ about it all over town, but…  You knew what I was about when you met me.  Don’t suddenly act as if this is all new to you.  In fact, what drew you to me?  Wasn’t it the same thing they see?

If this is about the money, then take yours honey, just don’t think its funny when I step back up and it’s still sunny.  Right, I made it once and I’ll do it again, do you think I forgot what it takes to win.  Speaking of the win, have you forgotten that you’re suppose to be my best friend.  Then don’t take sides like the others who are really standing close by, waiting on you to slide.  Cause when they see you’ve moved on, it will be them who come with their type of fun.  Baby believe me, I ain’t tryin’ to run, I’m just realizing there is much work that needs to be done.  We live as we grow, but it’s not as if its everything we think we know!

So I step to you with these words that are so true.  Yes, there was more than one but to increase that sum…  For what, I’m done!  As for the media telling me to ‘fess up, tell the truth and cop a plea.  You know that’s not comin’ outta me.  This is our life, it’s for us to get it right.  As for this public decree, they can kiss what they don’t see.  Besides, most of those who have something to say, you can bet they ain’t havin’ it their way.  Which is why I need you to stay, you should see it is you forever and a day.

No baby, it’s not as if I’m in denial as to what has transpired, possibly its that we aren’t anywhere close to expire.  People push for what they want it to be, but…  You know I’m still not breaking down to one knee.

So, vilify me, slap me around, kick me to the curb as you react to what ‘cha may of heard.  Just remember…  Those are their words.

Oh yeah, as far as the media goes, I wasn’t ever the star in their show.  But since they wanna continue with their game, let ’em watch as I stand back and prove them I’m not the one insane.  Like I said, I’m the triple threat.  (Potential, Talent and a Skill Level based on who I am.  Not what anybody assumes I should be).  Right, you remember how you looked at me!”

Psssss; Your world, my home, leave it alone.  I began with the title, “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack”, because like ducks people are always Quacking.  Creating a whole lotta noise and really who knows for what?  Do you talk duck?


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