Art Of Seduction, P III; “My Momma’s Tongue”

No, no pleeeeasssse…  Don’t go there.  What (My Momma’s Tongue) and this topic on seduction has to do with each other is huge.  Sooooo, stop with the sexual innuendos ’cause you know if I even thought about dissin’ your momma you’d be lookin’ to lynch somebody.  Yet, I see something in your thought processing patterns so I’ll take it and run with it.  This will make it easier for me to prove my points.

Since the art of seduction was created by women what better way to expand on the knowledge than to speak from the females’…  Tongue.

The first time I was caught up, making my moves to motivate a female to give it up, I was…  Shall I say, busted by my Momma.  “Her house, her rules, my bedroom…  Still resided within her house so who was I to argue.” But…  My Momma was way sharper than I, especially as she stood in the doorway seeing me in that position and didn’t go crazy.  Demanding that I get my ass up & toss the woman out of her house.  Her feminine insight was further established when she refused to act like a mad General marching the two of us into another room for that standardized speech about promiscuity.

My Momma, stood there, as her eyes focused on the flora and fawn blowing outside my bedroom window, and simply said.  “When I return I don’t want to find this girl in your bed, or…  See her sitting in my living room hoping to explain to “ME” her version of what I know “I” see, and don’t think about slipping her out into the guest house, hoping to do this again.”  For those of you who really don’t know how to read this, here’s the correct interpretation, (get that girl out of my house and do it with the quickness).  Which I did, and once I complied my momma laced me.  (Reads, introduced me to mental skills all women admire, a la seduction).

She sat me down and told me about those internal needs women have along with how the sight of a man will stir anxieties deep within any woman.  Adding that when a man gives a woman flowers, it provides a nice touch, but…  When a man knows how to filter into a woman’s spirit by caressing her mind.  Everything else follows in time and there is no need to rush to the nearest bed no matter the age.  I listened, not really sure what this had to do with me, but…  Her house, her rules.

To my knowledge momma hadn’t read any books on seduction.  Still, after I read those books I knew that what she told me way back in the day was in her just like it had been defined in the books.  Like it was in me…  By birth!

Recently, one of the worlds greatest sportsman had to deal with allegations of having been caught with his hands in someone-else’s cookie jar.  (Reads, found guilty by public opinion of fooling around outside of his marriage).  The situation wasn’t a cause for all the media blitz which followed but…  The publics interest goes to show how much people are into other people’s business.  Exactly like all my friends at the school-house heard about me being caught gettin’ busy with my so-called “forever ready steady girlfriend”.

In the case of this celebrated sportsman he sought to extend an explanation which was viewed as an excuse to a transgression presumably identifying a life built on lies.  “So they say, and who are they?”  Males & females who have no business so they stay in other peoples business.

Heat Check 101; Men, Women are forever being caught in somebody’s bed!

To live this life we led we cannot…  Should not and better not forget the tongue of our mothers.  Which is to say, Mommas’ talk is the reason we learned to walk.  When one sets aside or casually misplaces those words of wisdom shared by Momma, that one is bound to find themselves at a loss when it comes to understanding the attractions, motivations, et al of the opposite sex.  Mommas’ convo was usually unisex in application, so your momma could have meant this too.

The 48 Laws Of Power, to be exact (#13) explains the appeal of another based on self-interest and not being based on mercy or gratitude.  This is seduction at its height.  To keep it current, the one comin’ with a bouquet of flowers is seen as one with ulterior motives, especially when they’ve been busted.  Flowers in this sense only gain you that mercy minute defined in number 13.  Now, take it to another dimension and…  As stated in The Art Of Seduction (#11), pay attention to those details.  By doing this you will gain further insight of the others self-interest, resulting in any peace-offering being just that.

Just like my Momma once said.  “This is your house, but our home.  These little girls and that just what they are.  Dumb females who think you have something so they lay it down, in places they assume will eventually be yours and…  transferred to them.  They are not for you or of you, at least not in the long run.  Stop fooling yourself and get it together.  As you young men say, tighten up your game.”

“Flash, not to bring you all up in my Mommas’ tongue, but these words carried so much insight.  Just as the above mentioned Laws & Rules do”

To seduce is about catering to another’s sensibilities creating mutual respect of one another’s quest for the excellence that life demands of all.  Simplification.  “Come with your best and there’s no need for speculation on any bodies part.  Talk with me and not at me and I won’t conjure up images of a back slidin’ lying ass person who corrupted my life; even though it was I who allowed you in.  Now, as far as you comin’ to me and I don’t see transgressions, that is something that time will only heal.  Okay, now seduce me and I will…”

Psssss; Mommas’ Tongue for those of you who are still sleepin’ merely points to your beginnings.  My story I threw in because I wanted to go first.  The celebs story was a tie-in that would keep it all current.  feel me…


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