Trick or Treat©

In the wake of global depression, many issues that couples are faced with, rise to the surface with the stealthiness of a guided torpedo.  Issues pertaining to “how things are ‘pose to be in relations to how things really are”.  Matters that are emotionally debilitating such as raisin’ the ‘youngins, and…  Which out of the two of you are going to be the primary in expanding their lives as far as the extension of discipline, etc etc etc.  Then there’s the “F word”, finances.  Well…  Get ready for something.  “Romance without Finance is a No-mance.”

Basically what chaos uncovers within any relationship are the failures to pre-identify  how two people should step into tomorrow.  Chaos shows that what was actually important…  Requiring immediate attention was…  Dispatched to the boondocks.  Set aside so that the love which was in the air could be fully inhaled.  Well surprise again.

Don’t pass go but head directly to jail

Exacto-mundo!  Figuratively speaking, jail is the only stop available on this course because…  With all the fighting and back biting that will define the attitudes & intentions on this level of the relationship…  You will think jail is where you’ve ended up.  Yes, jail as in mental and physical isolation.  Removed from all forms of rationale in the way of thinking or executing your plans towards ascension of the two.

Rest your fear, a remedy is here.  Stop tricking yourself and treat yourself.  On the money tip, which I’m sure is a part of the divisional equation, there is a constant about this elusive stuff.  “Money is made to be Made”, so stop crying about what you don’t have or what you’ve squandered off while enjoying your delights.  And…  Un-like before, start talking a ‘lil more amongst yourselves.  Tell your other half, that significant other who is representing you…  Tell ’em what your visions may be.  Define those parameters that are needed to complete the structure of your dreams.  Those personal insights, the ones you’ve kept personal.  They’ll effect the both of you, so put it out there from the gate.

On issues pertaining to children, be your FAM mixed as in either of you having “young luggage in tow” as a result of other relationships or affairs, or…  Children created by the both of you during one of those mad, passionate quickies.  You need to talk about it going into the relationship way before either of you settle in, referring to yourselves as an item.  Express those concerns before that point and don’t just say, “I’ll wait ’til that bridge is crossed”.  Share your beliefs about reaching them and teaching them so that each of you will have a clear idea of why the other adult seems to go ballistic whenever the kids get outta line.  By speaking up before hand, now they won’t get so upset with your blastin’ off because the kids have pushed you to the limits.  They know…  They know that if you don’t release that pressure, neither of you will reach those plans defined.

And to pause; returning to that wait thing, I say this.  If you are always waiting to cross the bridge before preparing yourself, you’ll never know what you’ll do in your drive to arrive.  Sooooo, miss yourself with that silly ass statement.  Which…  Is a deflection at best.

Key point; just say what you know and stop trippin’ off of how it will be perceived as to what you thought you knew, but really didn’t know.  Right again.  Trick or treat. What end of this do you wanna experience?

Psssss; Life.  It isn’t Monopoly, but…  It is a game none the less, so learn the rules and understand their full application.  Especially if you intend to win.


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