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“Blip Blam”©

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2009 is ’bout to run outta time, and here’s 2010, slippin’ smooth in.  Stay with me as I remix the matters that brought us close.

My intro into your world began with the D.V. issues compliments of the mass media, staring “Chris & Rihanna”.  Hey, don’t get mad at me, if you remember (I didn’t pick a dog in this fight).  To keep it real, I asked all of you to wait.  Wait ’til each side revealed their position before blaming anyone.  I mean, with Rihanna going from good girl to straight-out freakazoid with her graphic promotional campaigns.  I guess this was a concerted effort in an attempt to channel those seductive passions and aggressions.  But hey, with the allegations that came out after she had supposedly “Fat Mouthed” to Chris, who in-turned opened up a can of (whoop-ass) on her…  You can’t really blame the woman.

I guess many of you felt like me, it was over, but…  We didn’t hear The Fat Lady sing and Elin stood up to take her swing.  “Currrrack”, straight up the side of Tiger’s head.  And look at us, we had no idea she played golf so well.  Showed Tiger he wasn’t the only one who could come outta the “ruff”.  And that Tiger, he never had to run from any police but…  We see that he can move with the best of ’em.  Jumped into the Escalade with the quickness to get anywhere but there.

Well, with the coming of the holidays I just knew it would be cool, but…  Right, ‘Ol Charlie Sheen decided to enter the pool.  It was alleged that Brooke Mueller the other half of that dynamic duo said something to him about divorce.  Everybody knows those are words left unsaid where Charlie threads.  Now we all know that he’s a neck man, and those Nine One One tapes.  They prove he really knows his lines!

Okay, enough…  Christmas was near and…  Here we go again, Mary J. wasn’t about to let anybody mess up her day.  It was intimated that Hubby Isaacs was attempting to flirt with another skirt and Mary J. Blige wasn’t waiting on the Four One One from anyone to tell her something she already knew.  Slugged him like she owned him, which brings me back to where all this began.

Back in the day I knew someone who was also a “Touch Hog”, which is a term meant to define anyone who is waiting to be touched.  Stroked in a way that moves ’em to release the anger that simmers just beneath their skin, bubblin’ and waiting for anyone who plays like their true friend only hiding behind a false grin.  Then…  Without notice the Touch Hog erupts like the sleeping volcano.

Sooooo, with the conclusion of this year let me say that don’t be hesitant to shed a tear whenever your love ones display traits that you fear.  And…  While you do this remember that it was you who allowed ’em to become so dear.

Now with this known let me move it closer to home.  Here’s a special key I possess, I give to you for whenever you encounter similar test.  Celebrities are just like you, you and you.  Politicians, Priest, alleged Super Models, whomever.  They are all just people, individuals who don’t always know what to do.  All of life can be viewed with the same insights one would have when watching a sunrise or sunset.  When you have the opp. to see one of these natural occurrences, pump your breaks, step back and contemplate the real beauty that emits from deep within such a magnificent reality.  (e.g. your other half).  After the experience has been absorbed, whomever you’ve encounter that “closes the door” causing you to wanna get all ugly.  Just know that who stands on the other side of that door hasn’t revealed every aspect of how they can be.  Just like the sunrise or sunset, no two are the same.

Okay, let’s end this year on a positive note.  It’s been fun, I’m gonna run and next year will kick this thing up another notch.  Keepin’ all of us sharp and forever ready.

Psssss;  Alright, for those of you who have assumed that I’m taking a very serious subject that plagues our society and making a mockery of it, I’ll suggest this.  Do like you do and miss me while I…  Enjoy my Cap-Back, head up watchin’ the fireworks in the sky.  Oh, the Cap-Back.  What is it?  (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum backed-up with a Cherry Coke, shaken not stirred, drizzled over a tall glass filled with ice).  Feel me.

Happy Happy New Year


“Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack”

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I ride on the backs of Crocodiles dressed in attire that doesn’t fit the scene, tell me, how many of you know what this means?

It has been years since I entered The Game, I was that “Triple Threat” who definitely knew my name.  Many think they know the definitions of this, but…  “The Truth Be Told”, “Game recognizes Game” as “Man sharpens Man”.  Right about now if you tune in on any air waves in America you’ll find the media blitzing about the supposedly verified transgressions & indiscretions of a certain somebody.

We as a people listen to these same media outlets in a quest to find out what’s really goin’ on.  The real is, media types hype any and everything all in the name of ratings.  Well, just like he who will rides on the back of a Croc, dressed as if he is about to take a stroll through the park, many things aren’t as they seem.

It is being said that someone, a very special someone has been sleeping around with those who don’t resemble his wife.  What hasn’t been said is who are these others who play under the covers knowing they aren’t the wife?

It’s a truism that He&She who plays will someday be slayed, which…  Maybe true, but only for those who haven’t a clue.  And for those who are hiding in fear because you know the truth could be near, I will share with you how to talk to your dear.

“Okay, I’ve been sleeping around, and you’re right they are talkin’ about it all over town, but…  You knew what I was about when you met me.  Don’t suddenly act as if this is all new to you.  In fact, what drew you to me?  Wasn’t it the same thing they see?

If this is about the money, then take yours honey, just don’t think its funny when I step back up and it’s still sunny.  Right, I made it once and I’ll do it again, do you think I forgot what it takes to win.  Speaking of the win, have you forgotten that you’re suppose to be my best friend.  Then don’t take sides like the others who are really standing close by, waiting on you to slide.  Cause when they see you’ve moved on, it will be them who come with their type of fun.  Baby believe me, I ain’t tryin’ to run, I’m just realizing there is much work that needs to be done.  We live as we grow, but it’s not as if its everything we think we know!

So I step to you with these words that are so true.  Yes, there was more than one but to increase that sum…  For what, I’m done!  As for the media telling me to ‘fess up, tell the truth and cop a plea.  You know that’s not comin’ outta me.  This is our life, it’s for us to get it right.  As for this public decree, they can kiss what they don’t see.  Besides, most of those who have something to say, you can bet they ain’t havin’ it their way.  Which is why I need you to stay, you should see it is you forever and a day.

No baby, it’s not as if I’m in denial as to what has transpired, possibly its that we aren’t anywhere close to expire.  People push for what they want it to be, but…  You know I’m still not breaking down to one knee.

So, vilify me, slap me around, kick me to the curb as you react to what ‘cha may of heard.  Just remember…  Those are their words.

Oh yeah, as far as the media goes, I wasn’t ever the star in their show.  But since they wanna continue with their game, let ’em watch as I stand back and prove them I’m not the one insane.  Like I said, I’m the triple threat.  (Potential, Talent and a Skill Level based on who I am.  Not what anybody assumes I should be).  Right, you remember how you looked at me!”

Psssss; Your world, my home, leave it alone.  I began with the title, “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack”, because like ducks people are always Quacking.  Creating a whole lotta noise and really who knows for what?  Do you talk duck?

“Tiger… I only know of one.”

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In the town of over the top opulence, also known as Las Vegas, another ultra-chic mega-resort recently opened.  Situated on the south-end of The Strip, located between Tropicana & Flamingo, resting on the westside of the street is City Center.  Architecturally speaking; magnificent.  It also happens to be the spot all the Movers & Shakers of Vegas have pinned their financial futures on.

I was lucky enough to be on site during the grand opening of the Hotel/Residential property “Mandarin Oriental“.  Their brand is designed for those with money to exchange.  As for me, I really enjoyed their teas.

It was while I partook in this gathering given by a group of professional women, that I realized I had been captured by the prey.  The Speaker was clever in the way she played me, putting the spotlight on me, simply by saying.  “Could someone from the audience explain why “Tiger” would throw all that money away by dilly around with women who obviously aren’t his wife?” Yes, I was thrown into the fire and hadn’t even been asked if I wanted to be the main dish.  No matter.

As I am a student of People-Watching 101, the element of fear people have of others had long been removed from my psyche’.  So, their applauds were welcomed as were their extending hands in their attempt to lead me to the podium.  As I stepped forth, I realized their invite…  Although stimulating to receive such an honor, creating a chemically induced sense of excitement in me even before I showed up.  If you understand the intoxicating effects of such a situation, you know where my head was at.  Still, I walked straight ahead…  Delivering my head to their guillotine.

The clapping faded and the emotions seemed to settled in their eyes when I casually responded to their inquiry.  “I cannot answer your question as I am not Mr. Woods nor am I a celeb.” That statement alone, immediately changed the mood within the room.  Now, they waited for more, and…  I obliged.

“I know of only one Tiger.  He’s GREAT, and goes by the name of Tony.  Has a cousin who is also deep into marketing, known affectionately as Chester.  But he’s a Cheetah.” My point hit its mark and the tension subsided three degrees more.  Continuing I pushed to convey to all of them that my Tiger is media driven so I don’t expect anything more that what it is.  Adding, “when you don’t expect anything, you won’t set yourself up for any surprises”.

My concluding words about the ugly situation Tiger Woods found himself in gained me even more props. from those in attendance.  That statement.  “All this talk about the man chasing the women for sex, ends with y’all making the man out to be this cold, deceptive sex addict.  But, let a woman be on the hunt and y’all refer to it being a case of expanding her social network.  Okay ladies, I give-up, and it’s give-in.  Permission granted…” As they looked at me, some with confusion etched on their faces, others showing anticipation as to what would come next, I ended their thirst by saying.  “Be like Tony and tell the truth.  It’s GRRREAAAT!”

Psssss;  Much of what people do is based on a combination of acquired behavior with a ‘lil innate characteristics sprinkled in.  When people act on impulse this is said to be of the reptilian variety.  A la, people see, people want, people take.  As for the consequences, the realization of them only comes with the passage of time.  Hey, are we talkin’ maturity?  Tiger Woods’ life is his life to lead or cast to the winds while damning those who thought he was bigger than them.  The women who gave themselves to him accepted that permission slip previously defined, allowing them to…  Do what people do!

Art Of Seduction, P III; “My Momma’s Tongue”

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No, no pleeeeasssse…  Don’t go there.  What (My Momma’s Tongue) and this topic on seduction has to do with each other is huge.  Sooooo, stop with the sexual innuendos ’cause you know if I even thought about dissin’ your momma you’d be lookin’ to lynch somebody.  Yet, I see something in your thought processing patterns so I’ll take it and run with it.  This will make it easier for me to prove my points.

Since the art of seduction was created by women what better way to expand on the knowledge than to speak from the females’…  Tongue.

The first time I was caught up, making my moves to motivate a female to give it up, I was…  Shall I say, busted by my Momma.  “Her house, her rules, my bedroom…  Still resided within her house so who was I to argue.” But…  My Momma was way sharper than I, especially as she stood in the doorway seeing me in that position and didn’t go crazy.  Demanding that I get my ass up & toss the woman out of her house.  Her feminine insight was further established when she refused to act like a mad General marching the two of us into another room for that standardized speech about promiscuity.

My Momma, stood there, as her eyes focused on the flora and fawn blowing outside my bedroom window, and simply said.  “When I return I don’t want to find this girl in your bed, or…  See her sitting in my living room hoping to explain to “ME” her version of what I know “I” see, and don’t think about slipping her out into the guest house, hoping to do this again.”  For those of you who really don’t know how to read this, here’s the correct interpretation, (get that girl out of my house and do it with the quickness).  Which I did, and once I complied my momma laced me.  (Reads, introduced me to mental skills all women admire, a la seduction).

She sat me down and told me about those internal needs women have along with how the sight of a man will stir anxieties deep within any woman.  Adding that when a man gives a woman flowers, it provides a nice touch, but…  When a man knows how to filter into a woman’s spirit by caressing her mind.  Everything else follows in time and there is no need to rush to the nearest bed no matter the age.  I listened, not really sure what this had to do with me, but…  Her house, her rules.

To my knowledge momma hadn’t read any books on seduction.  Still, after I read those books I knew that what she told me way back in the day was in her just like it had been defined in the books.  Like it was in me…  By birth!

Recently, one of the worlds greatest sportsman had to deal with allegations of having been caught with his hands in someone-else’s cookie jar.  (Reads, found guilty by public opinion of fooling around outside of his marriage).  The situation wasn’t a cause for all the media blitz which followed but…  The publics interest goes to show how much people are into other people’s business.  Exactly like all my friends at the school-house heard about me being caught gettin’ busy with my so-called “forever ready steady girlfriend”.

In the case of this celebrated sportsman he sought to extend an explanation which was viewed as an excuse to a transgression presumably identifying a life built on lies.  “So they say, and who are they?”  Males & females who have no business so they stay in other peoples business.

Heat Check 101; Men, Women are forever being caught in somebody’s bed!

To live this life we led we cannot…  Should not and better not forget the tongue of our mothers.  Which is to say, Mommas’ talk is the reason we learned to walk.  When one sets aside or casually misplaces those words of wisdom shared by Momma, that one is bound to find themselves at a loss when it comes to understanding the attractions, motivations, et al of the opposite sex.  Mommas’ convo was usually unisex in application, so your momma could have meant this too.

The 48 Laws Of Power, to be exact (#13) explains the appeal of another based on self-interest and not being based on mercy or gratitude.  This is seduction at its height.  To keep it current, the one comin’ with a bouquet of flowers is seen as one with ulterior motives, especially when they’ve been busted.  Flowers in this sense only gain you that mercy minute defined in number 13.  Now, take it to another dimension and…  As stated in The Art Of Seduction (#11), pay attention to those details.  By doing this you will gain further insight of the others self-interest, resulting in any peace-offering being just that.

Just like my Momma once said.  “This is your house, but our home.  These little girls and that just what they are.  Dumb females who think you have something so they lay it down, in places they assume will eventually be yours and…  transferred to them.  They are not for you or of you, at least not in the long run.  Stop fooling yourself and get it together.  As you young men say, tighten up your game.”

“Flash, not to bring you all up in my Mommas’ tongue, but these words carried so much insight.  Just as the above mentioned Laws & Rules do”

To seduce is about catering to another’s sensibilities creating mutual respect of one another’s quest for the excellence that life demands of all.  Simplification.  “Come with your best and there’s no need for speculation on any bodies part.  Talk with me and not at me and I won’t conjure up images of a back slidin’ lying ass person who corrupted my life; even though it was I who allowed you in.  Now, as far as you comin’ to me and I don’t see transgressions, that is something that time will only heal.  Okay, now seduce me and I will…”

Psssss; Mommas’ Tongue for those of you who are still sleepin’ merely points to your beginnings.  My story I threw in because I wanted to go first.  The celebs story was a tie-in that would keep it all current.  feel me…

Trick or Treat©

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In the wake of global depression, many issues that couples are faced with, rise to the surface with the stealthiness of a guided torpedo.  Issues pertaining to “how things are ‘pose to be in relations to how things really are”.  Matters that are emotionally debilitating such as raisin’ the ‘youngins, and…  Which out of the two of you are going to be the primary in expanding their lives as far as the extension of discipline, etc etc etc.  Then there’s the “F word”, finances.  Well…  Get ready for something.  “Romance without Finance is a No-mance.”

Basically what chaos uncovers within any relationship are the failures to pre-identify  how two people should step into tomorrow.  Chaos shows that what was actually important…  Requiring immediate attention was…  Dispatched to the boondocks.  Set aside so that the love which was in the air could be fully inhaled.  Well surprise again.

Don’t pass go but head directly to jail

Exacto-mundo!  Figuratively speaking, jail is the only stop available on this course because…  With all the fighting and back biting that will define the attitudes & intentions on this level of the relationship…  You will think jail is where you’ve ended up.  Yes, jail as in mental and physical isolation.  Removed from all forms of rationale in the way of thinking or executing your plans towards ascension of the two.

Rest your fear, a remedy is here.  Stop tricking yourself and treat yourself.  On the money tip, which I’m sure is a part of the divisional equation, there is a constant about this elusive stuff.  “Money is made to be Made”, so stop crying about what you don’t have or what you’ve squandered off while enjoying your delights.  And…  Un-like before, start talking a ‘lil more amongst yourselves.  Tell your other half, that significant other who is representing you…  Tell ’em what your visions may be.  Define those parameters that are needed to complete the structure of your dreams.  Those personal insights, the ones you’ve kept personal.  They’ll effect the both of you, so put it out there from the gate.

On issues pertaining to children, be your FAM mixed as in either of you having “young luggage in tow” as a result of other relationships or affairs, or…  Children created by the both of you during one of those mad, passionate quickies.  You need to talk about it going into the relationship way before either of you settle in, referring to yourselves as an item.  Express those concerns before that point and don’t just say, “I’ll wait ’til that bridge is crossed”.  Share your beliefs about reaching them and teaching them so that each of you will have a clear idea of why the other adult seems to go ballistic whenever the kids get outta line.  By speaking up before hand, now they won’t get so upset with your blastin’ off because the kids have pushed you to the limits.  They know…  They know that if you don’t release that pressure, neither of you will reach those plans defined.

And to pause; returning to that wait thing, I say this.  If you are always waiting to cross the bridge before preparing yourself, you’ll never know what you’ll do in your drive to arrive.  Sooooo, miss yourself with that silly ass statement.  Which…  Is a deflection at best.

Key point; just say what you know and stop trippin’ off of how it will be perceived as to what you thought you knew, but really didn’t know.  Right again.  Trick or treat. What end of this do you wanna experience?

Psssss; Life.  It isn’t Monopoly, but…  It is a game none the less, so learn the rules and understand their full application.  Especially if you intend to win.