Scared? Yes, most of you are!

Richmond caliBy now most have heard about the sick situation regarding the young female (15 yrs on this planet to be exact) who was raped and tortured while attending an event on her High School Campus in Richmond, cali.  Despite the notorious reputation of the city itself, (yeah, this is reported as a very tough spot to live in).  Still,  those who stood around witnessing the vicious incident have been given a pass once again.  Finding solace in the published affliction they have grasped as their own to justify doing nothing.  This pass has been deemed as; (Genovese Syndrome) See; california.gang.rape.bystander/index.html

To me, this syndrome is a cop-out at best.  Defined by those who wish to exempt themselves and those like ’em from having to engage if and when…  Confronted with a situation that calls for personal involvement.  Ya know what I’m talking about, taking time from sippin’ the latte, diverting ones eyes and dialin’ up the nearest crime fighting unit for immediate “TD.I.R”.  (reads, Tactical-Deployment, Intervention & Rescue).

Societies and many cultures have internal organizations set up to make living within that communal zone safe.  This is what is known as the infrastructure.  Yet, this same support structure that everything inside of the society has been founded or reliant upon, is manned or full of those same scary ass people that spawned from the same frightened society that is ‘pose to be built with reliable safeguards.

Can someone tell me, where is the humanity.  Please!

When I was comin’ up as a “young-star” there was a saying that went like this;

“Don’t be the pot to call the kettle black”

This simply meant that if you are guilty of something don’t be so quick to point the finger as if you are above re-proach.  Case in point; this situation I’m speaking on!

An associate of mine has been through the fire just as I.  The other day we spoke on how so many will allow another to fall victim to the ills of society, just because of that fear which has gripped them for far too long.  Fear of retaliation if they get involved.  “Fear of self is more like it!” Together we spoke about this with great passion.  As I listened he spoke with a conviction easily recognized as he conveyed to me how he “rescued another” from a similar brutal attack being carried out right before his own eyes.  An assualt with one slight difference, his situation was male to male, same-sex.   Yet, executed with the same intensity in criminality as the young victim in the Richmond incident had to have experienced.

My friend engaged regardless of all the “looky loues” who stood around watching, but kept that safe distance.  Gawking while they felt what was transpiring right before their eyes had nothin’ to do with them personally.

There are some…  Few but still some within all societies who, maybe because of experiences and life situations have no stomach for events of this type.  He nor I would or could sit back and let this sort of activity un-fold without steppin’ up.  I guess we are cut from the same cloth!

What goes on around you may not touch you today, but eventually the remnants of what was…  Will fall from the sky like rain as a result of what is, and will.  In time, touch you also!  And no, by no means is this phrase to be taken outta context and looked upon with any religious association implied.

There are thousand of excuses anyone of those who make up society can find and apply in order to exempt themselves from guilt whenever they see a crime committed.  Still, you saw it.  You were there, on site, eyes glued to the scene first hand!  What does this say to you as a person?  What does this do to your psyche’?

Psssss:  I dont call any kettle black because…  I refuse to live in a glass house.  No, I’m not criminal, I have engaged in crime just as you.  Hey, don’t trip, remember when you cheated on those school test when you couldn’t come up with the correct answer.  Said your memory wasn’t up to par that day.  Or…  That grape you tasted while shopping in the grocery store.  The one you popped into your mouth to determine if the bunch was sweet or not.  I can even mention the excuses you conveniently refer to as “lil white lies” whenever your mate set up the inquisition regarding your whereabouts.  You know the deal.  Fact is, crime, what is wrong or illegal is…  Still illegal!


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