WorkPlace Romance, II

yingyangclassicyingyangSome said my intro into this workplace romance was lite.  Others even alluded to my presentation being somewhat homogenized in view of what they knew of me.  “Thanks”, I didn’t realize I held an audition for this production. Still, I need to pull the covers back on this topic as it has been kept in the closet for way too long.  “Am I qualified to do this?”  Fat meat is greasy and I’m fine with speaking from a hypocritical stance.

I come like this because of my domestic standing which some would say precludes me from being able to breath life into the topic of workplace romance.  Yet, despite my personal choice of a mate my passion has always ran deep and as I previously said, this is my movie.  I’m the star and my sexy, exceptionally intelligent Wifey has been there since day one.  She knows just how passionate I am when my heart is into it.  As for the sexy ones who have slipped in and outta the co-staring roles.  Well they have come and gone, with many gaining from their association with my productions.  Which…  For any sensible person being made privy to all this would conclude; “he must know something”.

Sooooo, without anymore stupid assumptions, let’s kick it some more on this fantastic voyage known as.

“My Movie Starring YOU”

Finding your “Boo” in the work place isn’t changing today or tomorrow.  It’s something that no matter how you dress it up, will remain…  In vogue.  Flip the script, usher in new laws to prevent the deal from goin’ down, won’t stop it.  Keep pushing that dialogue that stipulates to engage is a direct conflict or breach of professionalism, is akin to singing into the wind.  The correct verbage in use today, goes something like this.  Any office romance is an abuse of power as it  discriminates.  Creating an un-fair playing field for subordinates.  I guess this means professional manipulation.

Usually after the novelty of the office romance wears off, everybody is left standing, but asking the same question.  “Why did I get involved in the 1st place.”  That answer is simple.  It’s like most things you want…  Take, but should have.  It feels good to you and while attaining this state of being a physiological change occurs deep within your body.  The affects of the workplace romance is just that, a drug!

The workplace romance compels.  Holds and puts a lock on you.  Maybe those involved are suffering from low self-esteem.  Possibly its done because your significant other isn’t keepin’ up with the standards of your primary relationship.  Then, it could be that you just wanna explore and biologically desire more.  No matter what is callin’ you, once you get in you feel complete again.  That smile returns, you enjoy the activities of the job and your productivity increases.  At least, temporarily.

Any workplace of today is…  In many ways, just as they were yesterday.  Work which took place in the fields has been transformed into congregating people in offices environments.  Women are as visible as men during this modern day scenario.  Each arriving at the same time, both sexes handling their assigned responsibilities.  And all the while you will find many who are trippin’ off of some imaginary fantasies they assume the other is also fabricating and happily framing them within also.

Un-like days past, the work place has ascended to being “The Place”.  By spending all that time on the job it’s no mystery that some serious personal interest are cultivated, and guess what.  If any of this applies to you, you will eventually get got.  The thing to do is, don’t expect the laws to shield you from your involvement.

Once the affair is over, there will be a price extracted by those who have nothing better to do than…  Bring what you thought was under the radar into full view for everyone to talk about.  Hey, thats just the way of our Western Society is.  A society that loves to point the finger and maybe it’s because of those similar dynamics found within workplace romances.  Any thing that involves people you will see that we are a species quick to accuse and say. I wouldn’t be caught dead doing something so foolish”.

Times advance, seasons change and…  Nothing has been re-arranged.  Everyone is seeking that “Ying to their Yang”.  You can add bling to it but…  It’s remains the same.  My brother once said that people are always following someone elses movie when they should be…  Right, starring in their own.


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