“I wanna know… Your name”

The question of the day; When is it right to engage in workplace romance?

From a professional point of view my answer must be; not ever and preferably never!

With the present intrusive laws enacted, rushed into place by every corporate body to the many civil bodies with everybody hoping to appease all the bodies wishing to regulate what goes on in every public and privately functioning office…  The workplace romance at best couldn’t stand up under such scrutinizing observations.  Oh yeah, add the government body who have allowed this mess to expand dramatically, and your changes of “doin’ it while making it good to you” are nil to none!

As for those who are discreet, (reads-Smooth Operators).  Yes, those who know how to navigate the office corridors where the stream of opportunities for such a connection are considered; less monitored.  You are still opening yourself up for Drama.  Public, private and political.  Have an encounter with “Ms. Thang'” and don’t live up to her expectations, then in your moment of “clarity of consciousness” decide to spin her.  Don’t be surprised at how quickly you’ve got a sexual harassment suit filed against you.  Or if it’s “Sweet Lou” who isn’t ready to call it quits, but you being the female do…  Don’t take it personal when your pics are blasted on the companys’ inter-office bulletin board, both electronic & ‘ol school formats.

Forgot about those pics, hun?  You remember the ones you agreed to take via his cell phone?  Those he said were needed in the event he ever became a paraplegic and wanted that motivation.

Now, from a personal position I will always be of the mindset that says if you both are fellin’ one another then do you!  Just be aware that whatever you think you’re doing that hasn’t been seen or detected by others, this concept resides in your mind alone!  With the technology that exist today…  From audio to visual survellance equipment that can be acquired by any cluckhead, every office is a true source for that next, “YouTube Production”.  So it would be safe to ask, do you really wanna chance it?  As for combining these two point of perception, I will say this.  Every workplace romance has it’s pros and cons.

Back in the day when I was at play, I maintained a certain decorum about who I was.  This afforded me the awareness with regard of how stupid it is to believe one’s own press clipping, even those that are whispered in your ears or e-mailed to you by your “partna’ of chance”.  What I had could be called image, call it swagger which is just a morping from cool!  What I refer to this is being true to self.  With me, I lived for the chase.  I rose to the challenges that come with the mental sparing inherited with this sort of lifestyle.  Not to mention the benefits that comes from the physical continuity.  “What, did you think I was doing this just because!” All this gave me a balance which afforded me the attractions and availabilities of the best out there.  If I wasn’t feelin’ it I had no prob. in bailing.  Dis-engaging without fear of that infamous restraint order that is always there.  But…  Reserved for the day that you wanna stop at the play.  You know…  That legal weapon that many don’t think will ever be applied towards them, but knows it is a part of every arsenal of those involved.

Thankfully when I was in this mode, I had a Guardian Angel.  A woman who had more time in life than I.  She worked diligently within our office environment, was married and didn’t have the time to engage in such activities.  This woman always carried herself with “Grace”.  Even though I was “hunting” something she was totally aware of, she wasn’t so naive as to attempt to tell me about the fallacies of the hunt.  And…  She wasn’t so caught up in that stiff mentality placing herself in judgement of me.  In fact the wifey, she welcomed and treated with the utmost respect.  Ms. Pasadena who was a daily fixture in my office was moved by this woman and her attitude knowing she knew that I was already spoken for.  Naw, neither had to worry about being called outta their names as if it was a case of mistaken identity.

Yes, I was being watched over by another with sophistication unimaginable.  She kept me attuned to women.  Now who within the parameters of a workplace romance has this goin’ on for ’em today?  Told ‘ya I’ve been there.

For the real on what I learned during this second go round at workplace romance.  “What, you thought this was the first time!”  But really my points are relevant so hear me out.  I realized that this tricky, conniving game seldom had a winner.  From male to female the game comes with straight out wicked, devious stuff, designed to psychologically damage all those who think they’ve got it going on.  Note; this game is for the narcissist types only.  Approach with extreme caution.  But hey, it’s like this.  Boyz will be boyz and girlz will forever play their part.

Point being; within this realm of workplace romance everybody has an agenda.  Don’t think otherwise.  The question should be.  Can you identify all the switiches that come with the play?

Psssss; And…  for those of you who’ve carefully de-constructed the above, hoping to pin me on a contradict; wait on it!  Like my Guardian Angel who didn’t engage or tell me how to do what I was doing, I’m not about to pass judgment on those currently involved in workplace romance.  I have no concern if you do the workplace thing or not.  For those sharp enough to feel the vibe, you know I’m saying, I’ve got this thing and when you listen you might just get it too!


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