“Interview Of The Beary Bodacious Player©”


Hey, they’ve interviewed corporate leaders with many assuming the public role & perception of what a Player is.  The world set down to witness the premier of “Interview with a Vampire”.  But…  How many of you would even know a vampire if you ran into one?  I mean, if the Vamp wasn’t parading around in the newest “caped” fashion, or engaged in an extraction, (reads, suckin’ out your blood), you wouldn’t even know ’em!  Now as to this contemporary phenom known as “player”, very few, if any would stand up to what actually defines a Player.

Hence, I give you…  “The Interview of  The Beary Bodacious Player”.  No, refrain from thinking about Ra’mon or Pierre’, they are what is consider, Gigolos.  You are thinking maybe Jodi or Sancho’?  Those are strictly lovers, African American & Hispanic or Latino persuasion, depending on which side of the equator you reside on.  Day Day or Woogi?  I’d be the first to admit I haven’t the slightest idea what or who these animations want to be.  For those who believe in Valdimir and Jorge, nope!  These cats are stereotypes of real gangsters, not the manufactured off the rack wanna be.  Sooooo, without further adieu, I present…  Smedley.

Q.  Let me be the first to say that if at any time you don’t like what I’m asking of you, just get up and leave, ok?

A. Nothing audible, just a nod of his head.

Q. Welcome to the show Smedley, are you cool with this?

A. Again, nothing verbal, but this time he outlines his mustache with his thumb & index finger, then very relaxed he nods his head indicating a yes.

Q.  Because you actually represent the male’s perspective of a Player, I’d like to know why do women want to be with a person such as yourself?

A. Women want man, man chase woman.  No big mystery.

Q. Ok, I can work with that, but tell me.  Are you so versed when it comes to sex that you have this magic about yourself that women find irresistible?

A. This life is not about sex.  It is not about what you cannot have, but what you want for yourself.

Q. Sounds kinda selfish?

A.  Would you see corporate man, movie star as selfish because he know what he want?

Q. Excellent come back.  Was that a deflection?

A. Back to the non verbal response with the nodding of his head.  Yet, there is a telling smile.

Q. It’s common understanding that males such as yourself, live off the material wealth of the women you attract.  Is this true or a myth?

A. Woman place themselves in my view to be seen.  Woman is aware of what she do.  I…  Respond.  Basic chemical reaction.

Q. You seem uncomfortable or…  Your answers are vague, sorta’ nonchalant.  This would indicate to me that…

A. I speak for me, ok!  You know what your client want, so you have no issue in letting them speak to you when they come to you with question.  This would be because you know what you do.  I am right?  I am not, as you say; uncomfortable.  I perfectly relax.  Just ask me what you like to know.

Q. What many of my female clients ask of me is why they cannot resist a man such as…  Yourself.  Is it that you’ve studied sex appeal?  Is it that you have all the material things that women see as something they want to enjoy or experience.  What is it?

A. Woman want what I want.  To be recognized, appreciated, romanced, enjoyed, love.  Man too busy building bridge, taking over country, no time to pay attention to what he have.  Man, woman fight over nothing important, me have no time for such foolishness.

Q. Ok, but…  Is the relationship that you develop with women based around sex?

A. Sex is relative.  I have…  Let me see how you need to understand.  I’m landlord.  I managed to acquire a couple of homes.  I don’t buy new car just to say I have new car.  I get money from tenants who lease from me.  I do gardening on my homes, sometime put up ladder for paint man to paint houses.  Save expenses.  I manage myself.  Woman is additional.

Q. You speak with an accent that is refreshing to hear, I mean not many people speak like you.  Where do you call home?

A. You want me sound like Jamaican?  Smedley begins to speak with Jamaican accent).  how abut Hispaniola?  (Smedley changes accent and demeanor with ease, now he speaks with Spanish accent).  This is as you say, refreshing, no.  I like me!

Q. But ‘cha didn’t answer my question?

A. Smedley nods, and smiles politely, then speaks.  I answer first part, second part comes now.  Home is where I decide to call home!

Q. So, back to something I asked previously.  remember about money?  Do you live off of the women you see?

A. I do not go so low.  I meet women, I enjoy them.  Sometimes they want to get into what I do.  By this I speak of how I make money.  many don’t do stock market, they see Madoff before he arrive.  Women mad at life, mad at what they cannot have.  They put money in my hand.  If we lose, it is loss.  In the beginning it is ok.  Whe they see that I have no desire to build home with them, do husband & wife lifestyle.  Woman girlfriend say I bad person,  Woman now say I use them.  This is lie.

Q. This is very insightful, but tell me, what is it that makes you so good ’til they are motivated to give you money.  For investment, it doesn’t matter.  Why do they just give to you?

A. Like I say, I have things.  Material thing woman see as man who…  Is, how you say, “about his business”.  Woman see as man who is good, but this only mean man capable.  Woman don’t understand that things are just thing.  Is it woman who play trick on self?  like sex, woman tell me that I’m best ever.  i hear, no pay attention.  I’m good because I please woman first.  Do that, woman always please man.  Woman interested because I continue to do as I have always done. Not worry about too many thing.  Time pass, life change.  I don’t change.  Woman change.  But not so much.  Woman have motive she hide from first time we meet.  Like season change, woman say I change.  I bad by every account.  This is life.  I continue with my life.  Woman life.  Not so good, woman listen to…  What pretty woman from movie say, woman listen to Hater!

Psssss. This interview took place in a very private location.  As we meet and greeted one another, ducks,geese along with other water fowl flew in to take up residency along the lake.  As we looked up to enjoy the scene, the sun was breaking over the eastern mountains.  It was nice as we sipped hot coffee right from a Coleman Thermos.  No Starbucks, no distractions from any other women or men.  This Beary Bodacious Player arrived in exquisite style as he descended from a lear jet.  Compliments, as he said, from someone who wished to remain anyonmous.  My sources confirmedd that the aircraft belonged to one of the major financial instutions doing business in America.  ‘Hey, are we talking stimulus abuse here?”   It doesn’t change the equation, the wifey who was bored, sought and found another man for the job.  As Beary Bodacious said, this is life!

In conclusion allow for this to marinate with what you just absorbed.  if you were anticipating those simple questions that lead no where, you read the wrong post.  It was obvious that who I interviewed was socially polished, articulate and very much conscious.  Was he a womanizer?  I cannot speculate on that.  I do know that he didn’t ask or need anything from anyone, especially females.  He may of been married, but he didn’t act or suppress anything visually or mentally.  Our purpose for conversing was motivated by his ability to communicate.  Something he can do well.  In the mean time, I think I wanna take him up on his offer to fly up and over Lake Tahoe.  Land and do lunch.  He said he’d have me back before the sun sets.


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