“Fancy Dresser©”


What you are about to absorb is live and from real time.  The names were omitted to protect the wicked.  I go where most don’t even wanna know!  I’ve lived and seen what is the content of many dreams.  So don’t take any of this personal as I have accepted the position of The Messenger!  Feel me!

Hello my friends, its 2 a.m and as usual, I’m back in the streets again.  Strike that, because many of you will “get it wrong” and misinterpret.  Take what I said outta context and assume by the phrase, “being in the streets” I am to be considered one without any business.  But, to keep it real, being out there, a la “in the streets” is just an expression. Let’s say, vernacular.  In the streets is being on the front line, which incidentally…  Is how I stay sharp.  I’m not the one to extract my Intel by zoning into the nearest television screen, waiting for some corporate type who is monitoring feeds from AP and IP so they know what’s goin’ on.  No, more like some government agencies do when they cannot find a “case”, they make one.  Yeah, I’m being pro-active which makes it “safe for you”!  Feel me.

Standing at the intersection of Tropicana and The Famous Strip, I had just stepped out the doors of The MGM Grand.  My reason for being is that I have just completed an excellent interaction with some of my clients.  Now I need to see if I can “garner” the interest of others.  “Always in motion”.  My movements took me in and out of other Strip properties.  Popping into The Bellagio, Luxor, Wynn’s Resort, and as I cross the bridge heading over to The Venetian, I got one of those feelings.  You know the type when your skin starts to tingle?

Inside the Casino I’m searching for a diner, finding it, I decide not to enter.  Instead, I spotted a non-occupied bench within the indoor mall where I sit while placing a call to one of my associates, whom I just knew would be awake.  She answered, heard the sound of my voice and said, “you in one of those ways, hun?  Well, let me get my ass up and you come on over, I’ll fix ‘ya something or…”  I choose the latter and waited for her arrival.  In waiting I couldn’t help by smile as images of her played in my mind.  She was from ‘O Leans, but more so out in the Bayou.  But not from the Bayou, ya know!  She had a laughter that was comin’ from somewhere genuine.

When she arrived her game plan had already been executed.  No sooner did she walk up that we were heading out of the mall.  Those that couldn’t help but add to the color, played their parts of “Looky Lous” and stared us down.  Suspecting the nastiest most devious thoughts a mind could concoct.  But as we stepped away those were my fingers that rested around her derrie’re, and…  Right, this was all ’bout business.  Activities they only wished they could engage in.

As she drove, immediately she picked up on my vibe, and took us to…  Get with this.  We stepped into the other side of Vegas.  The side that many don’t hear about.  Places with names as The Green Room, that infamous Red Rooster, among other spots she felt I needed to re-visit.  To enter these walls one would think they had ventured to Amsterdam and their famous Red Light Districts.  Right, whatever your pleasures or adult fetishes were, would be viewed here.  And if you wanted to engage, that could be arranged also.  Eventually we wound up in the industrial area when I noticed that she had pulled into a parking lot full of high-end vehicles.  Many had chauffeurs standing guard.  Nope, there were no taxis or non-descript autos, anywhere.  Although we had taken the back streets of The Strip, there was upscale activities goin’ on here!

When we walked into what appeared to be a type of clandestine gathering, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t a sex club.  Or…  A typical political event.  To the contrary every type of citizens’ party was represented here, ‘cept the gender ratio was just a ‘tad off.  Outside of me, there were just two other men inside a room full of women.  I felt good about my presence as any man would, and let my mind imagine.  While fantasizing about what wonders she had prepared for me, I realized that I was in a den surrounded by testosterone filled females, who were pumpin’ themselves up.

The stage had a casual appearance to it, with The Chair being held by a prominent person who appeared regularly on screen.  She lead a committee of other socialites, Celebs. and the likes.  I will not divulge their names either.  But you know ’em, they are the ones who will attract others, providing for the memberships of such organizations to be paid, and always in full!

One of the other Cats happened to be the sole male representatives on stage.  What he was doing was…  This stupid “AH” was trying to explain to these women, the males perspective of violence against women.  I sat patiently, my associate sat quietly, with one hand on my knee, bobbin’ her head as if keeping time.  What happen next didn’t surprise me as much as it shocked me.  It was the suddenness, I think.

One male, many females.  Yes, he was King and on this day they provided him with a crown.  As he spoke on why males felt there were certain occasions where a male should and can smack a woman, he is slapped up side the face by a female seated to his immediate left.  Before he could compose himself and act like what happened didn’t just happen, smack!  Incomin’ from the right side.  The Chair, smoothed out her blouse, but didn’t even move to restore order, like those seated around us, who rushed the stage to get theirs in, so did she.  If you are thinking “gang bang” don’t.  You won’t even be close.  They went straight primeval and you could…  At least I could, smell the attack chemicals invade the nostrils of all those within.

Socially connected females, professionally motivated females, educators, some probably housewives, didn’t matter.  They were enraged and engaged.  It happened so quickly, but when those from around where we sat looked back my way, they had to be disappointed.  I wasn’t about to show fear, or move to escape.  My friend.  Right, later for her being an associate, she is friend now.  Bless her, bless her and that full certification as a BBW.  One who specialized in Dominatrix.  Even if any of these freaks wanted to get with me, they knew she wasn’t havin’ any of it.  Not that evening, not later on, not ever.  Never!

In making our exit I considered how people are some serious fakes.  How people are so guilt ridden with false presentations of self that…  If given the opp. they will quickly transform and even quicker go into transference.  Kick your ass as if by engaging in it, they will cleanse their own soul.  Purge the guilt right outta ’em.  What I had just witnessed was personal.

Safely inside the ride, she asked me if I had been scared or startled by what I had just seen.  Then she realized who she was with.  No I’m not the abuser.  Nor will I…  Well anyhow, she wanted me to realized that people are usually self serving.  That’s when I said all women should ask this question of themselves.

If your home was invaded and the intrusion was carried out by a female bandidto, and you being female, one laying comfortably in bed, but scared outta your mind, shakin’ because this is ‘pose to be your private castle.  “Your Home”, where you are always to be made safe.  Now, here you are, staring at another female who had captured you inside your bedroom, at gun point…  Yeah, keep goin, ’cause it gets much more juicy.  Now like I said, had you starin’ straight into the barrel of a 9, the same 9 she just went up side your head with.  “What would you do?”

Spare me the 911 approach, and please don’t go into sayin’ you’d talk her out of whatever she had in mind.  You aren’t The Negotiator and really don’t have those skills, alright.  Point being, stop hating!

In 1999 a film was introduced to America along with the rest of the world.  Its title was, “Fight Club”.  That subject matter wasn’t foreign to me then nor is it now.  The UFC which is replacing Boxing isn’t new to me either, maybe to you.  None of these activity phases me, just like the gathering of females who attacked that male.  Got with his program and carried it out with the precision that could only have been duplicated by Sharks during a feeding frenzy.  Like Sharks these females were way outta control.  Just as you would be, demanding vengeance.  Exactly as you would do if an invader crept into your domain.  Violence from He to She or her to him, please.

I won’t condone violence nor will I dismiss these females and their behavior.  What I do is what I do.  Call it what it is, violence!  These women had been worked up into a mentality of hysteria  because of the same pressures presently being spread within present day society.  This is known as enabling, straight that!  And, while I’m at it, get with this.  The status both public and personal of all those in attendance during this attack cannot negate what took place.  But…  It will.  You see it is natural to attack the messenger if that messenger’s words are against what is presently in vogue.

Psssss. It is about this time that I wanna get grimy and talk on the level that many of you are familiar with.  Sling the words that entice.  Curse, get down into the bowels with it.  But…  I have a legacy that you will not contaminate as I am G, so will she be!  She will rise and grow.  Understand to recognize while respecting who she is and where she came from.  Reach one, be The One.  Teach One.


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