“Now That I Got Your Attention”

D.V. was the intro point for settin’ off my presentation.  But…  With the advent of C&R’s domestic issues along with the national dialogue that followed, many are saying that something seems to have re-lit the fire that burns within.  Within “Yours Truly” of course!

Case in point; my present and previous clientele!  Since ICHAS8440 “touched down” many have reached out to me demanding to know why I’ve held back?  Why I have cut ’em short.  This is said because now that they hear me.  Now that they’ve felt me once again regardless of this “touch” reverberating towards them via my words.  They have rediscovered the passion that attracted each of ’em to me in the first place. To them, as to all of you, I have but one answer.  I specialize in this!

Knowing what C&R are tryin’ desperately to get through is based on personal Intel of those same dark places.  Understanding the elements that typically define such a malady which, by the way is something all of us have the capacity towards displaying given the simple ingredients.  Being able to classify the root causes of this…  This so called, “Dark Secret” that has never been secret or dark, is something I’ve lived and like the many of you.  Didn’t wanna re-visit because of those defacing and damning images that C&R are now having to accept as being a part of their being.  The ugliness.  Whoosh, its chillin’!

D.V. or as many refer to as Domestic Violence along with the various categories for classification with regard to defining elements begins; not at home but…  D.V. cannot merely be assumed to be an acquired trait that appears after certain conditions are pronounced.  D.V. is “in” us all.  And like any hidden monster, knows that if its’ not recognized or understood, with the passage of time it will eventually self-release.  Containment, almost impossible.

When anything is soiled, it is assumed that the spot can be removed.  All fabrics have exact properties in which they are defined by.  When they are dirty, bring in the Tide.  That is, the detergent, it will wash it away.   Well get this, D.V. isn’t a mere stain, it is a part of the basic fabric.  No matter how much you attempt to wash it out, it is there.  As in human beings, think physiological, which goes to the psychological which connects with the emotional, resulting in…  Right, the physical.  “Bam.”  Didn’t see it comin’ did ya?  Which is exactly how D.V. operates.  Seldom will you ever see it comin’ especially when you don’t accept those predictators or know the aspects of its full presentation.  Yeah, we as a society wanna blind ourselves to the properties that define D.V..  Like linen, don’t attempt to sell me a mixed blend.  Don’t talk to me about the marvelous properties of your new nano fabric.  I want linen, I like and understand linen which means I know linen.  It is a fabric with properties I have learned to manage.  You iron it, it still will wrinkle, but I can deal with it because.  A wrinkle is in linen, especially when it is taken outta it’s natural state.  Such as D.V., give it the correct stage and it will perform just as predictated.  Just know it and you can manage it.

Those Triggers, the part of the application that create the ignition; right.  Many are passed down and we don’t wanna accept it.  Environment, environs.  Social orientation based on sex, cliques as in class distinctions and or categories.  Sounds scientific but Doctor Frankenstein had nothin’ to do with this.  Not yet anyway.  D.V. is beyond designer genetics, despite it being in us.  To get your mind around this just consider how you react when danger is just around the corner.  You sense the possibilities and stop!  Stop dead in your tracks.  An action demonstrated time and time again, but if asked to explain what signalled you to that impeeding danger, many times you couldn’t explain it.  It’s in you on an instinctive level.  Yet, our society continues to fail in admitting to its existence to that degree.  Just as our society denies and won’t ‘fess up to the depression we are currently experiencing.  Society refuses to accept “what is” because it is to say “what we are”!

Well I have something else to “blast”.  With the current episode of C&R being played out in the media another female was introduced.  Yes, his manager.  The female who is alleged to be the catalyst of all this, “Rage”.  Correct again, one of the elements that kicked this entire situation off.  How many have considered what roll she may have actively played in all of this?  Hummm, based on the media blitz her part has been quietly introduced as being of the nature of a “Cougar”.  That contemporary term that’s in play to justify the female who seeks and engages the younger male, and…  A word females are using as a means of giving the manager “props”.  Basically down playing or washing away the significance of this woman’s importance to the destruction of human beings.  And no, I didn’t mean to say involvement.  She, if “Truth Be Told” magnified the D.V. in ways not easily recognized or acceptable to the psyche’.  Such as in the form of child molester, home wrecker, etc. etc. etc.  She is the manager, a position of responsibility, authority and a person who is to be there for certain comforts.  Not to mention moral guidance and stability.  Hey, I’m puttin’ a lot on this woman, but she assumed the position.  She should have known the requirements, sorta’ like in any profession you step into.  But…  No one wants to suspect her or see that she may even carry such a beastly trait.  Get real, she is human too!

There is no way to down play or put the spin on this situation. Why?  Because C&R have broken traditional beliefs and severed conventional views by re-confirming their love and admiration to each other.  Maybe it was a professional decision based on generating dollars, I don’t have all the answers, but right now they are back as one.  Which has placed many on the sidelines to scream “fool”.  No again, not to be read foul!

Wake up “Folk”, D.V. is a dark secret because its interpretation is always based on the perspective of two different camps.  One being of the conservative mind set, a la male and females who, for whatever reasons, think this thing is purely academic.  Then you have the other camp that stands on the belief that if you don’t talk about it,but isolate those who are caught dishin’ out this stuff.  With the focus being confinement concluding with public defamation,  D.V. will somehow disappear. Like smoke, go puff.

To me what is sad is the lack of humility displayed by all these wanna be professionals.  Yes, it is obvious that the ratings bonanza is without a doubt, there for the taking.  But what about the fall out?  Why do you think with all the explosive powers possessed by the nations of this world, no one has decided to go nuclear?  I understand that from a realistical poin t of view, that fall out won ‘t ever be containable.  Even if it doesn’t touch you directly, it has to land somewhere and on somebody!

Like with D.V. the various organizations that use the celebrities to push their agendas are spearheading what can only be viewed as a full court press.  Shoutin’ out to all that are listening, Chris is gonna put hands on Rihanna again, especially if she goes back. My voice is my voice and not to be taken outta context.  Sooooo, don’t attempt to alter the content as I apply it.

“Real Talk”, a lot of these people need to step off.  Find themselves some business.  As for many others, why speculate?  Do you really know?  Are you able to recognize the traits that compose the elements that are needed to ignite the blast that comes from Trigger?  Right, and I’ve included Anger, Rage, Madness!  These are all parts of D.V. that we refuse to qualify, recognize and understand.  But…  I can tell you about ’em.  Yes, I’ve been there and dealt with all this first hand.  I’ve walked with ’em as them being my only asociate.  That is, ’til Peace stepped to me.  Basically this is why I have that passion many knew was in me, but didn’t ever see it comin’.  Have you forgotten; I am G?

Psssss. Don’t take this personal.  I speak passionately because its in me.  I speak dramatically about this but believe me when I say, I don’t or won’t ever take it lightly.  Nor will I assume the position of any opposing ideologies.  Ideology means theoretrical as in idea.  Also where I’m comin’ from isn’t based on clinical observations.  Although that is a method of science which is engaged to prove many things, I see it as a sanitized approach have both good and bad applications.  Clinical conditions are always controlled, which pretty much predicts the out come.  I am a Field General.  I have no prob. in engaging the battle because I know the components for engagement on the level battle will exist.  With in all things there is that dreaded X-Factor, meaning the inclusion of the unknown.  My conclusions will always be in flux.  Like life, seasons change even though things appear to remain the same.  With the season comes a renewal, you just have to understand the entire process.  Like within a relationship, understanding can be there.  Just remember there are three points of view.  He, She and those who wanna be!  Everything changes, all things can change given the correct application.  Keep it real.  I am G and I’m out!


One Response to ““Now That I Got Your Attention””

  1. It’s obvious that various organizations want to bring greater awareness to domestic violence, and rightly so. However, I take issue with those organizations and the millions around the globe who are using the C & R situation as a domestic violence platform. It’s unfortunate that these organizations would for the sake of their own agenda, demonize a young man whose image prior to this incident was squeaky-clean. Since these allegations are out of character with the Chirs Brown known by his fans, why not give him the benefit of the doubt? What happend to innocent until proven guilty? We don’t even have any sworn testimony in this case!

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Rihanna’s statement to the police. The problem with that is neither the officer’s written notes nor her account of the details are under oath. So who knows how much truth is contained therein? We’ve seen a photo of a bruised and battered Rihanna, but when was the photo taken? Was it the night of the pre-Grammy party which they attended prior to the alleged beating? If so, what happened to the false eyelashes and makeup and nice hairdo she had when she left the party? Do police photographers typically remove your makeup and comb your hair back and have you change clothes before taking your photo? If not, where did she stop before going to the police station to have the photo taken? Or, am I to believe that Chris beat her make up, eyelashes and clothes off too? I guess anything is possible since he seems to be able to steer a car; put her in a choke hold, bite her ear, beat her up, all without crashing the car. After all, the report given by Rihanna does not even mention erractic driving while all of this was going on, so I guess Chris Brown really has skills!

    I’m being facetious to prove a point. Not that I take domestic violencce lightly. But I also don’t take lightly the demonizing of a young man without due process. As far as I’m concerned, there is only one side of this story out there and that is Rihanna’s story; and the story is told in such a way that pits her as a victim of an abusive man. She looks good, he looks bad. She gains sympathy and compassion and he loses everything he has worked very hard for. How unfortunate for Chris if these allegations are not true as told by Rihanna.

    I’m not blaming the victim, as some will say. I’m saying I don’t know who the victim is without hearing both sides of the story, (under oath.)
    Having said that, at the end of the day, C & R are the same as any other couple made up of two people who don’t know how to relate to each other in a way that honors and respects one another. Any woman who verbally abuses and physically hits and pushes a man is laying the groundwork for some rough sailing in the relationship. Just as a woman should not stay in an abusive relationship, neither should a man. But of course, if one chooses to ride that rollercoaster a.k.a. up-and-down-relationship, don’t cry foul when you get “pimp slapped” after “passing the first lick.” In other words, “don’t start none if you don’t want none.” I don’t only say that to Rihanna, I say it to my daughters and other women too. DON’T HIT A MAN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET HIT BACK!

    And if it turns out that in this case, Chris is the abusive monster that the media has portrayed, his work as an artist and performer should stand on its own merits, just as it has for R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, Brittney Spears, and countless others whose personal problems get front page news; but we still buy their music and go to their performances. At 19 years of age, Chris is young and still has a lot of growing to do. I doubt this will be his last mistake, as many of us over 19 years old can attest. You live and you learn and make lots of mistakes on the way. Chris and Rihanna both need to grow up and of course they will, given time and space to do so.

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