Free Six Pak

“Extrrraaa, extrrraaa”, read all about it.  Social networks and those that make ’em up are demanding blood from “flava’ of ‘da month” Chris Brown.

It is alleged that he’s sought the assistance of a high priestess to throw some voodoo dust Rihanna’s way.  I mean, what else could make her get back with the guy?  Hummm, could it be some feelings deep down inside of her that she needs to understand?  Could it be that she is seeking her own clarity as to the workings of a successful relationship minus the media hype?  Could it be…

Please.  Get a life, and seeing that many don’t have one, I recommend that those that don’t rush.  I say rush with the quickness, over to your nearest drug store and pick up that free six pak of business.  You heard it right, ’cause many really don’t seem to have any business which would account for the many being in other people’s business!

Rihanna reunited with Chris and many can’t seem to stand it.  Okay, now, ask yourself what is the goal of growth?  For those of you who know, sit!  Hang on as I bring the rest up to speed.  The goal of growth is to reach your maximum potential by understanding your reasons for mere existence.  In the case of C&R, first and foremost he and she are young.  He’s allegedly put hands on her, which isn’t in dispute.  But, because there are always three sides to everything, with the “X factor” making up that 3rd side, there is much which is unknown about their personal situation.

National stats show that two outta 3 marriages end in divorce before they reach that seven year point.  And for those who question everything go to the U.S. Census Bureau, research family, key search divorce and then send me an apology.  But during the mean time allow me to continue.  When I started this quest to define what “is” with regard to He&She that stat was in the range of one outta seven.  Huge difference and I think I know why.  It’s because you have so many people gettin’ into other people’s business, ’til those with some sense of their own business want inclusion because they appear to be the only one’s outside the norm.  Norm being messed up and miserable!  And as far as being on the outside, just envision everyone falling off the cliff and you being othe only one left!  Right, and if you need confirmation on this analogy just see society’s present condition.  Everyone wanted in on the greed and glamor, so they followed those that had it, despite of the consequences.  Regardless of knowing what they were pursuing was illegal, wrong and completely unethical.  They did it, and…  Because they wanted inclusion!

Right about now C&R are probably contemplating a split from each other and all because of those agents, managers, publicist, so called friends and Fam. tellin’ ’em that they are putting their earnings potential in full jeopardy.  Yet, I bet that not any of these people are actually concerned with the mental and emotional well-being of C&R.  If they were, they’d be seeking some real help for them and not focusing on their “meal tickets” earning potential.  This reads, make that money boy, get paid girl!

It’s true misery loves company and in the case of C&R everyone seems to wanna make certain that there is never any peace or compatibility between those two.  Hey, I agree with one of my confidant that there is a great predictability that when one strikes out or one is struck it is a great likelihood that it will happen again.  And, on a much more dangerous level, but…  With the correct professional intervention the course can be re-directed.

When you wanna help some one the first position is to assess the needs of that who you seek to assist.  To accomplish this you have to understand and know what type of help they want and need.  To stand on the sidelines and assume a position based on speculation is to set the foundation for disaster, plain and simple!  C&R are extremely young, neither has any actual knowledge source on a personal level that they can tap into for awareness of this thing called love.  But, this doesn’t mean that those that swear that C&R cannot make it need to inject their beliefs onto them.  Besides, when helping or assisting you’ve gotta remain objective and who in C&R’s case can say they are without bias?

Most of those who swear that she needs to get away from him as quickly as she can have probably been on the receiving side of D.V. .  And then you definitely have those who, because of first hand experience of other forms of D.V. abuse, (e.g. emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, etc. etc. etc.), weigh in on this with extreme prejudices, I mean…  Whoa!  Let the line form for those cans of business.  Yes, get your six pak cause it seems there is a huge demand.

The other day I was on a mental exploration with some of my clients.  We dialogue with regard to E.T..  This took morphed into the considerations of UFO, SUFO and in time we got around to…  Well our collective conclusion was that all these extra terrestrials seem to have one thing in common, which was.  They come, they explore and they deliver to the masses technology.  Things that placate society.  That’s when I injected the reality of The Supreme Being.  Who some said was mankind’s fantasy, basically translated; God doesn’t exist.  Well vibe on this.  The Almighty when examining what has been delivered to mankind, I mean in comparison to E.T, The Almighty doesn’t give us intelligence in the way of high-tech.  We are given the capacity to understand our lives, if only we just stop trippin’.  Stop being defined by cultural differences and stop tryin’ to have what our neighbor has.  Back in the day this was known as “Keepin’ up with the Jones”.  C&R  maybe on the road to something way beyond damage control.  But then, they may being simply tryin’ to correct what really needs a correction.  Their lives!

Psssss. And for those of you who are wondering if I believe in The Almighty.  You are @#$%^ &*()^_ RIGHT, I do!  How else could I rise from the madness I’ve been subjected to and in?  It wasn’t me that had the where-with-all to correct myself.  Nor was it by the designs of all those Folk that said they knew.  Who incidentally didn’t know $#^&!


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