“I am G©”

She placed her hands just above her breast, fingers, spread delicately, inhaled deeply then said.  What are some of the things you like to do?  Tell me what ‘cha like as in hobbies.  Where do you wanna go with your life. Seated and appearing very comfortable, he looked over his eyebrows and in a soft speaking tone, almost melodic, replied.  “I like me, I appreciate a lot of things, especially harmony.”

By the looks expressed within her stare, she wasn’t satisfied with what she had just heard.  Emotions were extreme, especially those that circulated inside her body.  She tossed her hair to one side of her face and with a calculative cadence evident in her voice, shot back.  “tell me more, I want more attention!”

His smile was casual and all by design.  She relaxed her guard and slid closer to him.  With those hazel eyes looking into his, asked him to hold her tight, whispering seductively, “I want”.  He gently placed his arm over her shoulder, allowing his fingertips to massage those tense muscles that gripped her with anticipation.  By his perception the move should have soothed the tiger within.  But…  She was on one of those missions.

Feeling his caress, she gazed deeper into his eyes, playing an elementary game in the arena of deception, for he was better than she had ever encountered.  Still, this was her arena, one in which she owned the canvass she was painting on.  Owned it so much until she knew the color he had to represent.  He welcomed the invite into the arena she graciously, had predefined.

The picnic under the moonlight, high up in the mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean was unannounced.  A twist nicer than anything she had ever experienced.  He slowed her roll as she wasted a good bottle of wine by guzzling it.  But…  She was in search of something.  Something she felt she wanted, and to her etiquette was something foreign to those straight outta  Torrance.

As she laid between his legs with her head resting on his stomach, she drew soft circles along his calf’s.  He reciprocated by methodically stroking her forehead.  She pledged a love to him that would be unrestrained.  Said that she would always be there for him, expressing this by using one of the signature phrases he shared with her earlier; “Forever and a Day”.  Still, she couldn’t get comfortable and demanded for the second time.  “Tell me more.  I want to know who you are and I want this now!”

With a sigh, he complied.  Lifting her head up, he flipped the script and gazed into her eyes.  He knew…  He knew that what he was about to say was surely gonna rock her world.  But…  She had been the one to ask to be let in.  Screamed in an emotional sense to have it her way.  Sooooo, like Burger King he gave it to her!

“You are beautiful and passionate.  Possessing the 3B’s, and if you don’t know what that means, get with this.  Booty, Beauty & Brains.  As they say, you’ve got it like that!  Aspects of a woman that all males seek.  One other thing, I did mention males.  I step with all males, but I am…  Well, a man.  One who has played in the fields of The Masta’.  I can walk the walk that make you just wanna holla.  I also talk extremely well.  And by the way you look at me, you have concluded that physically I am worthy of your attention.” She is speechless, yet totally tuned in.  Not about to miss a beat, he continues.

“One thing more, don’t get it wrong.  I am that Bad Boy you’ve heard so much about, but never really believed existed.  Surprise, here I am.  In livin’ color.”

Now she quietly breaks a smile, the shyness is in full effect.  But he felt the vibe.  Yes, again those tense muscles of hers.  They flexed for the um-teenth time.  Fear was whirling inside of her as she had always dreamed of such a person, but dreaded the day.  Now she was living within her private dream.  One prob.!  This wasn’t South Bay and she was really way outta her league.  Luckily he had grown.  Expanded in directions many failed to envision.  He gave her a pass.

Arm in arm they descended from the mountain top.  Sea spray hitting them in the face.  Her hair tossed from side to side by the winds.  As they walked he wondered if she really understood the realities of reachin’ for something you want but not taking into consideration what your needs may be.  Internet chats.  Casual sexual interplay between consenting adults as they shop with their significant other whose not payin’ attention.  Texting without thought of how tech savvy your intended receiver may be.  Simple office foreplay that always seems to make ya’ stray.  Yes, anyone can be caught up in the game.  Dispatching these thought and visions, he let it go.  She was safe for he knew.  He knew that he had been there and actually done that!

Psssss; Many women desire men that they collectively refer to as “my Ex-Bad Boy”.  Bad Boys are universally know as those that have a certain swagger about themselves.  What women don’t understand is that “X”.  It comes in two distinct degrees.  Ex as in Ex-husband, Ex-soldier of fortune, Ex-man, only means that the Ex has been in the mix before you even arrived.  As for the other X…  This mean something totally different.  Type A or B, you’ll never see this X comin’.  I am X.  I am G.  G comes before X; either EX.  To define G; (see Gladiator, Gunslinger, Gangster,G).  All representative of “He”.  Just reflect on the passages in life’s time, believe me you will discover all of ’em defined.  Now vibe on this.  For the Greatest G of ’em all.  the one and only Supreme Being.  (see God).  Now X’cuse me as…

I am G.


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