“Does It Matter©”

This client is rich.  She has all the trappings that would definitely put her in the elite “class”.  When hunger strikes, she doesn’t concern herself as to where she will eat.  Oh no, it’s all about when she will decide to stop and dine.  The dining experience isn’t predicated on hunger but the type of cuisine she has a desire for.  Did you forget; this client’s rich!

Rich Folk, broke Folk, they all have this image of who they are.  An image that has been defined & refined by the social order they have either grown up in or…  Settled into.  Still, each group no matter the distinction, has similarities that neither are willing to “cop to” if and when speaking of the other.  “What could that be?”  Hummm, could it be that since I focus on InnerPersonal Communications…  Right, you are once again, thinking; this is good as it put us back into the mode of dialogue .  Alright, now check this, both groups actively seek out the attention and companionship of others.  Usually this partnership, when sliding to the intimate side.  Okay, I’ll say  the words; sex side.  This side involves a rep. from both sexes.  Man to woman.  Woman to man.  Yes, I said it twice, and since you are critiquing my methods of communicating, understand that this was stated for those who have nothing better to do than get caught up in how politically correct they are.  Un hun, smart-ass ones who always wanna “re-align” what someone else has defined!  “Truth be told”, it doesn’t matter that the male is mentioned before the female or vice verse.  The point of focus should be that each is consider no matter the stated sequential order.  “Got ‘cha!” And if you’re still pissed, (see conventional/traditional)

Now, back to my basic presentation.  Since each of these groups mentioned have certain commonalities when seeking out their choice of mate…  Tell me, why the can’t they get along?

Without getting carried away with what makes the rich more affable as they “float” within our society, while those of the broke remain caught up in the image of affluence the rich are very cool with…  I’ve gotta take you back to the beginning.  In the beginning I injected a certain word, remember?  Recall that word “class”.  Yes, class.  Like my rich client who feels she shouldn’t have to wait or want for anything because of her status with the ranks known as the upper class, all the way to that broke client.  Yes, those who can’t maintain a ‘thang because they are too busy trying to break into that upper class.  Opps, there goes that word again; Class.

Broke Folk to rich Folk, both seem to experience the same range of complications when in pursuit of intimacy.  As each representative of these social orders weave their tales of loves sought and lost, I enjoy sitting and listening as they explain their positions.  Then I think to myself, where is all this coming from and where are they headed?  At about this juncture I usually find the moment to smile as I realize that it all goes back to those basic standards which define who they “project” to be when engaging their significant other.  To me I see that much of their discomfort arises from that initial projection of self.  The false or forced image.  After the novelty dissolves the real set in.  What before had turned both of ’em on, now doesn’t excite or arouse the other and I want so much for them to see that…  Standards.  They have missed the importance of having a standard in which to make their move from.  Standars are what we have used since day one as the basics regarding the foundations of our lives.  Just as in values and each goes to the distinction known as class.

Despite the walk of life that either of these Folk step from, when they break from that circle where their comfort has derived, separate themselves from the standards that have defined their position in life they have to deal with the real. But ever are they ready!  The mate who once was in complete harmony is now, combative and quick to side in opposition to whatever.  It doesn’t matter, they always find it easy to argue on everything that previously was, well…  Non-issues.  That physical companionship that was, before, sooooo fantastic.  Is now received as if one has put on a jacket full of razor sharp pins.  To me there is no mystery here.  That novelty, right.  It’s gone, and the real rises just as I mentioned.  “Whoosh, if I took myself too seriously I think I had the capacity too…  No, I won’t go there.”

When you cross that line that defines your assumed class, you have to remain conscious that the mix you are attempting to bring forth is not much different than putting oil and water together.  Oh, for a moment after the two have enjoyed the “shake” an appearance of a “blend” can be seen.  But this is nothin’ more than an optical illusion at best.  Once the “motion” settles, each reverts to its original state.  So goes oil & water, much like people, mates, lovers and others.  When you step outta your class you are sometimes left with no class.  The point of demarcation is that real.  As for that convienent stand by assimilation, its out of the question because your basic conformity tells you there’s no way you will ever conform to such a mix.  It scares you to hell, and you replicate the oil to water analogy.  The fight is on for your space and defined place.  Separation ensues.

These are arguments brought to me time and time again, and each time I take the opp. to smile.  Yes, because if you are actually hungry, you will eat.  If you want to be included you will “create” so that who you seek inclusion with, will open up and accept all that you bring.  And, if “real”, will only enhance the blend.  Your perceived class won’t be a cause of ridicule because real class is evident without reproach.  Class is innate and cannot be bought or sold.

It sounds simple I know.  But…  Life is really visually complex, basically life and livin’ is simple.  We are the ones because of our projected sophistication who make it complex.  People want so much to be different and because they come from camps that strive for difference.  They want and want ’til they say.  “My way or no way.”  Okay, this is alright too.  Sooooo I say to you if this is the case then, hit that highway!

Class and style, there is a definite difference.  Some of us have class and those that do will not trample on the rights or expectations of others.  Especially that significant other who originally.  Right, when you first set eyes on ’em, did everything within your power to “project” a certain degree of class.  If you lost, you smiled.  Grinned and damn to hell knew you really didn’t wanna bear it, but…  You handled it because…  You had standards that supported your core values that defined your class.  But…  If you were more into style, the loss was crushin’ and it did matter.  But that was meant to be.  You see, style is always in flux.  It is here today and absent tomorrow.  Class is in you and not on you.  Class is un-assumming.  I like to define class with one word; Smooth.

Psssss.  Check out the pic below.  Yeah, I grow these.  They are roses and as everybody knows.  A rose will always…      Right, be a rose.  No matter where it grows.  The beauty is always within.  Apply that to your relationship and you will forever win.



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