“Saw the news?” What news, “the news about the two media sensations; Chris Brown & Rihanna”!

Check this.  Here you have two young adults, what are they in age, 19 & twentysomething?  This isn’t my point, but what is relevant is how the media fed the public a diet that created a mass frenzy towards curification.  You say of who?  Really both, He & She!

Well, since you’re aware of the above, read into this.  The deprived ones who seemed to be starvin’ for something to talk about, went on a crusade after the same media reported that Chris & Rihanna put in some “face time” thanks to one of the other giants in the entertainment world.  That’s right, I’m talkin’ about Sean Combs; P. Diddy, Daddy D, Daddy Diddy, Puffy, it doesn’t matter as he’s all one in the same.  What does inspire me as it should you, is that if the story has any merit to it, Sean should be recognized for the gesture.

What is a relationship?  It’s something between two people, two complimenting and competing individuals tryin’ to create something positive while living in this insightful society where many love to maintain chaos on a daily basis.  A union between two different sexes who are together under the watchful and many times, “pryin” eyes of others!  Two beings who normally didn’t get the opp. to begin their unity with regard to being a couple from a point of having a pro-active base in which to compare from.

Chris allegedly went up side Rihanna’s head.  Who knows what really happened?  Forget the pics compliments of most medial outlets and dismiss the leaks by LAPD.  What is known is that what happened can and should not have happened!  And before I “keep it movin” let me add this.  How many of those who reported on the story, plus…  How many of those who read the story, then commented on the matter all while taking a side.  Can say they weren’t the Server or Receivers of some degree of D.V. in their past activities with their chosen significant other! And here lies my point of presentation.  D.V. comes in many fashions and forms.  It’s not an infliction germane to the woman or the man.  It is a by-product of the absences of understanding of self.  D.V. is us!

What I’ve witnessed by this most recent of accounts, is that our society is still hiding behind those veils created to shift the personal guilt.  I call this condition, “Dirty Mat Love”.  Oh, you scream out, “what  is this drama dirty mat love?”  Alright genius, read on and you will discover yourselves.

Dirty Mat Love is that love that people put on display for the publics view.  You know, the kissy touchy sexy kinda love.  But there is another  trait of this D.M.L..  That is the ability to sweep the conditions of the negativity of love out of sight, like you push dirty up under the floor mat.  What you don’t want to be seen you do everything you can to keep it outta sight.  But like the dirt you kick up under the mat, in time it manifests itself by means of violent out burst.  Again, those traits that all those who take a position on and publicly say; Kill the man.  Or voice an opinion such as, she should get as far awaya from him as possible!

“D.M.L., yes you like many are livin’ with it everyday.  Save the drama and ‘fess up.  this means admit it!”

Women like men contribute to the foundation and growth of D.V. knowingly and un-knowingly.  Our society supports the continuation of this societal infliction also.  How can I say this?  Just look around.  Not at the physical evidence of anyone touched by D.V. but by vibe.  Oh, there is a conscious vibration attached to all things organic.  Believe it or not.  Sean hopefully realized that to keep these two people seperated wasn’t gonna change a thang.  Clownin’ the male via public humility wasn’t gonna make him stop “tappin'” anyone he was involved with who bucked his preceived  control.  Recognizing the triggers that initiated this blast is the only way to address the magnitude of the explosion.  That can only begin with acceptance of who you are in relations to what you have created.  Seperation from a loved one without the opp. to address and correct any reason for a split based on a negative only creates another negative.

This is not to say put your head back out there so it can be socked again and again.  This is to admit that within the world of the union between a man and woman, both have a responsibility.  Each has to understand that there are different types D.V. that causes conflict.  Be it emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc. etc. etc.  The keys to making the relationship work is to know that what you feel is your right to voice or support, may be totally different in perception as it revolves in the others mind.

D.V. is weighed differently based on who is serving it orwho is receiving it.  And this recognition of what defines D.V. is usually based on outside influences that really don’t have a clue as to what really caused the outburst from the beginning.

Psssss, for those who wanna push their expertise on the subject, get with this.  Nothin’ is definitive, see my words merely as; Food For Thought, and blow on like the wind.  Move it elsewhere.


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