I don’t  like to sit to close, but then…  I’m not the one to sit all the way in the back.  What I like is to receive what it is I arrived for.  A huge “shout out” to those who hit me up despite of the fact that at the time of these inquiries, I was still in that invisible mode.  I regret, but, I’m in the stage of a systems check so basically the switch that turns all this on; Right.  It hasn’t been flicked just yet

To satisfy your desires allow me to give you something to; shall I say, sip on!  What you will taste here can be;

“shaken or stirred”

It won’t matter how you accept it, the blend will be a smooth, delicious mix.  This should provide your with all that’s good from both worlds.  That is, the world of “He or She”.  Yes, I feel that’s the way is will always be.

This “Intel” will focus on solutions to most pollution with regard to communications between the sexes.  Nothin’ carved from this site will ever be set in stone, just as in life, what “is” will always be in flux.  Providing you wanna enhance what it is you think you know about self.  Well, settle in, don’t take what I say too personal, and rise with the insight of self and kind.  You should really enjoy this experience in time.

Psssss; Stay tuned.


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